Make sure you guys take a look at – @CandidBootys is a friend of the site 😉

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  1. J says:

    Msroundcake site has just old shhhh. No new material.

    • Candidbootys says:

      Your wrong more than half the footage was never released.. the last 3 updates were never published.. of course I still have to put the classics up for the ones who want tne higher quality and no low quality youtube streams

  2. 21lit says:

    Takes a look… $29.99 for 30 days

    homie is crazy. a dollar a day for some buttcheeks?

    • Damn, I didn’t even look at the price ?

      • Candidbootys says:

        People are subscribing like crazy the numbers are coming in better than ever even xxl featured ms round cake on their site lol.. she stopped shooting because of the heavy leaking on youtube.. so I’m making up for the loss now.. and videos were starting to get crazy.. for such a new site they should of gave it a chance to start getting crazy

    • Candidbootys says:

      29.99 is taking food off your table then you have no business purchasing memberships on any site.. the response has beem crazy the true fans love the fact they get the rest of the collection.. guys pay way more for connectpal webcam shows ect

  3. 21lit says:

    not taking food off my table.. im just not the type of dude to pay that much to look at one girl’s ass. only 3 videos are new? Lol cmon bruh but do your thang

  4. Wil Alling says:

    Leaving Msroundcake aside (after all, that’s not whose video is featured here), Yum makes me hungry for more of her…and I thank you for the delicious samples.