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  1. dj says:

    Don t see any sexual gratification on what dee siren was doing to her ass , but i guess there is a fetish to see that gross shit. But that Lucky B, she s a stallion. True PAWG.

  2. nate says:

    this that scene right here!!!

  3. Devoted Viewer says:

    Yeap, this one shall be placed on the SKIP list…

    -Devoted Viewer

  4. Booty Brigade says:

    My man (with the Denzel Training Day voice)

  5. assoholics fan says:

    Dee Siren is disgusting fam…

  6. Glencocoe says:

    For FUCKS sakes so tired of messing up a great scene with boring anal shit…-_- more power to who likes this but it’s fucking annoyinggggg

  7. kiLLer says:

    dee siren needs a brown bag for her face

    • LOL! Damn, yall in here KILLIN’ Dee!… Nothing wrong with her face, IMO… She just takes alot of her porn a little too far for my taste… but, that seems to appeal to alot of her fan base… I guess.

  8. piza says:

    its not just here asshole either. her pussy is like three feet wide at any given time, its horrid.

  9. Booty Brigade says:

    Oh man, y’all cats up in this piece straight KILLING Dee. Turrible, just turrible. I mean, true — that chocha IS as wide as a sink drain at this point and it be spewing like Old Faithful, but most of y’all cats ain’t never had problems copping her scenes.

    You HAD to know when Dee got down with Adriano, they was gonna end up tryna do too much. (Though, that last GB scene when she was rubbing, like, 12 nuts on herself like it was Vaseline Intensive Care, I had to turn the channel on that.)

    That’s OK, because I still like her old sloppy ass and grizzled anatomy. Give some love to the old folks up this piece!!! LOL

    • Lmfao @ Vaseline Intensive Care!! 🙂

      • JoDoe says:

        Dee reminds me a lot of Ava Devine not less vocally annoying. I know you, RFM, can’t get down on Ava scenes and it’s the pretty much the same for me with Dee. She’s either getting run through by a gangload of dudes, pissing in the streets, fisting herself, or licking an anal blossom…it’s just too much!!!

        And as much as I like Virgo you it seems like she feels out of place doing mainstream stuff. It’s only a matter of time before she jumps back on the Dee ratchet train.

        • Yeah… I was able to fuck with Ava Devine for a VERY SHORT while, before I just looked at her like Eeewwwwwwwwww 🙁 & wasn’t even in any rush to post ANY of her scenes… I always felt like Dee Siren was ALOT more appealing, but she is QUICKLY getting to that same point for me… where I really ain’t even feelin’ her much.

          • Booty Brigade says:

            I’m calling AARP on both y’all.

              • JoDoe says:

                LMAO!!!! Damn, BB…I got nothing.

                Dee has never done it for me. I snagged a couple of her scenes hoping the last would be better then the first but I just couldn’t get through it. She just looks like someone’s mom from when we were kids and you mess around and find a homemade flick with her in it. It’s just wrong but you can’t look away. Like I look at Dee and think she needs to retire before she finds herself a recipient of a defective trans-vaginal mesh. Y’all know them commercials.

  10. R.I.P A$AP YAMS says:

    lucky b & virgo gotta chill with that doodoo hole action…just seen a trailer to some new shit they filmed with tht weirdo dude got them farting banana’s nd shit … smfh Ramon & some homies from MOC need to scoop them hoes fuck allat weird anal shit.

  11. Big John says:

    Yo this is Big John comin through live and direct 2 u.
    bro please upload the only decent dee siren scene:

    can I get an amen fam

    • What is making you feel like this scene is decent?

      • Big John says:

        You can’t find it anywhere else- I looked all over the net and its too hard to get

        plus shes not going over the top or doing any disgusting stuff, shes just being a freak and taking it in the booty in some good positions you feel me
        please bless us with this video my guy

        • I’ve been waiting for Dee to do something big… or, have a good feature on there …. before I grab all of her new stuff… I just haven’t really seen anything special on there.

  12. Big John says:

    its all good I didnt know u had to get a new membership to grab that vid

  13. Phil says:

    I agree. These extreme anal prolapse and DDP scenes are just too much. They’re no longer erotic and border on the shocking IMO. The worse thing is that it’s almost certain these girls are not enjoying it. There is such a thing as grotesque, tasteless porn and this fits the bill. Things like squrting, cum eating gals, 2 girls on guy, ect are hot. Please bring us more of what I mentioned on a comment to another post RFM. Thanks!!