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  1. michaelthemac says:

    You’ve taken it a bit too far Mustang. This is just nasty.

  2. Shola says:

    Yeah bro, in similar words to what you said about ol’ chick. Now let’s get her some “work” lol

  3. nate says:

    i gotta disagree with u @michaelthe mac, I love asses that big!

  4. mac says:

    can we get a re up for free users

  5. lebrun says:

    That new Cubana Lust scene on bluestarlive bro… looks hot!!

  6. pawg lover says:

    I can’t help but notice that most big ass latinas (especially BBWs) have a darker area between their cheeks.

    • blade says:

      that’s because they don’t bleach their shit like porn stars. they film this shit in third world latin america lol

  7. RANKS says:


    • Based on download numbers… I definitely will… I know there are a million & 1 BBW LOVERS on this site…

    • Thanos says:

      Nah just not into checks that look like they have diabetes and will have coronary heart disease before they’re 40. Oh and also look like they have difficulty washing their ass.

      But to each his own home that’s all you.

  8. moxxido says:

    I like big asses as long as they are shapely, I loved Lisa Sparxx type ass, big beautiful and clean looking. This one just looks nasty and discolored and maybe rusted in between cheeks. Sorry just my opinion.

  9. freddy fingers says:

    i too love me some bbw, but not when the in-between looks like an ashtray, straight up disgusting

    • See the ass discoloration thing doesn’t really both me much… I don’t prefer it… But, i KNOW it just comes from her ass being so damn big and constantly being pressed together in her jeans, while she’s walking… I’m still smashing… PROUDLY.

      • Shola says:

        I don’t see where dudes are coming from on this post. You’ve posted asses just like this one before and asses that are truly sloppy. The only bad thing about this vid to me is the fact that she is not fucking.

        • I agree bro… Her ass is BIG AS FUCK! & for how big it is, it really ain’t sloppy at ALL… Only thing I can’t argue is whether or not you dislike a chick that has ass discoloration ….

  10. Jolly Jack says:

    Personally I don’t mind a BBW one bit, some of them girls give the best knowledge and got some crazy tight magical chonch, cuz them thigh and kegle muscles be hella strong from holding that weight up.

    But what I will say is that I’m not a fan of super big but not poking out much, I love a shelf ass. If I can hit it standing up while resting my drink on it, its just a beautiful thing lol

  11. dj says:

    Just saw some new pics of Kelly Divine doing straight up IR anal hitting in all positions including powerdriver anal . Man she s looking good. Be on the lookout soon RFM

  12. PR says:

    I just found this blog by mistake. Damn, I’ve been missing out! Why ya’ll didn’t holla at a brutha? Show me that ass!

  13. R.I.P A$AP YAMS says:

    only thing i find wack bout these big ol asses latinas is that they do vids with that corny ass dude fucking up the whole scene these bitches belong on plumperspass/scorehd shit not that ol corny pov shit

  14. PR says:

    Yeah bro. I got some catching up to do!

  15. HULK-SMASH says:

    I believe the technical term for that discoloration is “Chub Rub.”

  16. rics says:

    you need to repost all their phat juicy booties

  17. z8 says:

    wow. I never thought it was a big issue that guys complained about. A lot of super booties have discoloration down the crack. Just like a lot girls have the same thing in the thighs. It usually depends on the darkness of the chick whether not you can tell. But I have never cared, normal girls don’t usually go through bleaching those areas like pornstar chicks or makeup like booty models.

  18. Dennypas says:

    Keep up the great posts. I love my asses big soft and round. If you don’t know that darker skinned chicks tend to have darker skin in the bits and goodies then you clearly only been with light skin women and need to broaden your horizons. That… or we got a bunch of virgins who think all women are waxed, plucked, bleached etc to perfection for HD camera action.

    I would bury face tongue and dick in that ass all day.

  19. Bigasslover says:

    There’s nothing wrong with her big sexy ass and I love that dark area caused from her fat ass cheeks constantly rubbing together it looks delicious!!!

  20. P.R. says:

    You got me a little confused when this is listed as ‘2-parts’. But it’s only one clip with two hosters right? Or did I miss something? I don’t want to miss anything from bblass!

  21. Breath of Fire says:

    @RealFastMustang I love everything posted up from amateurs (love candids also) to pros. This website stop cheating ass nigga like I was from cheating. Thank you for keeping my relationship strong lmao. Anyways BigBooty LatinAss just drop new update today; I hope to see that video on here only got couple days on my rapid gator XD

    • LFMAO!!!

      I’m happy to help your relationship fam!!! Eh, but I hear you 100% on that… We (as guys) sometimes be needing that thing that could just keep us in the house if nothing else… even if it is porn, GTA5, Madden, Call of Duty… whatever… All of the above have saved me from some dumb shit, numerous times…

      I got you fam 😉

  22. Roundass3456 says:


  23. Roundass3456 says:

    Thanks I would like to see every Chubby womans or Bigbuttwomans posingg in this position…

  24. Indigo3rdeye says:

    Pilly is freaking awesome! Got to re up this for me please

  25. @RealFastMustang can u please re up the irma and maria scenes from the Latina Series. Them bitches get deleted too fast

  26. noassatallwhatsoeverwomanhusband says:

    There is nothing like too big ass as long it doesn’t fallin apart. In fact, as long those naturally!!! Latinas with the thick down and slimmer up are best. Their shape is the natural selection before the blurring modernity that cause men prefer clean and tiny. In other words, Realfastmustang, I’m admirer of your work. Open each day looking after your goodies.

  27. brodie says:

    after seeing this comment section it might be a few homos in here i love me some latinas keep them coming this is my go to site from now on so my friend keep up these fire ass drops bro

  28. John says:

    Will have new sex scene with her (Pilly in megalatinassmodels.com

  29. Luigi says:

    Keep these big women coming that’s what I come to this site for.

  30. jizzlin says:

    Hell yeah !!! She’s my favorite with Caroline/Celeste. So juicy …

  31. DEE says:

    How do I watch these videos?