Mandy Sweet (Do The Wife)

Posted: 13th December 2017 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, big tits, DAMN, milfs, PHAT ASSES, super pawg

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  1. kushafterdark says:

    RIP to Billy, he made Siri wanna quit porn and died from a snakebite….

  2. Jack Purcell says:

    You got me feelin’ nostalgic, Stang. Maaaaan, I miss some Mandy Sweet.
    She used to be one my faves; still is tbh. I was mad buggin’ when she squared up and went back to school, LOL! How dare she attempt to educate herself and get a nurse license!! 😀 😀

    She had — imho — a pair of the nicest fakies in porn. Implants just big enough w/o goin’ overboard and lookin’ retarded. That 9th pic up top Uncle RFM provided for us shows that she wasn’t lacking in ass ‘n hips, neither. 😉 Love how she rode D.
    … and it don’t hurt that she was a snowbunny MILF that fuq’d wit the BBC at all.