1. dj says:

    Man Virgo should just stick to IR. She is just made for the black monster. HEy RFM you have that new Mellanie Monroe – It’s Okay! She’s My Mother in Law! on Hustler site? Man she still looking good.

  2. Oz says:

    What up fam. Playoffs lookin right right now. Good luck with your Cavalier squad as Im on pins & needles representing for my Nets. Im still holding you down checking for the latest on Peanut Butter, but for now…Carmen got my attention. Ignore this if you’ve already been made aware. Peace!

    • Yeah… I actually wondering if the Bucks & Nets are REALLY about this making it to round 2 life… I didn’t think EITHER of them actually had a shot… but they definitely putting up a GOOD fight…

      As for the Cavs… I think as long as a couple snipers (James Jones, Mike etc… ) can get busy… & Kyrie & Bron can continue to play like they have the Glow (Last Dragon reference) … Mosgov & Tristan hold the middle down… & they STILL have Perk for Goon purposes… So, it’s gonna be TOUGH… but, if the Bulls don’t bring their absolute A-game… I could see the Cavs STILL dropping them in 6…. Because Rose, STILL ain’t lookin’ completely right to me… Butler will always have a better defender on him this round IMO… Like Shump or maybe even Bron Bron, at times… Love OFF the floor actually gives them a better Defensive advantage (sad to say) too …

      Long story short… I guess I basically see it coming down to who’s better Bron & Kyrie, or Jimmy & Rose???

      Im going Bron and Kyrie this round.

  3. JB says:

    Looking forward to the HD version 😀

  4. Victory says:

    This looks awesome…Do you have the new Jess Molli video from Mixed magazine?

  5. KING says:

    Patiently waiting for that last Krystle DaRosa

  6. nate says:

    in responding to that blondie fesser thread, im picking Virgo!

  7. Stu says:

    Oh damn!!
    Arrived late for these man

    Could you re-up the 720p datafile?

  8. Big homie says:

    What up mustang… can we get a re-up of the black on blondes scene with virgo?? the links on this one is virgo scene with rico.

  9. Kamper says:

    Can we get this one back up bro? cheers

  10. DJ says:

    Can you get the scene with lucy heart booty of virgo’s ???????

  11. yorkie_ric says:

    hey – any chance of any Donna Austin? fantastic UK pawg.