1. babowsk1 says:

    Oh Goodness!!! Taylor Jones says it all…not really a fan of pinky but pinky brings in some nice gals tho esp this one right here lol!

    • Son Goku says:

      Never been a fan of Pinky, DUDE. Not being a fan of Pinky is like not liking Pizza or Hamburgers.

      • kavdawg says:

        Bro! You are 100% right!!! Pinky is hands down my favorite pornstar!! I check her website constantly to see if she has new scenes.

  2. kingteezy says:

    Pinky is the goat. She has girls that I never would have thought would be doing porn to get down. Only pinky can do that. It’s a few chicks I would love so go hardcore. Secret Moneii,Lastarya Kendra Kouture and Sweet Lea Lea. Anybody elso got any suggestions?

  3. candidbootys says:

    hey bro you think you can add one of the videos of shakira from on here I know your people would love it.

  4. FordCam says:

    Yes got dammit, yes! Shout out to my boy RFM for bringin this heat. And a very special shout out to my girl Pinky for making this all possible. Thank yall both!

    I don’t know what Pinky is saying to these hoes. But whatever she doing I salute her.

    • Soulja says:

      Money talks $$$$ lol pinky said on IG that she has to pay new girls that have an online buzz way more to do a scene than she would pay a regular pornstar.

  5. Soulja says:

    Why only premium? Thanks anyways tho.

  6. Mastermind97 says:

    vickie6 just officially dropped 2 more hardcore joints one of them was leaked already but the other is new (link) im tryin to cop it but my card keeps getting declined SMH

  7. The Almighty says:

    Lord, that ass to thigh ratio is geometrically imbalanced. Suppose we all gotta get used to it. If Harley Dean all of a sudden gets ass shots I might retire from watching porn…..

    • Booty Brigade says:

      @The Almighty

      Thank you, my man, for pointing this out. Now that chicks can get hydraulics installed down below as well as up top, you just never know.

      But all things being equal, I think it just looks more wack on the low end. At least if you get ’em up top and you’re working with something naturally down below, everything evens out. But if you get work done down below and it doesn’t fit your frame, waist, or leg dimension, shit be looking cartoonish.

      • The Almighty says:

        Word, I’m 100% on board with your statement too. The other bird Kimmie that Pinky did a vid with had that enhanced “love below” too. I guess it wouldn’t be horrible if these broads didn’t skip leg day but it seems like it’s always the skinny ones that go overboard on the enhancements and end up looking Christmas hams sitting on toothpicks.

      • DaSilverSurfer says:

        “But if you get work done down below and it doesn’t fit your frame, waist, or leg dimension, shit be looking cartoonish.”

        BB I’ve alluded to the same thing in and earlier post this month. Case in point, look @ a lady like Lisa Ann, It’s no secret that she’s had work done, but you could see that she had the common sense to even out the top and bottom and the in between so she’s doesn’t look so Barnum & Bailey. But, they say common sense isn’t common practice.

        “Now that chicks can get hydraulics installed down below” Hydraulics lmao!! you one wild dude……

  8. Soulja says:

    Never mind I got it downloaded, thanks for the drop bro!!

  9. Soulja says:

    Need more strippers crossing over to porn, the ebony lane is wide open right now.

  10. z8 says:

    Dayum. Rico demolished this one. Lol. Why he do her like that? He likes destroying that new meat. LMAAAO. She may not come back. Did he say you paid for it, use it? #dead Looool. was he talking about the hair or the ass. As always thanks RFM.

  11. thekidswift says:

    you think you can get the Stephanie V & Pinky scene in 720 or 1080p thanks

  12. Dz says:

    I Cant Wait To See Taylor Jones Big Booty Ass Get Pounded The G.O.A.T Pinky xxx Tho Glad she stay on the Game

  13. Matt Enderson says:

    Lastarya, Kendra Koutoure, and Sweet Lea Lea have hardcore scenes?

  14. nos says:

    Carmen De Luz is back son HOLY SHIT!!! BANGBROS GOING HARD RIGHT NOW!!!

  15. dj says:

    Carmen De Luz anal scene posted on Bang Bros GOOD LAWD!!!!!!

  16. Nate says:

    RFM, bro, Carmen de Luz scene is up on Bangbros now! And it’s anal too!!

  17. Mr. Bojangles says:

    I wouldn’t mind pinky grabbing that chick ghetto barbie from IG and bringing kakey outta retirement.

  18. marcush214 says:

    You aint know mutant booty hoes are here to stay forever niggas like it so i gets a pass I aint evenad just be able to make a good scene is all I ask and be able to take thag dick because so far they haven’t been good at.that pinky do recruit some bad bitches bit she aint got b pumper he bring new not even seen bitches that natural non mutant booty hoes to porn

  19. marcush214 says:

    I watched the scene and just as I thought that fake booty bitch cant take no dick (or at least getting dicked down) she still had a sexy scene just because she is a cutie and she is not lazy but the fake azz isnt needed she would still be bad as fuck without that shit I hope these hoes are saving up now because they are destined to be wheelchair bound when they get older and them skinny ass thighs and legs cant support all that fake shit

  20. `RANKS says:


  21. DaSilverSurfer says:


    I’ve got to give some props to Brian Pumper here…..No I’m not on the Molly yall…lol.
    Realtalk, Brian maybe the fakest thug/wannabe rapper/wankster ever in the history of the porn game…he’s a clown fa sho’ But riddle me this….who has come with better bad ass girls that make “strictly cameos” and are not to be see “ever again” in the porn game.,……Wait for it…..WAIT FOR IT!!!! NOBODY THAT’S WHO!!!. Not even Pinky who does great work can compete with B.Pumper in that aspect. Dude cornered the market on more one and done’s than Kentucky and Calipari. If you guys have someone on his level I would love to hear it…..I’ll wait……

    • Booty Brigade says:

      “Dude cornered the market on more one and done’s than Kentucky and Calipari.”

      @Silver I really do *NOT* want to agree with you on this related to Brian Pumper. But I gotta give it up: I think you’re right on Pumper with the one-shots. He was mad successful filling that niche.

  22. miles says:

    Thank for this RFM. Too bad she cant take dick tho.

  23. J says:

    I am the only one who has an issue with fake blue eyes. Its like blue? Blue motherfucker? You’re black who the fuck are you kidding with that shit. Green maybe but blue? When did a nigga ever say yeah she fine as hell but I wish she had blue eyes… European standards of beauty poisoning black minds… *J steps down from the soapbox*

  24. assoholics fan says:

    I want to see Rico vs Bunz4ever Round 2, make it happen Pinky.

  25. DaSilverSurfer says:

    I have to say it, but it was a disappointing scene for me. Shorty had no skillz whatsoever. She was f**king up Rico’s flow with that bulls**t. There needs to be a disclaimer on buying ass over a certain size that it has to come with an owner’s manual with instructions on how to use it. You can’t drive a Ferrari with a Ford manual Really!!!

    Where is Cherokee D’Ass when you need her? One thing I gotta give Cherokee with all dat azz she has she throw dat ish at ya…and she got the cornbread and sweet potatoes joint 2 not the inflatable joints these chicks be purchasing. Taylor needs to go back for mo’ lessons, her body is a pro but her skills are high skool.