1. Sealortay says:

    The body xxx have anything new?

  2. assoholics fan says:

    Lawd help her when she is an old lady, that shit is gonna sag like hell unless she gets plastic surgery.

  3. brodie says:

    thank you mustang

  4. tomgos says:

    She is a very likeable girl, but I just don’t find that massive butt attractive, it has more to do with shape rather than size in this case. I know I am part of a minority here, it is just my humble opinion

  5. Hamster says:

    I don’t like her. There is no “harmony” in her curves…. it’s just… OFF

  6. P. R. says:

    Hell, I’d grab those hips and ride her like I was in a rodeo. 🙂

  7. BBWL says:

    [How to fuck her] tutorial needed 😀

  8. P. R. says:

    Anybody see her on tv on TOSH.0 ? Ol’ girl got her 15 min of fame 🙂
    She says her whole family is genetically built like her. If she’s in her early 20’s, I’d like to see mom…I bet she’s packin’ some ass…lol!