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  1. Piky87 says:

    wtf! these porn dudes need to chill with some of the pairings they coming up with lol…thats not a dick thats a weapon damn.

  2. Gio says:

    Yo Stang who ya got in the conference finals?

    • You already know Ima Bron fan… So, before game one – I was sayin’ Cavs in 5… Tonight’s game, makes me want to modify that to Cavs in 6.

    • WillyWest says:

      I was watched the game 1. It was beautiful. I’ma lebron”s hater so for me I see Celtics in 6.

      • I never understand LeBron haters… Not saying he should be ya favorite player… I just don’t understand the hate. However, the Celtics are clearly not playing games, I just think Bron will find a way.

        • WillyWest says:

          Lmaaooo yeah He’s a good player but nothing more. But man, the C’s playing so good, than they can be beat the Cavs in 7. They have a better defense than the Cavs

          • So, Lebron James is a “good player” …?? Man, I always wonder about the people that are so used to hating, they become delusional… After about 2013-2015, Hating on Bron can’t even be made to SEEM realistic… On some grown man shit, y’all type dudes REALLY gotta stopit.

        • Will says:

          I guess I was sorta a hater at first on Bron simply cuz when he came into the league it was another guy billed as the “next Jordan” which included guys like Kobe, Stackhouse, Grant Hill, McGrady, Vince Carter, D Rose, etc nad out of those really only Kobe is right there, and I had to be convinced how good Bron really was. I have a thing against guys already being “crowned” without the “proof”.

          Then “the decision” happened and obviously some more folks jumped on the hate wagon as it was viewed as a cop out for an “easier” path to a ring.

          I actually got off the hate wagon at this point cuz I respected the smartness of that basketball decision and unlike what KD did with the Warriors, Bron still had to put in work to get those chips.

          Then he brought a hard earned chip to Cleveland…at this point I have nothing but respect for him now no matter what decision he makes after this season.

          So when he made that bone-crushing shot on Toronto to close it out, I was just as excited as I was when rooting for Jordan! I’m a Detroit guy BTW…lol!

          • MUCH respect…

            However… Me personally, I never really hold it against a young man for being billed as the “next BIG thing”… it’s usually NOT the young man/kids fault… I blame the stupid ass adults, for that shit.

  3. will says:

    new pinky scene

  4. WillyWest says:

    I don”t understand we aren’t all to forced to love Lebron. There are people out there who not love Lebron. If for some people he’s a King of bball, for other people he’s a good player. And Kobe or Jordan has much more respect than Lebron(Jordan 6-0, Kobe ,5-7, Lebron 3-5). I respect Lebron but stop it to “suck his D” and say “his better than …” or any type of shit. If he had stayed in Miami, he would have had much more respect.

    • Calling Lebron a “good player” is an extreme under statement. I didn’t say you have to think he’s the best ever… I’m just saying, if you’re calling him “good”… What do you call the rest of the NBA? Trash?

      Is MJ a “decent player”?… Is Kobe “aiight?” Lol!

      • WillyWest says:

        Lmmaaoooo no the rest of the NBA is very good too. For me, lebron is just a “very good player” that’s it! But, MJ and Kobe are a VERY LEGENDARY players. 100% GOAT both of them !! they are so much higher than Lebron for real !! So much !!

        • So, the rest of the NBA is “very good” and Lebron is “very good”… So, you have Lebron on the same level as the rest of the NBA?…

          Yeah, I’m not sure what Lebron did to you… But, I hope you’re gonna be ok.

  5. WillyWest says:

    I don’t care about Lebron lmmaaoo. Im’ feel soooo good. He’s an opportunist and lost 5 finals ^^. I need my bros Kobe and MJ. Stay with your LeBron, I see you fell in love about Lebron isn’t it ?! lmaoo

    • Now he’s an opportunist, because bitch ass Dan was happy with Lebron selling out his arena & literally boosting the Cleveland economy??… But, Dan didn’t want to provide a viable 2nd “prime” option for Lebron? See, ALOT of you dude’s have a slave/sheep mind… You’re 100% COOL with an “owner” selling off a player, because the player doesn’t fit his future plans… But, when a player recognizes that the owner of the franchise has NEVER been about winning SHIT… & if he wants to WIN, he needs to go to a franchise that actually values that… Y’all start calling him “traitor”.. “opportunist” … etc, etc.. & In my opinion that is an extension of a slave mentality. And honestly, I saw it was a narrative that was being PUSHED by the NBA, ESPN, FOX, etc… etc… “Black man, stay where we tell you to stay & do as I say do… DON’T start doing shit like, teaming up with other black Entrepreneurs & capitalizing on your OWN future… Do what we say!!” *Burns Jersey*

      People have a problem with Lebron leaving a trash franchise that did NOTHING for him… But, everyone seemed to be ok with the “Owners” & elites of the NBA blocking Chris Paul, from going where he wanted to go??? = Slave Mentality.

      HERE is the BASKETBALL DIFFERENCE… If you are struggling to figure this shit out…

      If you are Jordan, & have been aligned with Pippen & a HOF coach + more… Why leave a team that can win 50+ games, with or without you?? Life is GOOD!

      If you are Kobe, & have been aligned with a WINNING Franchise + arguably the most unbelievable physical specimen in NBA History (where you aren’t even the best player on your own TEAM, for 3 NBA finals (at least)… Why leave??… Life is GOOD!…

      If you are Lebron (from AKron)… TRASH Franchise… BASIC coaches… BASIC players… BASIC City (Sorry Cleveland homies)… who are you supposed to be SO damn loyal to, knowing ALL of it will be at YOUR expense? Moe Williams?… a 93 year old Shaq… ? WHO??

      I’m a MAJOR fan of Jordan, & a MAJOR fan of Kobe, Iverson, KD, Mello & Hundreds of other NBA Greats… I’m just tired of people that like Kobe and Jordan acting like they HAVE to hate Lebron, or (in YOUR case specifically = Feeling the need to undermine him) … and ALSO, not being smart enough to recognize Lebron has/is spear heading a movement for Black players to control the power they have, instead of giving it away…

      So basically, when I see a Lebron hater… I feel like I already know the type of person I am speaking to…

      People DON’T have to think Lebron is the GOAT… I don’t even think GOAT is something that can actually be quantified, to be honest with you… But, I can’t respect someone that doesn’t have Lebron in their all time Top5 (removing BIGs) … Or, in your case trying to say he is on the same “good” level as the rest of the current NBA… STOPIT.

  6. WillyWest says:

    But okay I’m fully agree with you about beyond the limit of the “slave mentality” It’s very important that the black people own the major on this society. If you capable to grow a city in all business areas, It’s 100% good and furthermore, if a black man is capable of this, mentalities will change a lot.
    And you are more deserved, if you go 0 to 100 (like Lebron ) about a city, like Cleveland. Lebron has a lot of influence on the franchise, the city and people’s mentality. It’s very good for them. But I just don’t like Lebron the sportsman, I prefer Lebron the businessman, the owner, the majorman. He tries to change everything on the mentality about a city and black people. I’m fully agree with him !!