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  1. pirla says:

    thankyou very much for this.

  2. pirla says:

    I saw it, I was hoping better. …boring..

  3. dj says:

    OH MY! Nice post RFM. Congrats to the Cavs it looks like it is smooth sailing to the Finals. Don t see the Hawks or Wizs beating them.

    • these injuries are ridiculous though fam… Kyrie banged up… Love is DONE… Im lovin’ how Shump, Delly, JR, Trist all stepped up though… I just don’t think that’ll be enough to win the Finals… it MIGHT be enough for ATL or DC… But not the Clips or GS… Bron will have to be SUPERHUMAN for 4 games to have a good chance.

  4. King Lucci says:

    She needs to give it up….we passed the cubana lust vid phase in 2008…she looks so basic now.

  5. BigCockLover says:

    her weight hasnt gotten out of control. fat? yes…. but she can fix those issues in no time. if she lost that stomach..she’d be right back in top 10 status..imho. sexy feet…no dents in her ass or thighs. cubana can still get it.

  6. Hardwater says:

    I know it was said before, but this is just sad.

    Cubana Lust is a reflection of the times, in that, like the vast majority of women, she overestimated her long-term worth.

    In her prime, Cubana Lust was at the top of the game. I disagree with some of the guys here who say she’s ugly. She’s not a “beauty queen,” but she was definitely cute enough in her heyday. Combined with her body, it’s not hard to see why she was so popular. Besides, we all know at least two worse looking butterfaces who have used what they’ve got to get what they want.

    But it seems that the fame went to Cubana’s head.

    As much as it can be used for good, social media has severely warped the self-image of way too many people. If Twitter, Instagram and Vine have caused even the most basic chicks to think they are dime pieces, can you imagine what those sites do to the self-image of actual dime pieces? No wonder they are all so arrogant.

    The fatal flaw that so many of these chicks are committing is mistaking their sexual market value (SMV) with their marriage market value (MMV). Although it’s foolish to assume that everyone wants to get married, it is still the ultimate goal for most women, even if their feminist indoctrination won’t allow them to admit it. But fewer people are getting married. Why?

    Imagine this: a young, slightly-below-average-to-decent-looking chick has a phat ass. Due to her facial shortcomings she has low self esteem, but more than likely has at least a few guys in her neighborhood who like her. But she doesn’t like them, she feels entitled to more. Seeing the kind of attention that other posteriorly endowed females receive by uploading twerking videos to the net, she follows suit. The praise she receives compels her to start stripping. Stripping leads to twerking on higher quality video, HD twerking leads to “modeling”, “modeling” leads to hosting, hosting leads to escorting. All the while her self esteem improves dramatically. She becomes drunk with the sexual power she wields over men.

    This scenario is applicable to countless females today. They don’t all go down this exact path, few do, but many of them seem to want to, and at least try to some degree. As these chicks gain more and more exposure & praise through social media, their SMV goes through the roof. They’re young, nubile, and seemingly down for whatever. What they don’t understand is that their MMV is tanking.

    Their actions have classified them as hoes, and social media has alerted an ever-increasing audience of the fact that they are hoes. And as much as men enjoy hoes, the vast majority of men don’t love hoes, don’t commit to hoes, and damn sure don’t enter contractual agreements with the state in regards to hoes.

    Sure, there’s a sucker a born every minute, and most young males are being taught to tolerate, if not cherish, this kind of behavior in women, but even the most simpish guy eventually wakes up to the kind of woman he’s stuck with, usually around the time the looks start to fade.

    Which brings me back to Cubana Lust. She looks haggard. What many chicks don’t realize is how much this kind of lifestyle ages them prematurely. I don’t know how old Cubana is, maybe someone can tell me, but if I were to have discovered her for the first time through these screencaps, I would’ve thought she’d be in her mid-40s.

    Cubana could’ve easily cashed in like so many chicks before her and be living a very comfortable life. She could’ve gotten wifed up by a baller/celebrity during her prime (Jesikah Maximus) or towards the end of her heyday (Adrienne Bosh). She could’ve gotten with a regular guy and embraced a lifestyle change (Lastarya). She even could’ve parlayed her fame into a more “respectable” business (Buffie the Body, Alaya Lee).

    But she didn’t. She’s learning the hard way just how fleeting online adulation can be. She looks around a landscape that she dominated for several years and sees that many of her contemporaries are no longer there. She finds herself competing with chicks that are younger, hotter versions of herself; chicks who probably idolized her once upon a time. The most crushing blow has to be encountering some of the men that she’s rejected in the past, some of her biggest fans, and realizing that she no longer holds their attention liked she used to, if at all.

    Cubana Lust should serve as a cautionary tale to young women today, but she probably won’t. The lifestyle is too tempting.

  7. Harden says:

    damn 3 days late and already down, re up please?

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  10. MD says:

    Re-up! Re-up! Re-up!!

  11. Jubanton says:

    RFM can you re-up this?