love this chick..

rapidgator / keep2share

  1. Mspeed says:

    My dude. Thanks for coming through once again. I can’t say the same for your team though.

  2. TheGoat404 says:

    Cant wait for her to go full xxx like Ms Yummy did.. u think she’ll do it? I was shocked when Ms Yummy did it…she been going hard ever since

  3. I don’t think Chela going the hardcore route, honestly seeing her tits out should be cause for celebration. She had to be flown out to drop the titties and y’all should know by now that Blue Star OVERPAYS or throws nice chunks to compromise these models minds. BlueStarLive is why Rosee lost her modeling agency support and basically left the game.

  4. Leroy Jenkins III says:

    She mos def needs to go the harcdcore route the game needs her that body is flames

  5. Jesse says:

    How can I watch this on iphone

  6. Kblaze25 says:

    Any word on her new update on bluestarlive?

  7. Kamper says:

    This girl has one hell of a body…would love to see more of her but it seems like her solo scenes are limited…i don’t care for xxx sex i just wanna see fine girls walking around in tight underwear showcasing world class curves. My hat goes of to whoever it is that finds and posts these incredible clips for us to enjoy without having to break the bank. Many thanks