1. nate says:

    Vigo, virgo, virgo OH MY!! RFM, can you also get the rest of the DVD with Klara gold, Kiara mia and Aleksa nicole?

  2. Cavv says:

    THIS….is what all these porn director fools need to be shooting- giant curves getting served POV!

  3. Booty Fiend says:

    Hey man good lookin out on the drop. She had a couple of other drops this week if you can hook them up.

    (link) (link)


  4. FUNK45 says:

    Just woke up and saw this. Remember the Lion King when samba was presented and everybody bowed this is what I felt like when i saw the post. Also in 1080p cuz we it’s a real big shoe!!! word to Snoop {lol) Peace & thanks RFM

  5. ohWORD says:

    Not big on anal, but Virgo non-pretty, fat booty self will have me checking this out.

  6. PRNPlayboy says:

    Too much BooBoo in this one fam. Wonder why they didn’t edit it out?

    • rASTA says:

      Thats what im saying…

    • Booty Brigade says:

      Gotta agree with PRN. I was saying to myself “Damn, Virgo, you in the big leagues now, not some home movie shit.” Cats is shooting in super HD, so she gotta make sure her stuff is hella clean. Take a third and fourth rinse if you need to, because the color brown should never be evident on a porn set.

  7. Oz says:

    Thanks Stang! 1st class post my man. Vee is all the rave now cause those of us who’ve been following this damn girl since her days are just overjoyed to see her graduate to a more professional, Hi-res setting. I just hope that in her pursuit for fame & fortune, she doesn’t get “pornofied” by getting a boob job, done up with caked ass make-up that makes her look like a fuckin clown or the CARDINAL sin — loosing weight that just might reduce that glorious ass of hers. I’m not gonna hold my breath…I’m just getting it while the “getting” is good. Hopefully its for a GOOD run cause this chic has only scratched the surface.

  8. Brandon says:

    Heyy RFM big up!!! Do u think u can get that new sabrina santos! She thicka than a bowl of oatmeal

  9. Moxxido says:

    The only time this would look right is when Mandingo is in her ass, booty so big Mike looks like a finger in her booty.

  10. Moxxido says:

    Also one man show always gets boring. This Adriano dude should just stay behind the cam and hire other dudes to play the part. Sick of seeing him and Manuel Ferraro.

  11. Devoted Viewer says:

    Yeah, sigh – all that pussy and all the interest is in the asshole…

    My thing is, men and women have assholes – if your main interest is ass then, apparently you don’t necessarily have to be too particular where you get your ASS from…

    -Devoted Viewer

    • Shola says:

      I like both but if a dude likes the ass more than you can’t say that because THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MAN’S ASS AND A WOMAN’S. A COLOSSAL DIFFERENCE.

    • Jackmerius Tacktheritrix says:

      Maybe you don’t like seeing assholes getting fucked because you are an asshole and you feel violated when you see anal. your flawed logic amuses me… If you liked oral, (seeing that both men and women have mouths) would you not be too particular about where you get Head from.

      • Shola says:

        LMAO, tell em bro.

      • Devoted Viewer says:

        HaHa, I knew I’d catch flak, just waiting to see from who.

        No need to call names, bro, I didn’t single you out personally, and I could car less about you, so what you say doesn’t matter to me.

        Call it a moment of anger cause now that Virgo is out, doing the real pron, I see fuckas (as usual) focusing on that anal shit instead of jugg’n up in that phat, deep, sweet PUSSY.

        I just hope this doesn’t become a trend like what happened with Kelly Devine…

        … But really, Lets just, lets say, I’m worried about you anal seekers cause in a Glory Hole situation, if the lights go out and they switch out chics for men, GORILLAS and MOOSES, would yall really notice?? In the heat of it, in the dark, would yall really care??…

        …And still, that ASS SHIT IS NASTY…

        -Devoted Viewer

        • Devoted Viewer says:

          PS – And I SKIP the oral scenes too – never once said I enjoy oral, frankly watching a man get sucked doesn’t do anything for me either…

          -Devoted (Pussy Love’n) Viewer

          • Im actually with you on that 100% … the tugjobs and orals shit really miss me… certain ones I put up because I realize alot of dude DO love em… but, to me – it just seems kinda like you’re staring at a dudes joint, just a little TOO damn long… I’d rather be looking at an ass or some titties BOUNCE around…

            • Devoted Viewer says:

              Eff’n LOL, RFM, LOL!

              …Yeah, I got a LOT of video editing to do this weekend, LOL…

              And as a side note, I HOPE all the fam here is up on _PLEX server_ and a Roku 3 – get to see all these great jawns on the 80″ in the living room easy chair instead of tied to a computer screen…

              -Devoted Viewer

          • R.I.P A$AP YAMS says:

            this n*gga knows !! word up all that weird doodoo hole and bj shit is corny but ima come clean that kiara mia anal shit looking kinda poppin ..

      • I actually didn’t read this comment until AFTER DV responded… But JT this response is a little childish, just keeping it real with you… I don’t mind you having an opinion, just like DV is permitted to have… but, the corny name calling shit ain’t somethin’ we really do over here at Assoholics… I know it was just a little funny pot shot. But, we ain’t gon’ make stuff like this a habit homie…

        I appreciate the response … just keep it a little more direct & NOT on some sideways name calling BS…

        • Jackmerius Tacktheritrix says:

          I’ll be peaceable and offer an apology for the name calling; that was uncalled for. however, DV’s back handed statement about not being too particular over where you get ass from was flawed logic and I called him out. It is what it is.

    • Nino Brown says:

      Man that’s the dumbest argument I’ve heard yet. Always dudes who apparently hate anal, ALL UP IN anal vid comment sections. We all have hands too. So you saying you got no problems with your homeboy jacking you off at halftime? FOH. If it ain’t for you, then don’t watch. I promise you it’s that simple.

      • Devoted Viewer says:

        Yes, I will admit, I didn’t realize that was an ANAL vid – I just saw Virgo and the THIRST was strong for wanting to download…

        So yeah, I do absolutely apologize for the negativity in an ALL anal video drop; I didn’t realize until after the fact.

        I’ve always said I wish there was a filter here that lets you _demote_ the anal stuff to say a _Sidebar_, so that you can avoid seeing it in the main feed (BUT still see what was dropped on the side with less prominence)…

        -Devoted Viewer

      • Shola says:

        LMAO but this is the realest thing said on this thread.

  12. Tony says:

    Her best scene so far imo is the one she did for scoregroup. Perfect combo of pussy/anal and fucking, it was 30 mins too.

    Virgo ass only looks it’s best when she’s bent over.

  13. Booty Brigade says:

    Mike Adriano was having problems keeping his shit together with Virgo. Can’t say I blame him.

  14. Badda says:

    I’m not a big virgo fan but Ima check this out props rfm

  15. Snaker says:

    This is perfection materialized in ASS!

    Thanks for the 1080p version RFM!

  16. Jersee says:

    I agree with that one dude girl ass is different then a boys ass. I like watching sex the normal way meaning man and women. Weather it’s pussy, ass, or a girls mouth. Dude on dude is crazy and with all these thick women in the world i don’t understand being gay. I don’t judge but at the same time I don’t understand it. Myself I liked the flick in fact his love for booty and anal is the same level I have for a woman.

  17. nate says:

    RFM if you could upload Virgo scene with romemajorxxx, her scene with Angelina castro, the Booty Queen dvd, n pinkyxxx has a new scene with Jade Aspen!!

  18. dopeboy says:

    She got a phat ass but that down syndrome face kills it for me.

    • Jackmerius Tacktheritrix says:

      Down Syndrome As fuck right?!

    • Booty Brigade says:

      @dopeboy Now THAT, sir, was totally uncalled for.

      But that shit was funny as hell.

      “That down syndrome face kills it for me”: Man, you just articulated EXACTLY why I could never get full on board with the Virgo phenomenon even though I had no hesitation in getting behind it, if you feel me.

      Cats be ready to rumble behind some VP, and I was kinda like “Meh.” The cakes always have been dope, but there have been girls with as much — and often more — in the backyard than VP with SO much more in terms of total skill set. The home videos were wack quality, even in an era where it’s real easy to get top notch equipment for relatively cheap.

      So I never really got why she was so popular. Even the whole “white girl with ass from ATL” — dude that shit is like red clay down there, no biggie at all.

      But, dude, you just nailed why I’ve been so lukewarm on Virgo for so long. I never could fully ID my hesitation until you just said that shit.

      It’s that mantelpiece that reminds me of that special bus. There’s not a cat on this board who hasn’t watched some of the girls get on that special bus and peep one or two that you’d just totally smash to smithereens. But then you end up feeling all guilty about shit, like “I can’t take advantage of those with special needs,” even though that ass is giving you all kinda thoughts about fulfilling your own special needs.

      Watching Virgo always has left me feeling a little grimy, and @Dopeboy just clarified why for me

  19. WOW!! says:

    Virgo just did one w/ Mocha Menage. Can you hook this one up RFM….


    Preciate it…..

  20. zaza says:

    would love stuff my face in Virgo’s ass……… hey RFM you think you can reup Vickie 6 – She Know It scene from BSL

  21. Phil says:

    OMG!!! That ASS is just the TRUTH!!!! A beauty to behold.

    Though I must say that I agree with many of the fellas here when they say that there has been an excessive focus on anal action in many recent scenes from all these major studies. IMHO, anal is something like an extra perk, something that looks cool/freaky/daring/nasty for a while while but doesn’t really compensate for lack of the real deal. Call me old-fashioned but I am a PUSSY-loving man through and through. I will take PUSSY over ASS, any day. In fact big asses look so good from behind in part because they highlight just how tempting and inviting pussies, specially if their lips are thick and meaty, look like when beheld from that rear angle.

    No matter how tight, asses will never be like pussy. My dick just loves being wrapped in that hot, creamy, snug pink quiver. I love the taste and smell of pussy( specially white, pale pussy) and can lick, suck and nibble it until my whole mouth is dripping with that lovely cream. Assholes, not so much, unless your girl is really, really clean, but even then, it’s not really my choice.

    Hopefully, Virgo’s video with Rico will focus more on pussy than ass, or even better it will be exclusively about licking and fucking pussy. God willing!!

    Any way thanks for the drop RFM. You’re always on top of the game for the benefit of big butt pussy lovers like myself.


  22. Juan says:

    Man I have a recommendation, if you like thick asians look for Jitsuroku, GAS, and maguro 721, the movies are great

  23. cream of wheat jackson says:

    Did this dude Mike Adriano really cum 5 times in the virgo scene?