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  1. Mike Blaze says:

    I think that God really loves me, well all of us for that matter. I prayed to see this bitch again and my nigga answered that prayer 🙂

  2. nos says:

    Finally get to see this bitch get proper turned out.

  3. candidbootys says:

    Oh shit she’s back? ! And a anal scene wow

  4. AboutGrass says:

    Can you fix the link of her first video? Link aint working thank you

  5. miles says:

    Wow almost forgot this was coming out. 6 years in the making.

  6. dj says:

    Man what a comeback. Hopefully she stays in the game for awhile. JMAC tore that azz up face down ass up doggy, and that anal powerdriver position, LAWD what a beautiful sight.

  7. Fj says:

    Just as my other fellow big booty lovers are saying. (To reiterate) Is GREAT!!! to have Carmen de Luz back back and finally doing proper scenes. Good stuff!!!

    Hi RFM! How are you doing brother?

    • Great! What up wit you bro! Ain’t seen you in a min!

      • Fj says:

        Good to know you’re doing great! And that the site is thriving…
        I’m good. Could be better… Lol
        I’m just checking in. It seemed it was time. I’m always checking the site.
        But felt like I had to comment on the Carmen de Luz “sighting”.
        Plus every once in a while I like to said something. I don’t want my “assoholics comments passport” to be revoked!! LOl
        Take care RFM, keep up the great work as always!!

  8. big trae says:

    Bang bros winning aint no competition and on they twitter they say kelly divine back with an anal scene plus virgo got a monster of cock coming

  9. KingJames says:

    I’m still a bit disappointed though. In the third and fourth picture her ass looks really good, but she lost quite some weight I think. The legendary ass in her first assparade movie is just not here. She has not the status of Blondie Fesser, Kiara Mia, Klara Gold for me now. But still glad to see her come back and especially do anal.
    I now only hope Lela Star will do more scenes with her new butt implants, we can get some scenes from the website of Super Estrella Sandra from Culioneros and Kelly Divine will shoot b/g scenes (allthough she also lost quite some ass).

  10. jj says:

    Wow Amazing, nice to see her back.

  11. kz says:

    BRUH. Where her old scenes at???

  12. JoShmo says:

    I guess her Cam modeling business isn’t turning up. They all come back as some point. =D I have a feeling she’ll stick for awhile too.

  13. Oz says:

    DICK———CANDY! Like an all day sucker. Thanks Stang! The split second your eyes were able to focus on that fuck toy slut-walking, you KNEW you were in for a treat!

  14. Booty Brigade says:

    Haven’t seen the scene yet, and the screen caps could be throwing off the view. But for my inspectors out there: is this another low end hydraulics job? Because some of the hip-to-thigh ratios are looking a little suspect.

  15. John Wick says:

    honestly looks like a transsexual or will this very operated his body and also looks very used and hairy legs I do not like that shit in the first video looked better all.

  16. R.I.P A$AP YAMS says:

    now if BB get LILY FUCKING SINCERE to do scenes again ……. her + MOC would just be too deadly

  17. The Serb says:

    ^ Looks to me like a fake ass too. I also would like to know why she never shows her tits? I saw a glimpse of her tits once barely, and it looks like she got a really bad boob job. I’m assuming thats why she never shows them? Anyone know?

  18. zxx says:

    Hairy legs destroyed this scene for me. 🙁

  19. dexter says:

    Awesome 2 av Carmen back!!!…. Dear BangBros, on behalf of quite a few, we hope that some day u’ll bring back that girl HOLLYWOOD again….lol

  20. z8 says:

    My dudes. Lmao. I had to go back again and check out the hairy legs…I payed no attention. Lol. But for one some girls are a little hairy and for two, she may have just gotten off the plane and forgot to shave. You guys acting like she was like this: http://www.buzzfeed.com/rossalynwarren/women-say-why-theyve-stopped-shaving-their-legs#.mbKLnWDM1

  21. Ichigo Kurosaki says:

    People are buggin out. It doesn’t get any better than this. I’m glad she returned because the industry was getting too saturated with the same women over & over. If possible RFM could you re-up the Chocolate Models? Also, not sure if you have the capability but there is this girl whom I know your fans would love here is her Twitter: BoootySTAR I’d love to see her videos. I appreciate anything you can do! Cheers!

  22. BigMike says:

    I hope she does some non-bangbros scenes in the future.

  23. candidbootys says:

    Can you re-up the rapidgator link on the first video for some reason the video stops playing half way thru

    • does it show that you’ve downloaded the full file (maybe the download didn’t complete)?? the file size should show 1.27gigs for the download…

      the uploaded file size is the same as the original copy from my CPU… so, it shouldn’t show only half of the vid.

  24. candidbootys says:

    Yea I tried downloaded it 3 times each time its the full file size downloaded half way through viewing it shuts off and gives me and error.. No else seams to be having the issue not sure whats going wrong and I was looking forward to a anal carmen scene lol my luck

    • yeah… that’s weird. ima try a reupload… but, I doubt it’ll change anything because it’s the EXACT same everything… & when I play it on my end, it’s definitely the FULL vid.

  25. Roundass34567 says:

    Good work bro

  26. Kush 4 Dayz says:

    What up RFM…. Do u have anymore of her scenes that u can post? She got a few other scenes she was going pretty hard in.

  27. nate says:

    carmen de luz she is fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Bigmike22 says:

    Still pissed that she didn’t make any IR scenes before retiring a second time.