Spicy J. *4-Scenes*

Posted: 23rd October 2016 by RealFastMustang in assoholics, bubble butts, DAMN, latin fire, PHAT ASSES
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http://t8.pixhost.org/show/686/34861500_cm_yellow_spicyj_-0.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/686/34861501_cm_yellow_spicyj_-2.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/686/34861502_cm_yellow_spicyj_-4.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/686/34861503_cm_yellow_spicyj_-6.jpg


http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772374_cm_orange_-1.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772375_cm_orange_-3.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772376_cm_orange_-5.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772377_cm_orange_-7.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772378_cm_orange_-9.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772379_cm_orange_-11.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772380_cm_orange_-13.jpg


http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772355_cm_spicyj_green_-0.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772356_cm_spicyj_green_-2.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772357_cm_spicyj_green_-5.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772358_cm_spicyj_green_-7.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772359_cm_spicyj_green_-3.jpg


http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772382_cm_whiteoutfit_-1.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772383_cm_whiteoutfit_-3.jpg http://t8.pixhost.org/show/606/34772384_cm_whiteoutfit_-5.jpg


  1. Hamster says:

    Dude, she’s incredible. Your best post ever!

  2. marbles says:

    Can we take up a collection for her to get some D on camera? I got 5 on it.

  3. Bo_Roc says:

    Could you reup these joints Stang? Rapidshare files get yanked quick while the other link stay up, any reason why?

  4. pawg lover says:

    wow already gone??? 🙁

    Could you please reup these fam?

  5. Jax says:

    Not sure if what I just typed went through or not, tell me if it didn’t. The site only went to a blank page when I clicked “submit”.

  6. Jax says:

    I don’t think it did. Here’s what it was:
    If you want me to sign up for RapidGator Premium and you get a kick-back from it, I’m game- IF you can re-upload these and keep them from dying the minute they’re uploaded. I honestly don’t understand, from the customer’s (my) point of view, of what the problem is that makes it to where posts just will not be re-uploaded (on here OR the other “ass” sites out there). We’re paying, that’s how it should work. Anyway, if you want that kick-back money, I’ll gladly sign up for RapidGator Premium, after those RapidGator Premium Spicy J’s are back up, that is. 😛 Anyhow, love all the asses and what you do, regardless, but as they say “Help a brotha out.” Haha, cya bruh.

    • I reup’d these twice… Also, understand it from my point of view… If, someone is willing to purchase a rapidgator premium & doesn’t want to miss out on anything… Then WHY not check here everyday… As I said before, these SPicy J vids were reup’d TWICE now… Not to mention several times in the past… Chocolate Models stuff & Big Booty Latinass stuff last about 2 days on here… So, if you buy a rapidgator premium… You MIGHT want to check here everyday, to make sure you get what you want.

      it’s simple..

  7. Jax says:

    I actually check it as often as I’m home. I can’t check it from work, lol. Trust me, I check as often as I possibly can, but a job takes up most of anyone’s life, and my hours carry over into multiple shifts. You’re not able to upload for days at a time sometimes, by no choice of your own- I’m in the same boat. The real world requires a lot of us all. I had no idea I had even missed them (your posts), haha. There was no rush, though, I only meant- if you could and in your own time, I really would make it worth your while.

    • I understand where you are coming from… and I know EVERYONE is busy out here… Just, understand… the work that it takes to post vids on a website, in NO WAY, compares to the SHORT amout of time it takes to type “assoholics.cc” and click download & keep it moving…

      That’s all I mean by checking the site everyday… just load up the site daily… IF you see a new wave up… scroll down, click download… keep it moving… Watch at your convenience.

      I don’t mind people asking for reup’s… But, sometime I have time to do them… Sometimes, I don’t…

      I going to reup the Spicy j vids for you, just make sure you get em 😉

  8. Jax says:

    Here’s another message just for you, man:
    Thanks bro, I should have mentioned- It wasn’t even that long ago that I found this site. I’m more or less new to it. I’ll have to face a cold, hard fact that sucks: My absolute headache of a job IS going to screw me out of some postings (work requires me there for DAYS at a time sometimes).

  9. Jax says:

    Sweet! Thank ya, fam.