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  1. Tony says:

    I was looking forward for this one instead of the 3 some with the guy.

  2. pawg lover says:

    They look like sisters 🙂

  3. trizzo says:

    I have this already, but I think the assoholics would love it. Older, but a “go to” for myself lol


  4. DaSilverSurfer says:


    I call em’ the “Handsome Sisters” Both of em’ a little manly in the face “butt” the bodies (pun intended lol) are str8 up redic. Now, all they need is Kelly Divine in the spot and they could be triplets lol!!!

    • Booty Brigade says:

      Silver done hit it again: “a little manly in the face.” LMFAO.

      Man, you can’t put Kelly Divine in that group though. IMHO Kelly actually *can* get her grille to look decent. Pop on the war paint, smooth it out in Photoshop a little … She ain’t never gonna get chosen to do a L’Oreal ad, but she’ll pass.

      But some dude on the board just went buck last week and talked about Virgo having the “down syndrome” mantelpiece. I laughed so hard that I farted.

  5. Devoted Viewer says:

    Damn, Virgo’s ass is BETTER than Sara’s – who woulda thunk it???

    Virgo every day – every which way!

    -Devoted Viewer

  6. nate says:

    Virgo ass is Definitely bigger than Sara jay’s

  7. TK says:

    Virgo = Drake of the porn game.

    She built a huge buzz staying lowkey and doing her own thing and then BOOM went straight to the pros, neck and neck with MVPs fresh out the gate… Whether you like her or not.

  8. Kamper says:

    Why all of virgo good scenes are down 🙁
    Please ReLaunch if you have it bro. cheers

  9. jon says:

    damn virgo is fuckn ………………………

    there’s a scene on freakmobmedia with marcy bj *new*