keep2share / filejoker / filefactory

  1. morningstar777 says:

    Got FileFactory to replace my rapidgator. Love this site

  2. Rightinthepussayyy says:

    That new Victoria June scene fire is that coming soon

  3. A3rdeye says:

    What if you just reupped Rapid before you two broke up. Ouch. Wish you could have given a heads up. You still got my support..

    • It’s a new day… I no longer have a heads up when the BS happens… Rapidgator has been a lil’ shaky over the past few weeks – then POOF… To make a long story short – I can’t use it for a while.

      We just have to keep it moving. It is what it is…

  4. Devoted Viewer says:

    Fortunately my RG expired on a week or two, so as a tests I did a 90-day FileFactory acct being that they accepted Paypal.

    Not really feeling giving a credit card for these DL sites, and I see you’re claiming K2 is now your main acct, and I’ve noticed you don’t bother to upload Big Oiled Asses stuff on file factory??

    -Devoted Viewer

    • Yeah, I usually arrange the filehost in order of importance… Obviously, for the longest Rapidgator was king around here. Now, we’re rolling with k2s as the primary… if Filejoker works well over the next 30-60days… I’ll probably phase out filefactory… I’m only using filefactory as a backup…

  5. Devoted Viewer says:

    What’s so great about K2?

    Also, I’ve had UploadGig as long as I’ve had RapidGator – never had any problems with them.

    Folks have been using UG for ages as well.

    -Devoted Viewer

    • Personally, I’ve been seeing k2s used WAY more than UG… Regardless, they all work the same for me, as far as downloading goes.

      Naturally, the uploader can run into other issues that have nothing to do with the downloader. Some host are more “uploader friendly” than others… I’ll put it that way.