DickDrainers Natural

Posted: 8th January 2018 by RealFastMustang in assoholics

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k2s coming soon….

  1. twhite718 says:


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  3. Sam says:

    DD is my new favorite site

    • I never been able to watch an all oral scene (Unless the chick has a BANGIN’ body & they are showing that off, just as much)… let alone, one where the chick is lickin’ all in a dudes ass… I’m definitely NOT a fan of the DickDrainers site… I’ve just seen a few people request it… SO, I posted a few.

      • Poiuy says:

        Can you get the new Eliza scene?

      • Poiuy says:

        Any chance of the new Eliza scene from DD?

      • Txpimp says:

        LOL yeah mofo go a bit overboard with some of the camera angles, shit be 90% dude and just barely the chick’s face… I’m good on that shit. They also go a bit overboard with the gagging and spit shit, but different strokes I guess

        BUT they do get some lesser known chicks with some A listers so its a good mix imo

        • I feel you 100%

          Me personally… I just can’t rock with ANY scene that seems to have ALOT of focus on MAN ASS… I instantly make the DeAndre Jordan face, as soon as I see a chick lickin’ all in a man’s ass… Or, any Vomit like substances… So, I usually don’t even look at this site… AT ALL.

          If, they switch the angle up… have some curvier chicks… let the chicks just devour dick & leave the ass alone… I’d tune in.

          As always… to each his own…

  4. thomas says:

    post some more scenes rfm

  5. Thad says:

    reup of this and the “nerd gets punished” scene if possible RFM. good looks