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  1. jahson says:

    good looks love this bitch lol

  2. steven says:

    fuckin CLASSICS…gone too soon…I guess jail will do that…not that I’m making light of what she did…however…gotta separate it.

  3. Ranks says:

    Is she still locked up,?

  4. Roundass6789 says:

    My Friend

    Do you have this in 720 or 1080P


    • Nah, most of La Gurls vids were done a LONG time ago… because she has been in jail for quite sometime now…

      all her she is basically 480 and under… unfortunately.

  5. z8g says:

    Yeah, she shaking those biscuits for Big Pearl for a long time now. Don’t think she will ever get out.

  6. Roundass6789 says:

    Ok I understand but still you do great work

  7. Rex says:

    Putting it out there, shes got 8 years at 2012. We won’t see her until roughly 2020. That being said, would she do porn? I doubt it. She probably will end up escorting because a producer may not want to work with her considering her past.

    If she kept that body, people would still want to hit it. I can see her having a hard time at walmart (assuming they hire her) People can forgive drug charges, assault charges, but I think making your child a paraplegic is something many may not forgive which is why i see her taking the escort route.

    • But, in the age of “being able to promote yourself” … with all of these different platforms… If she comes out the clink and needs paper, I could definitely see her going straight to a webcam site, or a clips4sale style site with no hesitation…

      I already know, if she starts posting some new shit in HD all of us Big Booty fiends ain’t thinking about her past… I feel bad as hell about what she did to her kid, but… It really wouldn’t stop me from watching her new vids… sad to say 🙁 …….. Shit, I didn’t even stop bumping R. Kelly right after the video footage of his crazy ass dropped… I was bumping Loveland and Chocolate Factory HARD!!! lol!!!

      Long story short, if a NEW Sugar Pear post pops up on Assoholics today… it’ll have 1K downloads in about an hour… EASY.

  8. jay says:

    hey rfm, what about part1 of the shower scene? thx for your work!

  9. Veik says:

    If she didnt do porn,Id ask her to marry me!