1080 version added!

Alycia Starr comes to Miami to get satisfied by a black cock. First she needs to show her big ass to us. She bounces her juicy ass with her shorts and naked before she finally gets the cock she wants. She gives Ricky Johnson a good blowjob before she starts bouncing her ass on his cock.

  1. Trill says:

    I hope its not gonna be another one of those really close-up (possibly fish-eye lens) typa scenes

    • The way I’m lookin’ at this is… as long as they keep girls like Alexis Andrews, Alycia Starr, Victoria Cakes in rotation… Ima try not to complain… Because ain’t no other MAJORS doin’ it like them… On top of the face that they are introducin’ a couple of unknowns here and there that have Assoholics level asses…

      I’m just grateful… I bought a Bangbros membership the day they released the Alexis Andrews joint… JUST to show em some love/support. 😉

    • Deez says:

      MAN I FEEL YOU!!!! I hate when TEAMSKEET have a chick I like with that damn FISH-EYE LENS!!! I have a GoPro 6, still rather film with my iPhone! Wide Angle Sucks!!!!

  2. nate says:


  3. Tmef5 says:

    damn they been dropping straight classics all year now all I need is a new Ryan Smiles scene from them

  4. Nico says:

    One question … when?

  5. long term says:

    whut .. wheres link

  6. Rickberge says:

    Hope the cumshot is on the ass…tired of all these facials with bigbooty bitches

  7. Tiago says:

    This whole ass does not make anal!

  8. Roshiem Pegues says:

    Hopefully the link will be posted soon

  9. Grateful Lurker says:

    They kill me with making the scene brothers really want come out at either the end of the week or next week

  10. Brandon says:

    Although she’s made an anal scene already (Scoreland? I think…) she needs to do another with a big name, Mike Adriano, Evilangel or somebody!

    I wonder why she hasn’t done one like this yet… too expensive? Too niche? Is everyone asleep?

  11. ASAP YAM$ says:

    Alright so bangbros got a forum ima need all my assoholics brothers to head there and make bangbros deliver the real shit we need plz ! We already lowkey influenced them through here so we have a chance! Shiiet we go ham on them maybe they could pull a lily sincere comeback??? We gotta do it!

    • Lily Sincere?? Damn… that would be CRAZY! Unfortunately, I think she’s LONG gone… 🙁

      But, you’re right… we all do need to make our presence felt on the forum….

      • nate says:

        Do Lily Sincere have an IG page, Twitter, Snapchat, only fans, many vids, anything?? Do anyone knows where or what she’s doing now?

      • Dere says:

        Yo is Goku dead? His spankbang account been inactive for like 3 months and i aint seen shit from him on here either.

  12. BigMike22 says:

    Bangbros really are holding this scene hostage, huh?

  13. nate says:

    RFM, who do you think has the meatier ass, alycia or Virgo?!

  14. Grateful Lurker says:

    Tell me why I’m in their members area and the 1080p link is fucked up? They put out all that bullshit but fuck up the main event. Maaaan….

  15. jcarter3729 says:

    you think you can get any DSLAF Scenes?

  16. Dere says:

    Man i wish Alexis Andrews would do a scene with Rico or Jmac solo. I wanna see that ass get SMASHED. Don’t even me get me started on how bad i wanna see her get dped.

    • Gio says:

      Now here’s the thing. If Alexis Andrews or Alycia Starr ever do a do scene they gotta do it over at Jules Jordan or Hardx.

        • Booty Brigade says:

          Bruh, you know damn well Blacked ain’t about to put that kind of heat on *that site. Someone on here already called it: Blacked is for the wypipo who fantasize about some black dude smashing they girl, or a girl fantasizing about “crossing over.”

          Those two even too “ghetto” for Blacked Raw

          In fact, you can even say those two are too “ghetto” for Buttman, Adriano, Jules … all these cats who purport to be about that big ass life ain’t never really go all IN with it

    • ASAP YAM$ says:

      Say that on the bangbros forum !!

  17. Amosblackmore says:

    THAT ASSS! Bangbros must have her analized by jmac or chalie macc! Would be the greatest scene ever!

  18. nate says:

    can you get that scene from bangbros with kesha and shelia Ortega!!??

  19. Unclenastynuttz42 says:

    She gotta phat too ?

  20. BigM says:

    Hey RFM can we get some more Prissyzo scenes?

  21. Nino Brown says:

    This chick straight up got in line twice when they was handing out the ass. Greedy bitch

  22. kblaze25 says:

    Any chance of a 4k re up of this one?