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  1. blakmagik says:

    Hey RFM! Thanks for the huge update! Hey, a whole bunch of new scenes have popped up over the past few weeks on Asstyn’s site…any chance any of those might get snagged? Thanks man!

  2. sungod245 says:

    Thanks RFM! Virgo is my fav PAWG to watch. Props 2 u.

  3. Ras says:

    Lol i’m gonna need them to chill on the vomit and ass licking tho.

  4. chyneeze says:


  5. fr says:


    Thnx mate youre the best and virgo is the best

    more more virgo vids mooooore

  6. Pan says:

    wtf, vomit is a thing…..?? great scenes, but the vomit tho, ugh.

  7. tom says:

    can you post more dick drainers

    thx for the drop

  8. Dark Emperor says:

    Damn, some of these porn sluts will do anything for a bit of cash.

    You’d think Virgo had a big enough name not to do extreme stuff like vomitting.

    Killed the scene….

    • Yeah that vomit shit is so wack… The men ass eating shit is trash too…

    • Finish says:

      Yeah Virgo keeping the hustle .even got dat mouth loud at the end . Nasty af..
      Eva notty fails in the “nasty” category . The whole video “eating” ass. Doesn’t do facefucks and spoil the man’s load at the end.dat corroborate my tesis: the ugliest are the nastyers. Eva should stick to the usual and stop messing whit indie stuff

  9. PapaBlubberLuvr says:

    They seriously need to stop sliding these vomit and scat fetishes into shit. Edit that nonsense out.

  10. MikeBlaze says:

    couldve been a dope scene 🙁

  11. JB says:

    Kinda wish I listened to the comments and never downloaded the scene haha. Had to get rid of it.

  12. BSD says:

    Friends –

    I’m completely down with the white chicks rimming and eatin’ black ass. That’s the whole point of the dawg’s hustle. He’s filling a niche. Long as everything is clean, I think it is a turn-on watching chicks do it. Liked when white girls did it to me in my private life.

    Now the vomit on the other hand…,

    That IS a wood killer for me.


    • I just don’t like the thought of MAN ASS… I don’t like seeing dudes in ANY position that is require to get ya ass ate effectively… The shit doesn’t look right, & every time I see it done, I get the DeAndre Jordan face… However, I realize… there HAS to be ALOT of dudes that like it, or it wouldn’t be in damn near every scene nowadays…

      To each, their own…

  13. Mr. Bojangles says:

    Can you grab Adriana Maya update from Dickdrainers

  14. Mebigdeez says:

    I like the vomit thanks rfm

  15. G says:

    I dont mind the vomit as long as its clear, kinda like what Jynx Maze and Layla Price does. Don’t need to see what she ate earlier..lol.

  16. na says:

    links dead =(

  17. rev. says:

    please re-up!! both links weren’t available. BRING ON THE VOMIT!!!!

  18. hg says:

    link plssssssssss

    cause its dead

  19. petersahin says:

    Please reupload. Both links are dead