rapidgator / filejoker / keep2share

  1. Son Goku says:

    Thanks man for this and Bianca.

    • I think I posted all of the ones I said I would get from our previous conversation… I never got those links you were talkin’ about ….

      • Son Goku says:

        Do you need the username ……

        • Son Goku says:

          Oh and as far as Anastasia, you said you would get full figured vixen as well but since I asked for Samantha Mack, I’ll just get this one myself.

          • Oh, I think I skipped on that one… when I saw it was just a solo joint…

            • Son Goku says:

              That’s cool, like I just commented to you in the first new post. I would rather have the Samantha Mack vids now…..

              • I hear you fam… Samantha charging a GRIP for vids lol!! … Yeah, Ima scoop at least one of em up for you, before the week is over… (I KNOW, I want that first vid – for sure)…

                I have a TON of shit I still have to post…. Keep2share delayed my start to the new year… But, it’s all good. Filejoker is WAY faster for me… So, I can post quicker & easier for you guys… reups are ALOT easier too… rapidagtor / filejoker reups take about 35seconds, for me… literally. 😉

                Anyways… PLEASE remind me, if you don’t see that first vid by Friday 😉 – I don’t take any offense to you reminding me… because, you be lookin’ out too… 😉 😉

            • dukeofhazard says:

              brhu i already have it its full of thickness, its reaally worth im willing to trade it for any of the latest hardcore scenes ,, just let me know rfm

          • bareknucle says:

            you had those bro ?! im willing to trade ,, i need the scenes with the mexican dude too

        • Nah, I have it saved fam… I couldn’t download everything because I was already close to my limit for the day… Ima have to DL the rest of the stuff tomorrow…

  2. Cavaleer says:

    She needs to stop playing and come to America and get done right.