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  1. Kenneth says:

    amazing thickness!! thx 😀

  2. resh says:

    pls bump irma scenes man you are the only man no web i know is updating form blass im coming every day or at least 3 days at week, i just request that RFM

    • FlimFlam says:

      Ir-ma! Ir-ma! Ir-ma! Ir-ma!! 🙂

      • DeFreight Train says:

        For real Irma is the truth!!! Luciana… Pilly…Cameron…Johanna and Veronica Salas

        Im a legit fan
        These videos are way better than ANY chick on bbw highway…those other bbw sites are a waste of time LOL

        • Yeah, the BB Latinass dude definitely gets the better thick / BBW girls… Easy… Sometimes I’m not 100% sold on what he does with them… To say the least though. But, his sites have gradually gotten better since he launched them.

  3. Dr Williams says:

    Vivan los culos gordos

  4. Dr Greenthumb says:


  5. Roundass5678 says:

    Briliant dude

  6. ELVER GALARGA says:

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  7. mastermind97 says:

    Alicia Alemano from bigbuttlatinass!!! need that asap

  8. mat says:

    LOL This guy is a fucking joke, not only are his videos lame 8-10min of lame shit, now he even started to fake cum shots, he basically spits on the woman’s ass off camera pretending it’s cum and thinks people won’t pick up on this WTF?!!

  9. jonathan says:

    hermosa deliciosa rica

  10. Maximum007 says:

    Wow. less than 24 hours. Rapidgator file already down!

  11. Maximum007 says:

    Re-up please. Thanks.

    P.s. Considering closing my Rapidgator account. They’re too strict!