major props to @Ras for this… (more coming too)

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  1. bootywarier says:

    Check out this chick Tomomi Motozawa. I am trying to find some scenes of her but an asian with an ass is worth looking for

  2. z8g says:

    Hot DAYUM assoholic fans….Have you guys seen where Rosee Divine (sophie brussaux) is pregnant with Drakes baby????!?!?! Damn, I cannot believe this chick might have caught him slippin. She has texts with him talking about getting an abortion an everything. LMAO. WTH drake? Come on Son! Crazy.

    • Damn, didn’t look to see who it actually was… That’s crazy that it is Rosee… Lol! Shit must have been too good to pull out… ??

      I hope it ain’t so… But, if it is… Damn she hit the lick of the decade. ???

      • z8g says:

        Yeah man. If she got him, he deserves it. LMAO. He should know better. Getting to careless and reckless out there. The only thing that bothers me is everyone is calling her an adult film star…and I am thinking, I hadn’t seen this chick take no pipe. lol. Now if they wanted to say call girl…I’d agree.