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Posted: 23rd May 2022 by RealFastMustang in assoholics

I’m trying to make sure you guys are still able to purchase keep2share premiums, through the “keep2share” link to the left <<<<<

I’m seeing people saying that are having trouble buying premiums… Also, if you have purchased a premium recently – please let me know that too! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

If too many people can no longer buy premiums through the keep2share link, we might to (unfortunately) switch host (which I HATE doing).

– you might not see your comment posted, but I will see ALL comments – thanks alot guys!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Mondragon says:

    I just purchased a premium,from keep2share and I had no problem

  2. nate says:

    It took me two days to reup premium on K2s, I use a different debit card and they said it wasnโ€™t reading, than the next day I used my other debit card and it worked. Maybe have to use the same debit card for every reup, well in my case

  3. EyesOverGlazed says:

    I recently renewed back in March wo/any issues.

    I’ve been using keep2share for nearly 2-years now, it’s reliable and works completely fine – please don’t drop it!

  4. Jayzo says:

    K2S wonโ€™t accept any form of payment. Mine expired two weeks ago and Iโ€™ve had no luck, and you been on fire with the drops.

  5. Knightsport says:

    I had problems renewing my Premium Pro twice already. I get the 90-day subscription and the last two times most of the payment options gave me problems and didn’t work. I had to try every method until I found one that worked, which ended up being a really sketchy Chinese payment processor that tacked on an extra $20 processing fee. I just tested again with the PayPal option and it gave me an error. I like K2C but the payment system sucks.

  6. jonny says:

    I purchased it in the last week. Don’t swith host for the love of god :O

  7. BDE says:

    I recently purchased a 90 day Keep2Share premium account. I really enjoy keep2share. Its a reliable host. I purchased using the resellers.

  8. P.R. says:

    Not able to help with the inquiry at the moment. My premium pro account doesn’t expire for another 3 months.

  9. Socks says:

    Hey man, longtime lurker and ive used the link before. I tried to renew via the link and its not working for me either. Hope i dont miss that brija monet vid ! thanks for all you do

  10. Oxito says:

    Bought a premium 2 weeks ago works fine for me

  11. RANKS says:

    replied in the wrong place got the premium k2 last week no probs it goes through easy with a PayPal account

  12. Ger says:

    Recently i paynfor a keep2share whith the only propuse of download in your website please dont change

  13. Teeza says:

    Neither of my two cards worked, but I used paypal and it worked just fine.

  14. Ccoolie says:

    I just purchased a premium account

  15. Ali Azh says:

    Bro. Please change upload center. Unfortunately most of us can NOT buy subscriptions from k2s.

  16. OldSoul04 says:

    I Purchased one but i had to do it thru paypal which is a few dollars more, no big deal because your content is worth it. I think because of the war in ukraine keep2share is having some difficulties. If you do switch how about trying rapidgator

  17. PG says:

    Yeah bro nothing but problems with paypal, mastercard & visa.

  18. Cesar says:

    I have tried several times to buy premium as always do and so far I can’t.

  19. dave says:

    i recently bought a premium, i think i used the second link on the list. the premiums have to be bought by the third party resellers, and it is a bit of an annoying procedure but it works. i feel like the people that say they are having trouble are just giving up after the main site doesnt let them. i think the main site doesnt work for payments because its a russian site and we r blocked…..anyway what do i know lol

    • Yeah, that’s basically the issue – I’m tryna see if they can correct this, because this seems to be getting to a point where 25% of the people can’t purchase AND/OR 25% of the people have to use a link different than the one on assoholics… which does this site ZERO good.

  20. Kel says:

    I can still purchase keepsake by selecting the reseller option

  21. z8 says:

    They finally emailed me back and said it is an issue they are experiencing and are working on it. Just wanted to FYI.

  22. Will Alling says:

    I can only speak for myself, of course, but I’ve had no trouble buying an unlimited k2s premium subscription.

  23. pawgmisfit says:

    I bought premium for a year a few months ago. I did have trouble and had to try different cards, which is why I bought a year to avoid the hassle.

    Thanks for all that you do. I find that this is a way to discover dope content/booties; and then I go an pay for the source as well.

  24. Ybydem says:

    Hi! I actually don’t have any problems to watch the videos in the premium area of k2share. So, in my opinion, keep on k2s. Thank you so much for all the great content in this website. Assohollics for ever!!!!

  25. Thaddeus Thomas says:

    I still have a month left on my current keep2share sub that I bought it March.

  26. Christopher Kellam says:

    Still can, through paypal

  27. Jay says:

    I just purchased a keep2shares recently and works perfect! Please donโ€™t change hosts

  28. Lance L. says:

    I purchased a premium a month or so ago and it was a headache. I donโ€™t use crypto and that is what it was pushing me to use. I had to go through a weird third party site just to get one and ended up paying more. Kinda miss the old hosters.

  29. MrRalph21 says:

    I have K2S (through a completely different source though), so I’m hoping you don’t end up switching!

  30. curves4lyfe says:

    I recently bought a membership using a VISA card. I had to use one of the rebillers but it eventually went through. It was a yearly membership so the larger dollar amount did throw up a fraud alert but once that was taken care of, all was well.

  31. Dr. Chapped says:

    Purchased about 2 weeks ago with no issue. Tried purchasing with crypto some time ago prior to this and it was an absolute mess. There was a delay in confirmation so I ended up paying twice. Then had to fight k2s to get the 2 months premium I paid for since they initially claimed I paid once

    • Yeah, crypto always works – BUT, there is usually a 10min processing period, because most companies use a 3rd party to process crypto payments – AND… Bitcoin ain’t that fast to begin’ with.

  32. pawn11 says:

    I bought a 3 month premium last month

  33. ChoppTv says:

    Definitely been having issues with the premium purchase.

  34. Nathan says:

    All I want back is kamyla samone on pinkyxxx

  35. J. Smith says:

    I Ain’t had no trouble with Ks2 bro….it always works!

  36. Huncho Jack says:

    I’ve tried three times with three separate payment methods. All unsuccessful

  37. kouper says:

    Updated K2S access. Everything is fine

  38. BSD says:

    Friends –

    Renewed K2S last November. No issues


  39. gmode says:

    Look it’s the war but I got mines thru PayPal email em about the extra charge nd they give u more days k2s is where all my porn connect use I wouldn’t change it bro unless us really crack down

  40. OldSoul04 says:

    Bought a 90 day rapidgator on Saturday and had no issues. bought keep2share on 5/8/22 and couldnt use visa or mastercard, had to use my paypal account which went thru immediately…not sure if this helps @RFM

  41. Dark Emperor says:

    Bought 3 month membership just under a month ago. Had to go through Paypal which costs more.

    But there is so much great free content on here and elsewhere uploaded on k2s so still worth it.

  42. Mark says:

    Had no trouble using Ks2

  43. Atown says:

    Bought a years worth of k2s back last November without any issues.
    Please donโ€™t change

  44. Jake says:

    I’ve had issues for the last few months. Seems like it doesn’t like to accept any form of my payments if it’s credit or debit. Sometimes I get in by luck but as of recently I haven’t been able to renew.

  45. clar says:

    i purchase k2s thru ******.com that’s the easiest way for me

  46. B says:

    Just tried again. Still not working for me like the past several days. I even tried your Keep2Share link. No luck.

  47. Vetoholic says:

    Unless I use a reseller or maybe PayPal, a direct billing to my credit card via the link doesnโ€™t work. So thereโ€™s a mark up on buying a premium and usually I wait til I see enough K2s worthy content to try again. Currently in free mode debating when/if Iโ€™ll reup premium now

  48. cj says:

    Bought a 3 month using bitcoin about a week ago

  49. DarkWhisper says:

    Got my premium in April, please don’t switch just yet

  50. FlatoutStud says:

    Wassup stang!!! long time no speak. Renewed in like the past month with no issues. Never had any issues using paypal. I renewed directly through the K2S interface. Probably should have asked this question a long time ago – should I be clicking on the link from this site each time I need to renew?

  51. RiskyDevil says:

    Just chiming in to say I’ve had K2S premium for several years now. Unfortunately not by your link. Definitely a reliable host. Whatever happens, we’re with you 100%, RFM

  52. Diddy Macc says:

    Im good i was able to purchase keep2share

  53. jake says:

    All of these services honestly suck and are inconvenient to purchase compared to say Dropbox or Drive. Filejoker, ubiqfile, k2s, etc. Same problem, no direct CC payments and I’ve tried like 5 different cards each.

    The resellers mark the crap up out of the price but it seems to be the only way.

  54. gaee says:

    Hello. It’s a problem keep2share , be sure to change the host. I have repeatedly encountered problems with the host. Please, please change the host, RapidGator or not. . . Thankful

  55. GWSHARK says:

    K2 works for me with bitcoin via cashapp no problem. Just re-upped yesterday.

  56. Goofy says:

    Also had massive problems with premium account. I would suggest going two-pronged with the hosters and giving links to or as the second hoster. They’re half the price and have more uploads per day and later switch to one of the hosts.

  57. kizzrock982 says:

    k2s (keep2share) has been good on my end. No issues to report. Appreciate the heads up if you plan on the switch. Thanks as always.

  58. Downs says:

    Reupped for just a month recently, my bank wouldn’t let me buy crypto from any of the apps so i had to use PayPal with their fees ugh

  59. Big Pimp says:

    Yo why don’t the previews stay up for long on keep2share? it makes finding new content a little annoying because you need to download some pretty big files to even watch it.

    Thank you for the good content

  60. johnbender says:

    I re-upped in October, but have been a subscriber for many years because of this site. Please don’t change.

    I have been getting slower download speeds for months, so I’m not sure what’s up with that.

  61. Alpha says:

    I can’t buy a K2s with Mastercard or Amex. Just routes me to sketchy third party resellers I’m not comfortable buying from.

  62. zach says:

    no k2s directly does not work for me. I need to buy subcription via 3td party vendor

  63. questb says:

    wood prefer rapid gator. Its too much work to get a K2S now a days i do like it but the process is very sketch now.

  64. Goofy says:

    I think K2s does it on purpose and takes a share of the reseller sales to make more profits.
    I find it a rip off from the resellers who charge up to $20 more and I think a lot of people agree with that. Why should you pay 50% more for an already expensive account? Don’t get ripped off and fight back.