Leaning towards dropping keep2share for Filejoker…
As always, I won’t just leave the new Keep2share premium guys behind… So, all of the new post (overt the next few weeks) will still have keep2share links. The reups will only have Rapidgator & Filejoker links…

rapidgator / filejoker / keep2share

  1. JayP says:

    ………….The actual keep2share staff sucks, I’ll admit that. However, because it’s the most used hoster, bar-none, I and many others will never even use a FREE version of another site vs. k2s. It’s the only premium I have, or will ever have. If you were only losing ME as a customer, well that would be MY problem, but that is ABSOLUTELY NOT the case. I’m about to watch someone walk in front of an oncoming Greyhound bus, so to speak, and I’m trying to run towards you to get you out of harm’s way, bro. I can walk 30 yards down my neighborhood and there’s a guy trying to do what you’re already doing, I know this for a fact, I hang out with him and party and he wouldn’t have even told me if he hadn’t been drinking. He’s just now tasting a little bit of success (hell, you can barely call it success), because he switched from depositfiles to keep2share; before that he was going to have to shut the whole operation down. He’s still never going to reach the status of this site- he’s barely above “blogspot territory”. If I ran one of these sites, there’s no doubt about who I would use, I only pursue guaranteed money. One wrong move to cause a dip in sales at the wrong time could cripple you, not giving you the opportunity to go back and make it right. I know, I have a business major- not from a friggin’ Ivy-Leaguer, or anything (I grew up in a ghetto and had to fight for everything I’ve earned), but they teach you the same principles no matter where you go or how much you or your parents pay for tuition. Something to carefully consider from a loyal customer with world-class business savvy who’s seen both brick-and-mortar, as well as electronic stores/services succeed and grow or dip and plummet.

    • I’m keeping rapidgator… The interesting thing about posting is.. it has to work for the uploader & downloader… the bullshit keep2share pulled with me recently, let’s me KNOW I personally CAN’T fuck with them much longer. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have another k2s link on here as of 3 days ago… But, I understand I have to give at least a 3-4weeks notice on shit like this, or you guys can’t really depend on buying a premium … without the risk of losing all of your money… If, filejoker doesn’t work… I’ll have another 30days notice up, for where well go next… SIMPLE.

      But rapidgator is here as the safety next through any of these changes.

    • And on another note… So, far… for me… it’s faster uploading & downloading than rapidgator is… & seems to be easier to subscribe to. (accepting cc payments)

    • Jerz says:

      JayP, that’s you opinion. I personally hate k2s. I feel rg is the best, currently.

  2. JayP says:

    Oh by the way, it tried to tell me I was trying to post “SPAM” because of language. I tried to say “sucks @$$”, so it was tripped by “the A word”, pretty ironic considering the location and name of this domain. LMAO, or excuse me- LM@O. There we go. 🙂

  3. Camron301 says:

    I understand, seems like it’s getting harder & harder for me to renew my premium membership with keep2share every month smh.

    Can you get any of Kelly divine new connectpal videos? Also please get Moriah Mills anal scene.

  4. david says:

    Noooooooooooooooooo please RFM

  5. Dames says:


    Thanks for giving us a notice and some time to prepare i think what ur doing is more than fair

    Me personally i just re-upped on keep2share but only for a month , dont plan on continuing with their service myself after the month is finished as im not happy either