1. FCoppola says:

    OMG Who is she?

  2. exiameister says:

    Hey RFM I wonder if you’ve seen that new Zuri Magic post on Cherokee’s site? Also I would like to share these Mistress Delicious vids. (link)

    • CurveLuv says:

      It says access denied for those Delicious vids. I love her, can you please fix the link. Thanks man!

      • exiameister says:

        I think that using folders in k2s messes up the public sharing access. I created a zip file instead with its own link. (link)

        • Thanks for the link 😉 I appreciate it.

          • CurveLuv says:

            I can’t see the link, please help RFM! Is the link coming in the next wave?

            • The link is there already. If you can’t see it – it could be due to an ip address issue. Make sure you have a USA ip address.

              • CurveLuv says:

                I’ve got a US ip, in the comment with the link there is no k2s link, it just says “(link)”?

                • I’m sorry, I thought you were referring to the link on the actual post with the “60-inch Latinass post” (I don’t view the comments in the same way you guys see them – so, I misunderstood)

                  The link that exiameister posted was marked private, so all you would see is (link).

                  I will be posting the vids soon… don’t worry.

          • exiameister says:

            No Prob RFM. I had a trove of completely unseen Fyebottom stuff but in my stupor I thought that deleting my collection would be a good idea. Still might’ve been tbh