!! had to bump this ridiculous ass, one more time *sheesh* !!

bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-13.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-12.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-00.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-11.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-10.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-9.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-8.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-6.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-0.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-5.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-4.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-3.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-2.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-1.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-000.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-19.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-18.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-17.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-16.jpg bblass_destroying_thick_makena_caicedo-15.jpg

  1. Chillwill1 says:

    Man idk where he be finding these asses, Iā€™m going on a field trip

  2. gmode says:

    One thing I always said he had away of not only finding thick girls but girls who hadn’t taken a huge dick that deformed there asshole this the first girl he found who you can tell had huuuge dicks up her ass before. That’s the type girl I call a skank hoe and a skank hoe need a huge dick great body on her tho.

    • Yeah, her body is fuckin’ incredible! Definitely one of the best asses – FOR SURE!

      • Knightsport says:

        I definitely agree, one of the most amazing asses ever! I just wish he would show more of her and his other models in general (spreading, tits etc…). Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the ass but he very rarely shows frontal (and when he does it’s just a short few secs or out of focus). Is he against it or something?

        • We were tryna tell dude that runs those sites this a LONG time ago… I have no idea why he has yet to figure out how sexy thick women are, while layin’ on their backs with the legs up, showing the thickness of the thighs & under part of the ass…

          I think he’s afraid of the thicker women’s lower stomach showing – or something. ANY dude that REALLY loves thick women, ain’t afraid of that lil’ extra stomach meat.

  3. Alex EL Killer says:

    Thanks for this bro!, I hope this girl do more videos, she have a great body!

  4. PrnPlayboy says:

    He has another bad chick on his other site named Ariana Sifuentes. Can you see if you can get any of her videos

  5. raider rahjahn says:

    Those are some bad and thick bitches on that site. However the male talent cant fuck. Its the same routine shit every scene lol.

  6. Knightsport says:

    Really hope he does more videos with her.