top3-5 PAWG convo…

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  1. nos says:

    Kelly Divine
    Virgo Peridot
    Lily Sincere

  2. Moneymakinmitch says:

    Kelly Staxxx
    Kelly Divine
    Blondie Fesser

    Too easy…

    • kingteezy says:

      Which Kelly Divine, before or after baby?

      • Noggs says:

        hate to see her damaging her legacy with that ‘discount dude’ (as somebody nailed it perfectly here), so i refuse to DL that shit (would still smash lol)

      • Definitely an important question…

        • nate says:

          before baby definitely

          • SaintOrleans says:

            I’d like to keep the hoops comparison up. Maybe suggesting that Kelly Divine just changed her game up post-baby. Going from your All-star caliber player in her prime to having an injury or hiatus from the game.

            So she re-invents her skills and comes back as a versatile, middle of the bench player who does the dirty work, and will go add 5points, 7 Rebounds and a few post passes to a team every year. Any comparisons that I can’t recall off-hand?

  3. kingteezy says:

    1. Kelli Staxx
    2. Blondie fessar
    3. Duvy aka Sabella

    Runner ups Kelly Divine and Virgo Peridot

  4. Camron301 says:

    My top 3 Super PAWGs are:

    Virgo Peridot – size, willing to do anything & strong amount of content.

    Blondie Fesser – size, willing to do anything, quality of content.

    Klara Gold – size, willing to do anything, quality of content.

    And all three of their asses are NATURAL, not that Bella Bellz, Amy Anderson, Luna Star Dr. Frankenstein built bullshit!

    Just my opinion…

  5. dashawn says:

    1.lacyejane (waiting on some of her connectpal joints)
    2. staci doll
    3. dannii banks

  6. nate says:

    does it matter that one of my Pawgs maybe from another countyr?

  7. eazystreet says:

    Mal Malloy, siri, Julie Cash, (bonus) Jenna Shae

  8. sinceslicedbread says:

    Of all time or current?

    Of all time: I gotta go with Ryan Conner, Lily sincere, Naomi Russell

    Current: Ryan Conner, Bella Bellz, Virgo P

  9. tomgos says:

    My list: Ryan Conner, Nat Foxxx, Virgo Peridot

  10. bundy says:

    mazzeratie virgo kelsi

  11. Kblaze25 says:

    Julie cash
    Paige Turnah
    Vanessa Blake

    Ricki white as the slim thick bonus

  12. Kblaze25 says:

    Damn forgot Blondie! Gotta go
    Julie cash
    Vanessa Blake

  13. Amsterdammer020 says:

    1. Virgo Peridot 2. Olivia Saint eventhough retired long time ago and my number 3. I guess is still Sara Jay

  14. BobbyA says:

    Active Pornstars
    Blondie Fesser Virgo Peridot Kelsi Monroe

    Retired Porn stars
    Lily Sincere Carolina Pierce Ava Rose

  15. Nat Fermulon says:

    My pick to be deserted on an island with:
    Jessica Kylie
    Amber Priddy
    Tanya Barbie Lieder
    Thank you for your dope uploads…

  16. Shadowsx123 says:

    Imma go with Lisa Ann, Sara Jay, and Sophie Dee….. This was kind of hard…. I have the second three being Kelly Devine, Caroline Pierce, Gianna Michaels…. So hard…. lol

  17. Bootyologist says:

    1) Sara Jay

    2) Kelly Divine

    3) Young Nina Hartley (the reason why this category exists, legend status)

  18. Bounceluvr says:

    Virgo, can’t get enough…I prefer her big dildo work though.
    Crystal bottoms..if I had a nickel for my Google searches with whatever year it is.
    So happy Ryan Conner came back.

  19. Matt Enderson says:

    Kelli Staxxx
    Bella Bellz
    Lela Star

  20. firstcitytofall says:

    gotta go with, virgo peridot, roxie pawg, and my girl laci lemon drop. she isn’t big yet, but she is on manyvids and just finished her first official porn scene with lethal hardcore.

  21. Bizmo Funyuns says:

    Tough call, but I’d have to say Alexis Texas, Anikka Albrite, and Kelly Devine.,

  22. Nero718 says:

    Thick White girls…. Shit my top three would be….damn this is a hard one…..Felicia Clover, Vanessa Blake and Monica Mazzaarati I love my women THICK!

  23. Nero718 says:

    I have two more if this was a top five my other two would be lexxi Lockhart and Klaudia kelly….what’s yours?

  24. g says:

    Virgo, Ryan Smiles, Vanessa Blake.

  25. funkmaster says:

    Ryan Conner , Virgo Peridot , last but not least Alexis Texas

  26. Mr. Bojangles says:

    Julie Cash, Austin Taylor, Sara Jay

  27. C Run says:

    Kelly Divine
    Blondie Fesser
    Alexis Texas

  28. pawg lover says:

    Hard to answer this one, so I need to be very picky and precise:

    1. Ava Rose at her top (2010-2011)
    2. Kelly Divine at her top (2012-2013, I loved her buxom figure and her red hair)
    3. Ryan Smiles

    • pawg lover says:

      Number 3 is actually a tie with Briella Bounce, but if I have to choose one, I’d say Ryan because of the big natural boobs.

    • pawg lover says:

      As for the BBW category:

      1. Felicia Clover (she is dope, that big booty/big boobs/cute face combo just kills me)
      2. Candy Nicole (the name won’t ring any bell to many, just google it 😉 )
      3. Vanilla Vixxxen/Nena (ok, may not have the most attractive face, but that ass is off the scale)

  29. Dspikable says:

    Mellanie Monroe
    Sara Jay
    Kelly Divine

  30. nate says:

    Kelly divine, ryan conner, blondie fesser

  31. Izzy says:

    1.Sara Jay – On pure clout, thats my OG. Been rocking with her for the longest.

    2. Julie Cash

    3. Dee Siren

  32. Hollywood Cole says:

    First off I have to say that it is damn near impossible to narrow my list down to three but I will give it a try. Second, I don’t necessarily think one list is greater than the other because we all like who we like and you pretty much can’t go wrong with anyone’s top three (for the most part). Next I love the blondie pick but to me she is a Latina/Hispanic and technically doesn’t qualify for the “w” on this list. She is in my top ten no doubt but she belongs on the Latina list which really would be an impossible list to construct. The same goes for klara gold love her but she’s Hispanic. So here we go

    1. mallory
    2. chrissy curves
    3. virgo

    • Keith Shaun says:

      I agree with you my dude.. Blondie, as good as a pick she is, she cant be counted.. the hoe is latina for sure.

      For me tho.. I said these three, no order…

      -Sara Jay
      -Kelsie Monroe
      -Austin Taylor

      Jada Stevens deserves to be mentioned tho…

  33. mdub75 says:

    Kelly Divine, Mellanie Monroe and Sophie Dee

  34. bussdown says:

    1 virgo peridot
    2 Celia 3 scenes but don’t sleep on this one
    3 blondie or ryan smiles

  35. Booty Brigade says:

    Props to @RFM for setting it off.

    Had to give this some thought. To me, number 1 rule of any ranking is you can’t mix weight classes: can’t really compare bigs to PGs, can’t really compare bantams to super heavys.

    And you cats already know Booty B is a performance fiend: if the shit look good at the combine, but isn’t an all-around baller come game time, bish don’t need to go home, but … well, you know the rest. So for me, the performance rating eliminates a lot of the chicks that might be on the ballot, but can’t be (in my book, at least) because they don’t take dick on camera, or they don’t do IR on camera (looking DEAD at you Alexis Texas and Rachel Starr), or don’t do anal.

    So with those caveats, the Booty B list is:

    Flyweight (5’4″ or under): Have to go with SARA JAY.

    Man, all y’all had me vexed with the Lily Sincerre choice, cuz she got ALL the goods: hip-to-waist ratio, peak side ass curve, doggystyle arch, circumference, bubble … the whole nine. I just think she didn’t put in quite enough work in front of the camera. London Andrews was a REALLY strong contender here for me: had them early Score scenes, did some more indie scenes, did a couple of booty shaking vids that went fire (I count those IF you been doing dudes on film), has at least 1 anal scene, and has the crazy photo portfolio. And London has everything Lily has in a slightly bigger package, and the all natural Similac rack is a plus.

    I considered Pinky for a hot minute because that shit she’s carrying is colossal. I’m just not a fan of her work, though. Blondie Fesser was a consideration, but she doesn’t have enough work yet. She needs to cop that visa, come state side, drop off a load of scenes, then bounce. Let’s see where she is in 18 months.

    But Sara Jay is just … Sara Jay. The only possible demerit is SJ doesn’t do anal, but she’s on record saying she once booked an anal, shit was just too painful, she backed out, and just couldn’t book one again because of physiology. *Everything* else about her record for this category is sterling. And she’s got mad time on the yard. Gotta give love to SJ in this category

    Middleweight (5″5″ to 5’8″): Man, this weight class right here is just the illest. You could go Jessie Rogers, Jayden Jaymes, Franceska Jaimes, 25 different Brazilian chicks. But gotta settle out on RYAN CONNER. She the epitome of Mos Def’s “Ms Fat Booty,” and the fact she’s done a Jordan with basically two totally different careers is, quite frankly, fascinating. When she got back, she just needed to do a Cookie: “My name is Ryan Conner. Ask about me.”

    Heavyweight (5’9″ plus): Hard to get real hard core Assoholics-certified ass in this category. An ass like Alison Tyler is dope on the sneak tip, but she’s more known for the milk factory that the ass clap. Paige Turnah is always a fave, and definitely made the short list. Virtually no one at any weight class has a body of work like Annette Schwarz, and the cakes were good. But they weren’t epic. Because they weren’t epic, and I needed someone with more of a bubble than Annette had, I ultimately go with LAUREN PHOENIX.

    Lauren was a *major talent, a Justin Slayer and WCP fave, and that backyard was just banging all day long. Like Ryan Conner, she had that track/volleyball look I like so much, but was just longer: like a track bish with thick powerful legs, but with extra booty.

  36. Snaker says:


    1- Mal Malloy
    2- Ava Rose
    3- Virgoperidot

    BBW Superpawgs

    1- Mazzeratie Monica
    2- Vanessa Blake
    3- Victoria Secret

    • Victoria is Latina …. If i’m not mistaken … Your taste is VERY close to mine though.

      • nate says:

        damn, RFM, your BBW Superpawgs are exactly like mines, definitely mazzaratie and vanessa blake, and than tiffany star! me and you had same Top 3 with ryan conner and blondie fesser, your other one was lily sincere and mines was Kelly divine!

        • nate says:

          for BBW Superpawgs i may have spoken prematurely, definitely vanessa and mazzaratie, but i forgot about erika xstacy

        • Same taste 😉

          Kelly Divine was always a favorite of mine too… But, Lily was the absolute truth to me, when she came out… Just mad her career was so short. SMH. 🙁

          I almost put Virgo in over Ryan Conner… But, I said nah… Ryan Conner is FIRE to me.

      • Snaker says:

        Well, I only considered the skin color in my decision. Because you can’t really know the truth about their ethnicity. Even if they declare to be totally white, you will never know if there was any mixture some generations ago.

        So, if the skin is white and the ass is big. It’s a PAWG for me.

      • Son Goku says:

        She is.

  37. Glencocoe says:

    I still gotta figure out mine but bro RoxiePAWG has INSANE ASS. Definitely a top 3. For fucking sure.

    • Honestly… when I seen her mentioned…. I was kinda like, DAMN she definitely has the assets … She just doesn’t have enough Body of Work for me to elevate her to a BIG 3 status.

  38. JoJoWhite says:

    1. Madison Rose
    2. Caroline Pierce
    3. Alex Love

    • Booty Brigade says:

      OH SNAP!!

      @JoJoWhite done totally scooped me: I *totally* forgot about Madison Rose as a heavyweight PAWG. Man, I’d have put her in that slot, even over LPhoenix. Good effing call.

      And I’m always gonna be simpatico with a dude that can appreciate Caroline Pierce. Sorely underrated, either as a performer or just a set of cakes

  39. Soul Glo says:

    Tough one guys………Here goes

    1. Dee Siren
    2. Sophie Dee
    3. Lexi Lockhart

  40. seansfantasyfactory says:

    1. Ryan Connor
    2. Jada Stevens
    3. Ava Addams

  41. Noggs says:

    My fav all time super pawgs are

    1. Alexis Texas
    2. Velicity Von
    3. Kelly Divine

    Got a lotta love for Blondie Fesser too, hope there is more to come, but shouldn’t she classified as latina? Afaik she is from Argentina…

  42. Datdude says:

    I would have to say Ryan Conner for sure. Lauren Phoenix and Ryan Smiles. Nikki Sexx and Ricki White (Super Under rated IMO) can be interchangeable. BBW wise, Vanessa Blake, Mazzerati Monica and Kelly Staxxx.

  43. Son Goku says:


    1 Lisa Ann,
    2 Alura Jenson,
    3 Sara Jay.

    • I always liked Alura alot too… Always felt like she was under rated.

      • Son Goku says:

        Very underrated, she may not be the best in the looks department but that body is insane. Her mouth game during sex is beyond on point too, she has a very filthy mouth like Ava Devine. I love that. Back to her looks though, it’s funny cause I always hear people say the samething about Sara Jay but for me, them not being so attractive, makes them attractive, if you feel what I’m saying. Like Sara Jay is so fine to me but not in the normal way. It’s hard to explain. I guess it’s like what they say when it comes to when you are really feeling somebody. When they are your type on the inside/who they are as a person, sexually drive you crazy etc etc, within that makes them attractive.

        • Son Goku says:

          Oh and i meant to add this. If you haven’t done this already, maybe oneday you could allow us to do a list naming all pf our favorite pawgs cause for me, even if we leave off from top 3. Mellanie Monroe, Emma Butt, Zoey Andrews, Eva Notty, now because she has put on some serious weight Ava Addams, Lovette, Linda Friday, Karen Fisher, Claudia Marie(before the serious weight loss)etc etc are not far behind by any stretch.

  44. Racer X says:

    1. Virgo Peridot

    2. Mylie Moore

    3. Mellanie Monroe

    Julie Cash just missed the list, she’s a brick-house.

  45. MrRalph says:

    No particular order (I’ll take ’em however I can get ’em):

    Mal Malloy
    Ava Rose
    Mandy Blue (don’t sleep on her, even though I wish I could!)

  46. elliot lion says:


  47. Radric Davis says:

    rate based off ass/D*ck riding skills hate a bitch with a phat ass that cant use it (kiara mia)

    top 3 pawg : Blondie Fesser , Julie Cash , Lily Sincere
    top 3 pawg(fake ass) : Bella Bellz , Lela Star , Amy anderseen
    top 3 pawg (Milf) : Austin Taylor , Richelle Ryan , Ryan Conner
    top 3 pawg (Big built) : Anastasia Lux , Kelly Staxx , Brandi Sparks
    no top 3 for BBW only Mazzaratie Monica
    S/O to : Candy Nicole , Julie Simone , Nikki Stone , Ryan Smiles

  48. Giovanny55 says:

    Top 3 PAWG
    1.Austin Taylor
    2.Ryan Conner
    3.Olivia Austin

  49. babowsk1 says:

    Annika albrite
    Alexis Texas
    Briella Bounce.

  50. 514 says:

    Kelli Staxxx

    Julie Cash

    Briella Bounce

  51. Saint Orleans says:

    #1- Julie Cash, because CHRIST that’s a workout.
    #2- Mylie Moore
    #3- Virgo Peridot

    Ava Rose is bringing up the rear (HA), but can sub in for any 3 on 3

    • That Mylie more is another dope pick….

      Ava & Virgo woulda been my 4 & 5… If we were going to 5.

      • SaintOrleans says:

        As a longtime SCORE member, there’s a lot of early contenders and should-haves in that list as well. They’re more Tit-oriented, but definitely don’t sleep.

        Jezhabelle (I think that’s how her name is spelled) was a whip cracker.

        Angela White has built a legacy and is starting to get her name creeping up the GOAT lists in my opinion. I wouldn’t call her a “Super” PAWG, but definitely on the PAWG list.

        Going through “Voluptuous” archives leads down a path to madness though, so here’s warning ahead of time. Throw out an anchor bro.

  52. Big-Guy says:


    – Alura Jenson
    – Ryan Conner
    – Karen Fisher


    – Mazzaratie Monica
    – Klaudia Kelly
    – Vanessa Blake

    Honorable mention Candee Cummings Lily Sincere and Ryan Smiles. Lily would’ve made my top list but she did so few scenes.

  53. Johnny Kage says:

    1. Katie Cummings
    2. Keisha Grey
    3. Valentina Nappi
    4. Carmen Kinsley
    5. Devon Lee

  54. Mr. Bojangles says:

    Blondie Fesser can’t be a PAWG clearly she is latina in alot of her vids. I forgot Jada Stevens on my list that ass of hers is beyond proportionate for her size per ratio INSANE and she know how to twerk.

  55. ItalianBootyLover says:

    Blondie Fesser
    Latina or not, she’s insane…

    Alexis Texas
    Ryan Conner
    Virgo Peridot

    Top Retired or something:
    Nikki Stone (aka Briella Bounce)
    Ricki White
    Susanna White They’re not sisters… 😉

  56. revo says:

    It’s too hard to pick just 3….. every body has a good list. BUT!!! I have to throw in Sunny Lane

  57. nate says:

    I dont think anyone put Phoenix marie, madison rose, or Aj applegate on their list?

  58. Bootyologist says:

    Booty Brigade is the 5 star general of booty. *salute*

    Uncle ‘Stang, we need another discussion for Latinas, Black and then the big one, greatest booties of all time. Not only to see everyone’s thoughts but I need to read Booty Brigade’s thoughts lol.

  59. chrishomer says:

    to me pornstar favorite :

    olivia olovely
    flower tucci
    ava rose
    klara gold
    julie cash
    briella bounce
    nikki stone
    phoenix marie
    alexis stexas
    aj applegate etc

    black babes:

    mya g
    pleasure mia
    naomi banxxx
    nina rotti e etc etc etc


    sabella monize
    monica mazzretie
    lexxi lockheart is now bbw
    many pornstar old school is today bbw etc etc etc


    joyce oliveira
    bruna ferraz
    darlene amaro
    monique carvalho
    regina rizzi e etc

    many babes porn .. very names … all babes attract me is big butt , pornstar dissapear or retired unofficially or no news many years ( ava rose , ava rose , klara gold , nikki stone and others )… fans always wait news scene but last scene is today

  60. BSD says:

    RFM –

    Dawg, I’ve been tryin’ for three days and I just can’t. I just can’t… My LIFE is big-assed women, and I just can’t get down to three. I just got too many categories.



    PAWGs (Hardcore), (Pro), (Amateur), (Non-porn)

    I could probably get three in EACH of those categories, but that would still put me at about 12 or 15 total.

    And I STILL would be dissin’ some ladies that I would give my paycheck to.

    God help me, I just can’t…

    I am sooo pathetic.



  61. farhad says:

    Lily Sincere,
    rosee devine ,
    vanessa blake

    • Rosee Divine… hmmm … definitely a nice ass… I just hate that she hasn’t put in the quality work…

      I mean, In my opinion you better have at least rode a dildo on cam in order for you to qualify.

  62. Radric Davis says:

    wait nikki stone & briella bounce cool?

    • both of em have a lil’ latina in em… if im NOT mistaken… but, they work in my book… if you 100% pass for a super pawg… and none of us are 100% sure about ya ethnicity … let it ride!

  63. Hollywood Cole says:

    not sure if you got my last post…

    Damn Uncle ‘Stang, i knew this would be an impossible list. I just keep adding new ones every time I see someone else’s 3. Truth be told i probably have a top 15. I have to mention a few more that deserve consideration and some I haven’t seen yet. I will call’em Hollywood’s unsung heroes.

    1. Brianna Love (back when she first hit onion booty)
    2. Simone Peach (cakes for days)
    3. Katy Karson (Great things come in small packages)

    1. mazzaretie monica
    2. klaudia kelly
    3. Felicia Clover
    4. Angela White(not really a bbw but i had to at least mention her)

    shout outs to Skyler Luv,carmen kinsley, mylie moore, nikki vixen, lexxi lockhart, sophia sutra and Brittnay from BB, only had like two scenes but those who saw them know why she is on the list.

  64. Jack Purcell says:

    Dammit, Uncle Real… you know you wrong as hell tryna make us decided upon only THREE PAWGs!! 😀
    I been sweatin’ buckets over my decision all f’n WEEK, cus!
    On Tuesday, I called into work and told them I couldn’t make it in — boss asked, ‘Why not, whussup?’
    I told him RFM got me thinkin’ on my TOP 3 PAWGs, and I’m stressed dafuq out over it!!
    He was like, ‘Oh…. F’REAL?! Yeeeeeeah dat nga iz cold-blooded! Take TWO days off to figure it out!’

    On Thursday, I sought out the advice of my neighborhood priest! Dat cat said, ‘Do not be a mark, my son… don’t rush hurriedly and just pick the ones with the roundest, most plump derrieres. Aim true with your heart and NOT your brain, Mr. Purcell…’

    On Friday, my high school football coach said, “You young niqqas are so spoiled! I was raised in post-segregation, and couldn’t even LOOK at White bitches wit ass, nonetheless FIND one! Nicca, quit trippin’, pick 3 snowbunnies, and gtfo wit ya 1stWorldProbs!”

    In the end, I had to go with the birds that have successfully taken me from “6 to 12” during their scene(s), and NOT so much the more political response of: How much clout or OG status do they have in the industry? How much material they been in?

    So fuck it! Here’s my Big3 Top SuperPawgs that got *ME* to bust over the years, and not necessarily those that have “impacted” the PAWG scene:

    (Dis bish’s name didn’t pop up NEARLY enough in these lists, and you ngaz need to be ashamed of y’selves, LMAO! 😀

    (Pre-preggo, obviously!)

    (Thick-thick-THICK ass Texas bitch, built like a fuckin brickhouse?!?! Yes, plz…)

    Honors go out to my Runner-Ups:
    *Any* of these chicks coulda been swapped out as my #3, but this category already has too much bloodshed as it is! If I think too long on it, I’m-a fuck around a pull a Steve Harvey up in dis muddaphuka! LOL!
    And for the BBW Round of SuperPawgs:

    (In a league of her own. There is no explanation needed here…)

    (Loved that *REAL* swinging housewife MILF… and that red hair, glasses, raspy voice, and laid-back submissive personality. Her best shit to me starts in 2011, when she came back from a year off and got mad SUPER thick.)

    (This bird was my fave *pear-shaped* BBW before she ditched the biz. Smaller up top, but her power went all into ass and hips!
    Did plenty of shit for P.Pass, and a few for XLG. Built like Marcy Diamond, but much, much cuter. For those that may not immediately recall her, here’s some footage):

    Honors go to:

    I’m out! Peace to the AH COMMUNITY!!!

    • Dammit, Uncle Real… you know you wrong as hell tryna make us decided upon only THREE PAWGs!! ?
      I been sweatin’ buckets over my decision all f’n WEEK, cus!
      On Tuesday, I called into work and told them I couldn’t make it in — boss asked, ‘Why not, whussup?’
      I told him RFM got me thinkin’ on my TOP 3 PAWGs, and I’m stressed dafuq out over it!!
      He was like, ‘Oh…. F’REAL?! Yeeeeeeah dat nga iz cold-blooded! Take TWO days off to figure it out!’

      On Thursday, I sought out the advice of my neighborhood priest! Dat cat said, ‘Do not be a mark, my son… don’t rush hurriedly and just pick the ones with the roundest, most plump derrieres. Aim true with your heart and NOT your brain, Mr. Purcell…’

      On Friday, my high school football coach said, “You young niqqas are so spoiled! I was raised in post-segregation, and couldn’t even LOOK at White bitches wit ass, nonetheless FIND one! Nicca, quit trippin’, pick 3 snowbunnies, and gtfo wit ya 1stWorldProbs!”

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  65. DerrikDX says:

    I couldn’t get it down to just 3 So again I decided to go with a 12 man Dream Team Roster.
    In No particular order

    Alexis Texas
    Ava Rose
    Candy Nicole
    Caroline Pierce
    Crystal Bottoms
    Kelly Devine
    Kelly Staxxx
    Olivia Saint
    Ryan Smiles
    Sara Jay
    Vanessa Blake
    Virgo Peridot

    Alternate (Yeah I’m cheating even more):
    Cheeky aka Vanessa Vasiliki

  66. VictorSweet says:

    Ava Rose
    Kelly Divine
    Ryan Conner

    Honorable Mention: Lily Sincere, Alex Love, and Kiara Marie. All 3 needed more work

  67. The One says:

    Gianna Michaels , Lexxi Lockhart, Lisa Ann

  68. Mavrik says:

    Lisa Ann
    Mia Malkova
    Jada Stevens

  69. leeroy says:

    Old school
    1. Sara Jay
    2. Madison Rose
    3. Austin Taylor

    New/Newish girls
    1. Savannah Styles
    2. KLARA GOLD!!!

  70. Voodoo Chylde says:

    1 Madison Rose
    2 Ryan Smiles
    3 Proxy Paige

    There are a lot of good names mentioned, but I all about what my girls are blessed with, not paid for. The booty has to be natural.

    Web girls:

    1 Mal Malloy
    2 Steph Kegels
    3 Anaisnym

  71. StephanO says:

    Guys i saw hot vid with her, search in google for: amateur nude Litemia

  72. KrystleExiva says:

    Fuck me hard! Sx-Search.Ga

  73. yorkie_ric says:

    Phoenix Marie
    Flower Tucci
    Ava Rose

    Donna Austin
    Paige Turnah
    Josephine James

  74. demar says:

    1. Princess Pawg 2.Mal Mallory 3. Sarah aka Germanbig butt

    • Not a bad list… I don’t know if Sarah is making my top3… as far as the german super pawgs… I’d MIGHT even go Mandy Blue, before Sarah…

      Can’t really go wrong with either though…

  75. Agent924 says:

    Top 3- Briella Bounce, Ava Rose, Susanna White.

    Honorable mention- Brianna Love, Aj Applegate, Sophie Dee, Mandy Muse,.

  76. damez says:

    solo & cam girls
    1. jenna shea
    2. nat foxx
    3. katvong
    4. korina kova
    5. tyger booty


    1.Austin Taylor
    2.Julie cash
    3.Nina kayy
    4.Devon lee
    5. Romi Rain/phoenix marie /richelle ryan /kendra lust

  77. g says:

    Vanessa Blake
    Virgo Peridot
    Mazzeratie Monica

  78. damez says:

    underrated pawg retired pornstar is lauren phoenix she was fine as well and a freak on camera, did literally everything and had super model looks.

  79. Txpimp says:

    I’m go with a pawg/bbw list cause I feel a few are borderline.

    Mal Mallory is def top 5, pre baby, after baby, I’m sure when she gains even more weight. That body ratio isn’t going anyway on her.

    Fuck, I don’t even know we have to have different categories in this bitch. I’m torn between prettiest pawg most don’t have insane bodies or just pawg with the baddest bodies.

    Body wise/BBW

    Mal Mallory

    Katie Cummings

    Anastasia Lux

    Nina Kayy

    Pretties/Best shape

    Zahra Elise

    Christy Mack, doesn’t do porn anymore but fuck her body is crazy now. Fit thick chick

    Amber Rose? Not really white but chick goes from pro black to Im not blk whenever it benefits her

    IF you don’t know about her, chick is thick in a body building way

  80. Mastodonte says:

    To me pornstar favorite :
    Pawg :
    1 – Kelsi Monroe
    2 – Virgo Peridot
    3 – Jada Stevens
    Mention : Betty (need to make more videos), Austin Taylor (interracial scene collector)

    Ebony :
    1- Chanel Staxxx
    2- Myiamee Spice
    3- Diamond Mason

    Latina :
    1- Carmen De Luz
    2- Sabella Monize
    3- Taj Mendez

  81. Big black says:

    Mia bangg was the troop

  82. Scaringi says:

    Ava Rose
    Ryan Conner
    Kelly Divine

    Injury Backup – Julie Cash
    Really wanna put her on the List – Simone Peach(Legal Porno Simone)
    Overrated – Alexis Texas

  83. BP says:

    1. Ryan Conner
    2. Kelly Divine (before baby)
    3. Jada Stevens
    4. Lisa Ann
    5. Anikka Albrite