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  1. NoMoLuck Colts says:

    thx for hardwork big bro… can I get a re up on ths one.

  2. Bob Snow says:

    RFM…Dude, THANK YOU for always delivering the goods w/ Caroline. much appreciated. She just gets better with age. Does Sara Quijano do scenes anymore? Thanks again for all that you do!

    • I don’t think Sara has anything new out… I hope she comes back soon… she’s definitely FIRE!

      • Bob Snow says:

        Fuckin A Tweeter, Dude. On a side note… 9-10 years ago, I attended an Adultcon here in LA. Flower Tucci & Luscious Lopez were both there.

        Bro…in person, they were both WAY more swollen than how they looked when they were filmed. That blew my mind. Not sure what smoke n mirrors went on behind the scenes but, they were UNBELIEVABLY HOTTER in person ( especially LL) EASILY, 1 of the absolute most smokin chicks I ever seen.

        I miss seeing stallions like that in mainstream porn. They were both beyond incredible.

        • 100%

          Man, Flower & Luscious are some of the women that locked me into the porn game.

          • Bob Snow says:

            Dude…What an awesome scene. She’s still THE thoroughbred of that entire stall down there. She’s just absolutely perfect & that’s all natural beef. Bro…has she done anything new? There are a few older scenes with her that I still never seen. Hopefully in the future you post your bevy of Caroline scenes. Thanx again Dude for all that you do. Much appreciated

  3. Arae says:

    Are you planning on bumping this? The link got taken down already and sadly my 24 gig plan got filled yesterday and it just reset. I love caroline so i reallly want these cuz saadly i lost my stash a few months ago. Please reup?