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  1. z8g says:

    That’s it. That’s the girl rumored to be pregnant by Drake. I don’t get it fellas. Drake has been hitting bangers for a while. Wonder what she said to get the no pull out and for him to trust her? I guess it could be murphy’s law and condoms. lmao. We will see though. Once she gets that DNA test.

    • Or, he might have got a lil’ lazy with his used condom game… and she pulled out the trap a rich nigga kit…

      turkey baster, test tube, beaker, cryogenic box… lol!!!

      • blakmagik says:

        Lol. Never trust a big butt and a smile. If you have money like that and you want to bareback chicks you better get snipped….twice. Lol.

  2. RicoTG190 says:

    she got that OVO contract for 18yrs thats the max

  3. K.O says:

    Lol your smart. More traffic for you