1. steven says:

    if these 2 were on your bed…which ass would you smash first?…or should I say “thank GOD first”…then smash second…and third…lol

    thks as always rfm 🙂

  2. Pan says:

    Can you drop Emma’s next scene off the same site, thanks.

  3. Ranks says:

    He had a black, lady, in one scene she had, one serious azz, had him under pressure,, couldn’t last the distance lol she was thick,

  4. Luigi says:


  5. Bigasslover9875 says:

    Reup soon please

  6. Roundass4544334 says:

    I want to spank both off asses

  7. Hollywood Cole says:

    can you reup this one the next time you reup the big booty Latina links? had a lapse in my premium so I missed out on this one. Thanks

  8. chrishomer says:

    rapidagtor offline

  9. chrishomer says:

    both linsk offline.. reuploaded plz

  10. Pan says:

    Homes really need to cut down some of those miscellaneous sites and stick to a manageable 2 or 3 and keep banging out work consistently. He’s always behind schedule with the goods. Smh

    • I understand his thought process… It is harder for someone to rip up 5+ different sites… instead of just one or two Big sites… Plus he can keep make people feel like they are getting a GREAT value, when he has 3 different sites for a fraction of the cost…

      I’m wonderin’ why they haven’t done any more work with Katherin Gomez… 🙁

      • Hollywood Cole says:

        Unc, I bet that “no Mask” decision came back to haunt Katherin. She can’t go to the piggly wiggly (or whatever the equivalent would be down there) without someone bringing up that epic scene. I’m glad she did because there’s something about not being able to see how pretty these ladies are or aren’t but those asses make you say it don’t even really matter right about now:)

  11. George says:

    Can you reup k2s? they only lasted a day!

    • Some of the companies that own the actual content sit on Assoholics, more than you guys do… The minute I submit a post… they go REAL hard to get it removed & it normally only takes about 24hours… I can have any link back in 2 min… I just usually elect not to (in some cases)… Until I see a multitude of reup request…

  12. MS in CH-TWN says:

    OK this is my first post having followed this for a few weeks, amazing work!
    gratitudes forever.

    So what’s the story with some studios’ work vanishing off K2S..is it they file a grievance and it gets taken down? Any chance of .RAR’ing it for better encryption? Any chance to re-up? Or do they case this that fast? This huge load w/Car. is a hard one to stomach!!

  13. Cavaleer says:


  14. Latinabanger says:

    links for emma and caroline are all down, probably the other ones as well. seems like an angry mr supremo is checking on your site daily 🙁

  15. Aren says:

    Agh down already… mind reup soon?

  16. Brumt says:

    Very thank, best videos

  17. P.R. says:

    Thanks for that re-up bro. You still da man! 🙂