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  1. Thad says:

    Prob my fav pawg on the amateur scene this minute. It’s weird she just looks like a square jewish chick but she’s sittin on all that ass. I wonder if you saw her on the street would you be able to tell in jeans that her ass is that fat. Crazy, i’m just thinkin out loud

    • I’m with you…

      I LOVE when I see chicks like this… just walkin’ around as a nurse, the mall, a waitress… or whatever… They look SUPER basic w/ their style & facial appearance… But, they are CRAZY thick!!! & it just leaves you wonderin’ … “how does she feel, or handle being this damn thick??… Does she like it?… hate it…?”

  2. nate says:

    Sofia rose highly anticipated Bangbros scene is next week with Charlie Mac, RFM!!

  3. J17 says:

    She’s not getting much love in the comments, but her ass is top tier for a slim thick girl. Shame about that face though lol. Keep her content coming. Thanks!

    • Nah, there are literally 50+ comments on each of her vids I have in “pending” status… because, I have just been WAY too busy to keep up with the comments recently.

      & she is actually gettin’ ridiculous attention. TRUST ME! 😉