It’s actually a bit more difficult than most people think being a personal trainer. So many people think its so easy but for one you have a lot of competition out there because every joker with a nice body thinks that they have what it takes to be a personal trainer. That’s definitely not true. I went to school for Kinesiology and have a few certifications, so I know what I’m doing, unlike a lot of these other people. Clients have to be careful out here or else you’ll be paying someone to teach you the wrong exercises! Besides, its not even ALL about the exercise. While the time you spend in the gym is very valuable, a lot of these fake personal trainers don’t realize that diet is more important than the workout! Eating protein and nutrient rich meals can do wonders for the body! So successful trainers need to make sure their clients are eating right! But its not just bad trainers who don’t know what they are doing that should be scrutinized. Clients are also an issue. There’s angry clients, lazy clients, clients who aren’t serious, unrealistic/hopeless clients…

the list goes on and on. My life is filled with drama. I’ll tell you there’s rarely been a boring day. Take today for instance. I’ve been working with a new client named Virgo for a while. And let me tell you…she’s been…a handful. Virgo is what they call a PAWG. And you can see why. She got CURVES. Her ass alone is about 50 inches. Personally she looks great to me, but evidently her boyfriend or someone wants her to lose some weight. Now we have had a few good sessions, Virgo and I. But today, something just seemed…off. There were times where Virgo didn’t want to work out before, but I was eventually able to coax her into it. This time seemed like it would be different. Virgo wasn’t wearing her usual workout stuff, and she was acting kinda weird. I guess it was time for me to pull out the charm yet again and make this girl get her exercise on!

  1. Golden says:

    I’m so sick of these angles in their videos.

    • Grateful Lurker says:

      They must think their fans are as sus as them…NOBODY wants to see male butt crack

      • As much as I agree with you… you’d be surprised how the comments look on alot of other forums while talkin’ about this dickdrainers content… People actually fuck with the scenes where he’s primarily gettin’ his ass eatin’ & the weird dick sucking angles that look like they want you to focus on his ass, more than the girl suckin’ the dick… The internet is an EXTREMELY large place, so I guess there’s a powerful market for literally ANYTHING…

  2. a7 says:

    Damn this woman is so hot… most of her vids now is on onlyfans 🙁

  3. nate says:

    RFM, I had to get that k2s premium account! btw, can you reup this scene as mp4??

  4. Travis Byers says:

    Bro am I bugging or is this download actually the previous scene from dickdrainers? Downloaded it and it gave me the 2nd scene she did with them

  5. Kushismyfriend420 says:

    What’s up RFM… Hope your having a good holiday season bro. If u still have this scene can you re-up. I kinda fell behind a few weeks ago. Need to get a new HD found a massive 10tb on sale recently. I may ask for a few more re-ups if u still have the scenes. I preciate all your hard work bro.

  6. VooDoo says:

    At least Mike Adriano covers his shit up. But then there’s the abuse of sticks of butter and cupcakes…. I guess no one is ferfect…