1. Sergio says:

    Too much emphasis on Latino`s and BBW and fat chicks. I think Latino`s have been the majority of post on this site.

    • GZ33 says:

      Did you think a site named “assoholics” would not be full of phat asses?

    • Latinbanger says:

      @Sergio Well Latinas are naturally built thick, almost like African

      These asses grow on trees in Brazil and Colombia, if you don’t like them why don’t you go to Brazzers or something. We here are Fat booty lover, as long as they aren’t heavily obese in the belly area everything is alright.

  2. P.R. says:

    WTF?!? Another dude that’s gotten lost looking for the skinny asian chicks website… 🙂

  3. Roundass4568 says:

    O my lord this is getting wild

  4. Sergio says:

    SO QUICK to judge people of course I am not attracted to skinny anything. I go crazy for big butts and PAWGs like anyone else here. But shapeless fat obese sbbw is not attractive or sexy. I was complaining about the big butt Latinos clips and the boring guy in mask and his miniaturized penis. would have been much more interesting if they where filmed with Mandingo or Dredd or Lex.

    • Latinbanger says:

      lol, you do realize these aren’t pornstars right ?

      The girls he presents got literally “picked up from the street” of Colombia.

      Obviously no Mandingo or Lex the Impaler anywhere near there… although, trust me, there are quite stacked guys down there in COL that could compete with the biggest schlongs in the Americas roflmao !

  5. prezhall says:

    WOW!……the bblass dude is in the zone! he stepped his sh#t up drastically over the past year.

    Great post RFM!!! thanks!

  6. Smiddy says:

    Can we get a reup?

  7. HouseXo says:

    Thanks 🙂

  8. Roundass67888 says:

    Thanks but I wish I could shoot her asss does she have an Facebook account

  9. luvembig says:

    I like the big obese ones too. The bigger the better. I come here to avoid skinny chicks.