props to @anon, for this one!! 😉

rapidgator / keep2share

rapidgator / keep2share

  1. RicoTG190 says:

    Dam she bad asf…..couldn’t just touche feel tho
    missed opportunity here

  2. Matt Enderson says:

    They need to cut the shit and just release the full sex scene. Keep her mask on and have him smash.

  3. Dynomite says:

    Yes!!! Bigger. Stronger. More…

  4. king says:


  5. Snow says:

    Is that her in the mask as well??

  6. Bootybootyeverywhere says:

    How do ya’ll know that’s her? Is it confirmed? If so, I agree, she need to be pounded!.

  7. damez says:

    so she’s basically doing p0rn now ??

  8. Devoted Viewer says:

    Haven’t watched the video yet, but that first set looks like it’s my man from Mixed Magazine??

    He seemed like he was definitely leading up to doing this shit – eating the pussy and all, def seemed like where he was headed w/his videos.

    Sorry if I’m way off, can’t really tell the production from just the pic snaps, but the way he’s squeezing dat azz with his hand certainly looks like MM dude to me…

    -Devoted Viewer

    • I definitely see what you mean.

      • Devoted Viewer says:

        Damn baby was BADD with them hard-nips, totally fine female for sure and damn my man had his mouf all up between them thighs in them noodles – damn she’s fine…

        Yeah, looking at the production, I’d wager money that’s dude from Mixed Magazine, same video effects and all, should have paid more attention to his camera equipment from the other vids; shouldn’t be hard to find the same reflector or lights in the other videos etc.

        Glad to see he took the leap (lap?) and moved beyond just grabb’n dat ass – now he needs to get Shotzy, Rosetta, Chyna Hing and Kristen back!

        -Devoted Viewer

  9. The logic of putting a video out of the same chick with the website fonts being identical…… And these the men these women crack legs open for….#sheeshus

  10. brodie says:

    definitely her she got the same birth marks

  11. Hov says:

    Yeah. It’s definitely Amanda. 100 facts

  12. Hov says:

    RFM, when you get a chance can you re-up on this?