1. big trae says:

    Man virgo ass crazy bruh she said on twitter she got a scene with julie cash

    • camron301 says:

      Yeah, but this morning on twitter she said that she needs $900 to fix her car so she’s asking everyone to donate, buy stuff on her website, her cam & anything else. Damn shame because with all the work she’s done lately, i would think she’d have the $ to take care of that. I love her work, but the ONLY WAY i’m donating ANY MONEY to a porn star and/or cam girl is if i’m fucking them…period.

      • I don’t believe that BS for a minute… There’s just no way for her fans to find out how much cheese she actually collects… So, it’s a good hustle… Probably rack up a quick & easy 5Gs or more… She seems to have a helluva fan base already.

        • JDon says:

          I think a lot of these chicks think they are going to be the next Kim Kardasian and get rich and famous after fucking on camera. I’m sure some get paid but many are taken advantage of. Some of the stuff you see these girls doing on camera nowadays can be sick, I once saw a behind the scenes of some of that Ghetto Gaggers suff and I actually felt sorry for some of those girls. I love to watch porn, so I hate to admit it but I’d be sick as hell if my daughter was doing it and you couldn’t pay me enough money to do it.

        • TxPimp says:

          Damn bitch is about that paper 2, whoever is knocking that on a regular is a lucky dude. Mechanic quoted me 140 to change the fan on my whip, I got some tools and knocked it out in 10min. Fuck mechanics.

          With that said I doubt she would abuse her fans over 700 bucks if she really didn’t need it. Makes me believe she is on the white girl diet or trying to live that LA lifestyle. She’s been in a shit ton of screens lately so if she really does need 700 kinda shows why a lot of girls stay away from major studios once they have a fanbase.

      • Jack Purcell says:

        //SMMFH// Dat bish said WUT?!
        … lmao 😀 naaaaah, I ain’t trippin’ on it doe, fo’real.
        Let’s let dat bish live, lol!
        Like RFM said, it’s a good hustle, so more power to her if she get enough tricks to fill her collection plate. Ain’t even no need to hate on her, knawmean? Game peeps game, so her fans gon’ either toss her some lettuce regardless of her BS story, or keep steppin’ I guess…

      • Nino Brown says:

        LOL don’t be a simp, my brotha. These smuts are all over the social networks begging for cash because they know there’s dudes that are lined up to shower them without even thinking about it. Shit makes me sick watching these fellas worship the hoes, man.

      • Fam says:

        Fam it’s obvious u a stupid and ignorant muthafucka and don’t know shit about the industry to stick to fapping yo 2 inch baby dick just because a lot of her scenes came out dont mean she did all at once to get all the paper at once. Simple minded ass. Plus bitches got bills every month in expensive ass LA and gotta pay scenes to keep cheap mofos like u happy. worse part is i bet yo broke ass dont even have twenty dollars on yo card to afford a membership. Its idiots like you the reason why our fav porn stars quit because fools wanna steal videos and share em on a weak as blog for Likes SHM

        • Ok… do you work for the industry? Virgo’s little brother… maybe? You got REAL sensitive over nothing.. If “weak ass blogs” were actually keeping the girls from being paid – Well, that means that you must be saying that the porn companies aren’t making enough money to pay them… right? However, it seems like a new online porn company pops up every week though… and NONE of the majors have been forced to shut down since day one… Bangbros, Brazzers, Naughty, RK etc, etc…

          Final thought… are you trying to tell me that these girls have NO IDEA about all the major FREE porn streaming sites that exist?? Like Virgo had NO IDEA the internet was in existence, UNTIL AFTER she put in all this work?? STOP IT… Virgo is doing what she’s supposed to do, capitalize off of all the fans that can’t think clearly while staring at her ass & exploit them… She ain’t wrong for that, if a dude is dumb enough to believe she REALLY needs money for car issues, rent, etc. & actually wants to paypal her some paper… they deserve to be exploited & she deserved every dollar she gets from them.

          Oh, one more thing… “weak ass blogs” don’t do anything for “likes” … there’s not even a “like” button on MOST of em, ya dig 😉

          • Q says:

            This nigga really talking shit on your site like he not on the site too! Ole halfway save a hoe ass nigga

  2. Nate says:

    Virgo ass is so damn meaty bro!

  3. chopptv says:


    I kno you probably already on it but LT got a scene wit Lexi Amor http://lteexxx.com/tour/trailer.php?id=4166#update

  4. Jack Purcell says:

    Oooo-WEE! Dis SCENE doe, mah ngaz 😀
    Gyot-dammit mang!
    This gotta be one of my fave joints with her so far, and that’s by accident cuz I wasn’t even really lookin’ forward to this one.

    We all know that Virgo’s starpower/potential is pretty much *AAAALL* in dat body, right? … cuz she built mad thick — we know this. But she’s a lil ‘handsome’ in the face most times, let’s not even squabble on dat note. But I”ll say — she looked better than usual in *this* one for some reason.
    However, I think it’s mostly in part from ol’ boi JMac’s performance, cuz da homie REALLY put dem hands on her like da nga was holdin’ out all week or somethin’ — Idk whatdafuck, but he tore it up like *I* would be doin’ if I paid for an hour wit VP!

    A lot of cats here on AH Community toot and sing the performances of dat nga Ricco — and I ain’t disputin’ — but don’t nod off on da mercenary JMac! I swear dis muddafucka be leanin’ into some of these bishes like he FORGOT he’s a porn stud and already slayed like a THOUSAND hoes LMAO!! 😀