Blacked: Alexa Grace -vs- Julio Gomez

Posted: 20th February 2017 by RealFastMustang in assoholics

…yeah, they tried to get Alexa killed out here… lol!

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  1. Jack Purcell says:

    LMAO! You ain’t lyin’ homie!
    I bet the bitch felt like she finally knew what it was like to give birth after that m’fuckin’ scene! 😀

    • TROOF!!! At first I was like… hold up… Is my man just a little ass dude??… then as the scene progressed… I’m like, hold up *PAUSE* … They set her up with a damn RINGER! lol!!!!!!!!!

      • Jack Purcell says:

        CFTU!!! 😀 😀
        Bruh, you ain’t lyin’! Where was dey hidin’ dis mutant nga at back when full-grown women like Angela White and Peta Wilson did dey Blacked scenes?!
        Poor Alexa — You could tell she was strugglin’ to stay conscious! I was chucklin’ throughout most of this damn scene! Ironically, Piper Perri can handle this, and dat crazy lil hoe is *smaller*.

        Say, fam… //looks around shady-like//
        We *just* may have to form an alliance and search for dis sonuvabitch packin’ the fuckin’ Womb-Destroyer and *quarantine* his ass, quick!!! … or he just may wreck every gyot-damn snowbunny up and down the East Coast dat we like!! There ain’t gon’ be no mo’ Bettys or Veronicas left to jack to!
        .. oh wait.. except for gaped-pussy nympho size-queen bitches like Dee Siren that can handle dat shit no prob. 😛

  2. DaSilverSurfer says:

    Just for the record the dis sonuvabitch packin’ the fuckin’ Womb-Destroyer lol name is Julio Gomez. He does alot of work on the American Pornstar sight (Which I recommended a while ago for RFM to get onto but i digress). Yeah, dude is packing a 3 by 4 and putting womens reproductive organs in jeopardy.

    Check out his latest video at the