another chick that added to my obsession with excessively thick women 🙂 🙂

angie_bbb_-11.jpg angie_bbb_-10.jpg angie_bbb_-9.jpg angie_bbb_-8.jpg angie_bbb_-7.jpg angie_bbb_-6.jpg angie_bbb_-5.jpg angie_bbb_-4.jpg angie_bbb_-3.jpg angie_bbb_-2.jpg angie_bbb_-1.jpg angie_bbb_-16.jpg angie_bbb_-15.jpg angie_bbb_-14.jpg angie_bbb_-13.jpg angie_bbb_-12.jpg

  1. RANKS says:

    memories thanks for the drop remember her she was thick ..

  2. OldSoul04 says:

    Factz!!! @RFM…she did a scene for Darkside Entertainment back in the day and I fell in love with her thickness and that beautiful face.

  3. Gmode says:

    Back in the day this was considered to be a very big ass lol I remember being like damn if only more bitches around me have asses like this! These bitches now days make her shit look small but you cant beat that natural jiggle her ass got man!

  4. BSD says:

    Friends –

    Angie was gorgeous. One of the cutest thickums from back in the day. She was one of Evasive Angles’ rock stars. First scene I saw of her and fell in love with was her Onion Booty web scene with Nat Turner. Launched a few loads to that one.


  5. Atown says:

    Her, Bootylicious, Crystal Clear, Italia Blue (before she got skinny) *Chefs Kiss*