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  1. RicoDaKid says:

    She got thinner now her ass really looks weird

    • I’ve been saying for a while now… Bella NEEDS to STOP losing weight… She already looked kinda strange to begin with… & got progressively thinner over the last couple years…

      Giant Asses with Skinny Thighs looks crazy…

  2. Matt Enderson says:

    Victoria Cakes needs to recruit but only after going through a few months of weight gainer.

  3. JJ says:

    she can take one in ass like champ

  4. thekiddilly says:

    she on that white girl

  5. Marbles says:

    Thought she left the game. Thought only Jada (and Sara Jay) were troopers.

  6. punani22 says:

    New Scene with Melrose Foxx and Monroe Sweets on Pinkyxxx hope it’s not just a BJ scene

  7. ChoppTv says:

    Do you have that Desiree Lopez strippers in the hood scene??

  8. will says:

    new pinky xxx

  9. TheShogun says:

    It’s not the weight loss, its the ass injections that make it look bad. People tend to lose weight proportionately unless they are obese (or on rocks). I’d rather her lose weight and be be proportionate rather than be skinny or thick and full of silicone.

  10. Ron says:

    New on pinky website