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  1. Mr. Nice Guy says:

    Please Reup to MP4 ?

  2. Furcio says:

    Thx RFM.. but, is possible one by one?

    Thz again.. 🙂

  3. Furcio says:

    I do not have a rg premium and Blah blah blah blah

  4. Mr. Nice Guy says:

    i agree with furcio can you make them one by one so we can get it on MP4? (just a question)

    • By the time you’re finishing complaining about the file type, the link will probably get killed… ALL the vids are mp4 within the archive. Download it, or don’t… It’s simple. ?

  5. Heetseeka says:


  6. brian G says:

    These dudes really crying about free porn?

    Anyways RG I need to holla at you about something. How do I get in touch?

  7. RANKS says:

    DAAAMN im out of the country so i can down load this thanks RFM remember we was discussing about when her new content would drop,

  8. RANKS says:

    should say CANT sorry

  9. Jesus says:

    Damn that ass dont even make sense !!!

  10. Pan says:

    Ok! So dude is trusting other ‘talent’ to smash his chicks, great. Now he has a real brotha on the job giving work to these phat asses. He’s not the ideal performer, but still, he smashing in the ‘right direction’ LMFAO!

    • Yeah, things are lookin’ up….

      I just hope he keeps Katherin workin’ as much as possible… She’s definitely an all time favorite BBW, for me…

    • Txpimp says:

      “talent” was a right choice, LOL

      Seems like random dudes he picked up off the street and just wanted some pussy…. I hope to god he didn’t pay these guys

      I need to understand his process, he went as far as getting “talent” but managed to find guys that looked like they have fucked in months……. at that point just do it yourself and save time/money

      Seems to be a common thing with amateurish BBW/Fat ass models…. they manage to find dudes that can’t put a beating on it…. it may be piece size but just seems way to common.

  11. Ranks says:

    Thanks RFM APPRECIATE that very much keep up the Good work bro, I’m away for 3 weeks will hollandaise at you when I’m back, respec bro,

  12. Dark Emperor says:

    Thanks man, no complaints here. Keep up the good work.

    I’d miss out on some great content without this site.

  13. kushafterdark says:

    Bruh I’m glad these videos are available to be seen here for the discount. And since we know the site owner gonna pull up and google translate comments. My ninja, nobody respects 10 min sex scenes. There is no point to having ass of this pedigree and no cowgirl, when it’s your minor league equipment having ass smashing, we still watch cause you at least get two of the 4 mandatory phat ass positions on camera, Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl from behind, doggy from the side and doggy from behind. But what you did here with these is just wrong….. salute RFM for sparing us getting these directly from the source, borderline community service was performed here.

  14. rambo says:

    this ass NEED a fucking dick like BLACKZILLA man

  15. thiklover says:

    Wow the link is already dead.

  16. Hugo says:

    I’m not sure if anyone here has seen this chick @royalblood31 on IG but she’s worth checking out. Ass is crazy.

  17. Ranks says:

    Hi RFM jus returned back from holiday will it be possible,to,get a re up, thanks,

  18. Ranks says:

    Thanks, much appreciated, ??

  19. Ranks says:

    Thanks RFM GOOD, JUS WENT thru it,, your a G for that, much appreciated, ??

  20. Ranks says:

    Thanks RFM GOOD, JUS WENT thru it,, your a G for that, much appreciated, ??

  21. kingdomo says:

    Mad props RFM. I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you putting in

  22. Roundass45677 says:

    My top 3 Cameraman

    1.Joe Pusher
    2.Rodney Moore
    3.MR Supremo

  23. thiklover says:

    RFM amazing work you put out every day we thank you so much.

  24. jayjay says:

    Yo could you reup please

  25. Gee says:

    bro this coming up on k2s?

  26. Ranks says:

    Can you re up the scene with her modelling in red shorts, Thanks RFM

  27. WinDex says:

    NO reups to K2S! are discounted with K2S