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  1. Kush4Prez says:

    Yo what’s up RFM… Happy New Years to you bro. I been mia for awhile had to get a new Mac. Good to see ur still goin strong. I’m playin catch up, hopefully u still have some stuff archived. Can you reup on this one bro?

  2. kush4prez says:

    Yo…What’s up RFM.Happy New Years, good to see you still on it. i been mia tryina play catch up now. Can you reup this one bro?? I preciate ur hard work

  3. kush4prez says:

    I preciate you checkin 4 me bro… I’m keep it 100 with u. I only get stuff from ur site. I use 2 get from a 2nd site but it was shut down while I had no PC. If you could get this one again I’d appreciate it. I have a few other scenes I wouldn’t mind if you could reup if you have them or can get them again. I jus haven’t posted on them because i’m playing catch up. i’ve max my daily download limit on multiple days this week. Hopefully u remember me bro I been following ur site for years. I tried to use same info I normally use to post. You don’t have to publish this if you don’t want I know its kinda long I just want to holla at you a minute if you can let me know you got this dat b kool. Keep the good work up bro never stop the grind

  4. Kush4prez says:

    Bro u tha G.O.A.T