Hookup Hotshot: Nasty Amber Alena

Posted: 11th November 2019 by RealFastMustang in big tits, oiled asses/tits

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  1. Wil Alling says:

    Thanks for the hookup.

  2. Booty Brigade says:

    Ummm … yooo

    See, this why RFM is a true G. We (royal “we”) have had this discussion *several times on this boawrd about these wanna be dom dudes acting completely reckless with the yakking bodily fluids.

    And *still my guy posts this … because some cats outchea be liking this nasty sh*t and RFM is full service, no judgment. I mean, props–and I am not being sarcastic either.

    Real talk: Props. RFM a better man than me, because I couldn’t do it … not even for the culture

  3. Zag Wheeler says:

    Just FYI I’d probably recommend you delete this video. I think we can all appreciate curvy women on this site, but this has a really fucked up scene in it that has probably traumatised me and would definitely traumatise others who watch it. He literally shoves his fingers aggressively down her throat causing her to throw up all over herself. Seriously, wtf???

  4. Dark Emperor says:

    Dayum, this chick is on some other level in the filthy department.

    Hopefully she does some scenes with some black dudes soon. A scene we can actually enjoy