1. Krash says:

    Thanks for the links, but the RG file is only 18mb.

  2. Sneazy says:

    But looks like the file was truncated :/

  3. Sneazy says:

    Could you please fix RG link ?

  4. Lexus says:

    Hey man,
    I don’t know if you can you reupload the 50inchesorbetter videos. I can’t find them online.
    I know the video quality isn’t that great but some of those bodies are just amazingly thick!
    Appreciate it man,

  5. RJ says:

    The rapidgator link is only like 20 sec worth of footage.

  6. The Chef 1 says:

    Hey the k2s link is working but the rg link file is only 18mb for some reason. supposed to be 701mb i think

  7. JMG says:

    You’re rapidgator upload looks like it wasn’t completed bruh…

  8. hbkdx12 says:

    The rapidgator link is messed up fam. Says its only 18mb