She looks SCARY young 🙁 … But, she definitely has a nice lil’ body on her! 🙂



  1. That dude says:

    brah be having the fire pawgs tho

  2. z8 says:

    She would have to be carded. But damn…I would wreck that youngin. lol.

    • I feel you… At times her face looks 14ish 🙁 I have to give their site the benefit of the doubt & say she’s definitely 18… But damn.

      I’d be on some, “driver’s license please…”

  3. mrsmoke says:

    Divinity Carter new girl cant wait to see more

    • Hollywood Cole says:

      You and me both I can see her on teens with curves with the not needed bubble lenses. They need to reallize there are some women that don’t require that lenses. A good rule of thumb would be, if you can see that thing from the front, then put that fish eye lenses away and save if for the petite chicks:) She looks really young but she is actually 22.

  4. BBWL says:

    I wish i could say “More of her”

  5. smitty says:

    upload bbwhighway rfm

  6. Jae-L says:

    She definitely young looking but her ass grown enough lol. I think she looks like a shorter version of Briella Bounce

  7. Bruh the first five minutes of the video, brother man immediately asked for that ID on CAMERA…. Salute to pro who got her real performer name. Only drawback to this site is these girls that move on NEVER keep the fuckery name they got from this site

  8. The Game says:

    Hold up. Was she going to meet The Game hahahaha

    • LOOOL says:

      LOOOL yeah she was, at first when she said Fuck Meek Mill i thought it was Drake but the red dress and compton being brought its a given. I don’t know anymore is this casting couch shit real?

  9. Punani says:

    Man just released some footage with Sky Black and Monroe Sweets huge asses!

  10. teenPAWGlver says:

    can you re-up that Lanie Morgan chick ? links are dead.. good thread right here

  11. Ranks says:

    She looks pale and pasty I’ll pass

    • I hear you… That’s why they say to each his own… I’ve never been one to get REAL caught up in skin color… I think, I just like SMOOTH skin, more than anything… I think Jaye Rose’s skin looks nice, because it’s REALLY smooth… & I LOVE how smooth Chanel StaXXX’s skin is… (Just to give a couple examples, from 2 TOTALLY different ends of the spectrum).

      If, I’m building a DREAM girl to my personal preference… I would have her would the DEEP “ALMONDY” **in the voice of the gay dude on that Martin episode** – Super smooth complexion …. But, when it comes to watching porn… If the chick has some ass bouncing around, Ima take a close look…

  12. glencocoe says:

    these fucking casting couch idiots need real camera men instead of this shaky-ass-out-of-frame shit. It’s pissing me off.

  13. glencocoe says:

    can we pleaseeeee get another scene with her!?!?!

  14. Bon says:

    So what’s the latest on Divinity Carter?

  15. z8g says:

    Any more scenes from this one? Her family saw and she was one and done?? lol