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mm_mazzaratie_monica_Breast Hips and Ass Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_Feels So Good Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_Hidden Camera Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_I am Going to Ride Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_I am Tired of Cleaning Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_I Can_t Wait Til You Fuck Me Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_I Want To Cum Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_Kitchen Dessert Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_Mazzaratie Monica Videos 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_Mazzi and the Bank Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_Mazzi and the Sillk Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_Mazzi Demands Squirts Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_My Ass Needs it Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_My Very Own Man Fury Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_Oh The Camera is Still On! Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_Prisoner Ling Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_Quarter Twerking Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_Quickie Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_Red Devil Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_She Likes That Tongue Action Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4
mm_mazzaratie_monica_Take My Booty With A Side of Cock Mazzaratie Monica 1080.mp4

  1. z8g says:

    Dang man. Mazz disappointed me a bit. When she is in the room with the girl “tired of cleaning” She isn’t squirting she is peeing. Don’t fake the funk! lol Dat ass still phat tho.

    • blakmagik says:

      Just fyi…all squirting is peeing. Look it up, medical studies have been done and confirmed by doctors. It’s urine.

      • I think most guys would rather believe a lie, when it comes to this… It just feels better.

        • z8g says:

          Lol. I am medical. Check your studies. True squirting is thought to come from the Skene’s gland. It isn’t urine, doesn’t contain urea or creatinine, which are found in urine, it is an alkaline liquid. Research is all over the board, but most are finding the liquid more similar to liquid produced my the male prostate gland. PSA (prostate-specific antigen) fluid and mostly sugars fructose/glucose. Which is why women who are “squriting” and it is yellow are peeing. Clear is not urine. Arguments are being made that there are two forms of squirting, possibly from the urethra, but most consider this form diluted urine. I will close my science soap box before it opens too wide. Lastly, it is possible for all women, but learning the difference between peeing and squirting takes a work. Public Service Announcement. LOL

          • z8g says:

            Should also say that there are studies defining a difference between female ejaculation, squirting, and gushing. So could be 3 forms, not the two I listed. I am not quite there yet. They all have defined areas of origination. The skenes gland differs in size in women, which can lead to the difference in levels of ejaculate.

          • I’d rather it be this way…

          • Cavaleer says:

            Spot on….practically speaking it ain’t hard to tell when a woman is really squirting.

          • blakmagik says:

            Interesting. You’re right, read some other articles and found some things contradicting some other ones I had originally read. Well, IMO…urine or diluted urine, I don’t want it on me. Lol. But to each their own!

            • Well, I haven’t had very many of em in my life… But, seeing a chicks legs shaking uncontrollably FAST & squirting all over the place is DEFINITELY one of my all time favorite experiences… My favorite “TRUE SQUIRTING” females (who was wifey for a while) … Has squirted all over me… & I loved ALL of it!

              Drank it up a few times too, lol! 😉 …. I’ve literally worn goggles before, with her…

              • blakmagik says:

                Damn dude! You’re savage! Lol.

                But again, if it’s something you like, more power to you! Life’s short….enjoy it while you can! Get a whole mess of ladies to hose you down! Lol. 😉

                • YEEESSSSSIIIIRRRR!!!!… If wifey bad as hell… there really ain’t much I won’t do… now, for them jumpoffs I’m strapped up and ain’t NOTHING touching my damn mouth!!… DEFINITELY ain’t going out like Willie Lump Lump….

                  For wifey status… EVERYTHING is going in my mouth… pussy, toes, assholes, fingers, squirt juice…. and my skin be CLEAR ass hell, lol!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I try to be NASTY as possible with wifey… 😉

              • z8g says:

                Damn man, I have never been lucky enough to need goggles! That’s some extra powerful stuff there. Why’d you let that go? She was crazy wasn’t she? Had to be. At blakmagik, dude, appreciate the concession man, that’s why I like it around here. Most of the time people don’t get all argumentative.

                • Nah, I wish I could blame her… we’re still SUPER COOL… but, I had a bad habit of constantly having to have a side chick, or 2 when I was with her… & the shit backfired, to make a 5 year long story – short 🙁

                  I was lucky enough to get a better chick… but, she’s not a squirter 🙁 Everything else about her is PURE flames… She’s definitely a “created player” 99 overall… real shit.

  2. P.R. says:

    Yo, RFM, nice drop bro. That white girl has a bomb ass! But whoever at the studio that came up with that hidden camera idea needs to be docked some pay Lol!