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  1. will says:

    hate these type of scenes

  2. camron301 says:

    This shit is starting to get ridiculous on Pinky’s website with these girls with these mutant asses on here. I would much rather see Pinky get the d on camera again (even though that will probably never happen again) than some of these chicks she has on here. She needs to bring back Monroe Sweets to get some d again in a scene.

    In other news: i saw that Cherokee D’Ass had a “retirement” party a few weeks ago at a club somewhere on the east coast…funny, but if you’re NOT GETTING FUCKED ON CAMERA anymore, what the fuck was she “retiring” from LOL!??!?!!!??

  3. camron301 says:

    Hopefully your next wave has Miss Raquel’s brand new scene in it…may be the last time she works with that company lol!

  4. jblack1872 says:

    Does anybody have that new gogo fuk me scene from her site?

  5. That dude says:

    This tranny-ese shit is weak. But on another note, even tho it looks like Miss Raquel got some booty work done, she finer than ever. Danm. The IndusrtyI scene was fire. Need more of her new stuff.

  6. Sealortay says:

    Pinky got shit in the vault. She has a scene with mandingo thats shes been holding on to. I dont know why. But at the end of one of her scenes when moe fucked this chick it said ” coming soon” and Pinky was sucking mandingo and it cut out real fast. I think she got heat just holding it for so fucking frustrating reason!

  7. Matt Enderson says:

    Can you reup this?