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Cassidy Banks, Teanna Trump, Anya Ivy, Chanell Heart



  1. TxPimp says:

    This shows you have fucked up porn is and most of the media.

    “Top Black”, yup where every chick on the cover is photoshopped and have their make up done to not look black at all. Don’t throw around the black tag and not even show 1 fucking darker skin chick. Fuck the media for this shit.

    • Cavaleer says:

      That’s the game since race, i.e. “white” and “black” were invented. You should get just as mad at WCP for their half-baked poorly-lit productions where you can’t even seen these girls gorgeous, golden skin cause the shoot is half in shadows on black couches. lol

    • Nino Brown says:

      I love me some Teanna Trump, but I feel you. Bitches straight up lookin like ethnic white girls.

    • raf says:

      dude,you are dumb.Because they are not black? Because they are mix?Only Chanel Heart look black.

  2. Camron says:

    Harley dean is missing from this set. *side note* I’m waiting for a Karissa Kane and Cassidy Banks scene.

  3. GlOTF says:

    Got nothing against them. But here are the big booty bitches they keep filming the same 5 light-skinned porn stars. Almost like how brazzers only ebony star is diamond jackson she old as shit fr

  4. bigdickcam says:

    I got something new for you dog (link)

  5. JAE-L says:

    So Anya and cassidy still not doing the brothas yet huh?

  6. coolrunnings says:

    Anya has to be trolling us at this point

  7. Bricks says:

    Black top models??? Ive seen white girls darker then these two on cover

  8. Cavaleer says:

    Elegant and LT are always half-wack anyway. No sleep lost…

  9. El hefe says:

    Pecan tan is the new black porn….

  10. somebody says:

    Hey RFM, For some reason when I go to the home page, it brings me to an old version of it back at 8/19/15. I thought you hadn’t updated for a few days til I looked at the “recent posts” section on the left and saw the newer ones. Not sure if this happened to anyone else, but you have any idea what may be up? Tried clearing cookies and such and still no good, had to manually scroll through the new post arrows to see the new stuff.

    Side note, any luck with that Jesse Jane MMF off julesjordan?

    • that the “always online” feature… when the site goes offline, it won’t show you that it’s offline… it’ll just show you post from a few days back… wait a few minutes, reload the site… it should come right back. 😉

  11. heyah says:

    This got me thinking. Rachel Dolezal should do porn. Bet she’s wild af. Maybe they could get her and Shaun King to do an “ebony amateurs” scene.

  12. Ruck says:

    Damn at first I tough it was white chicks b4 seeing the Teanna tho

  13. Street Novelist says:

    smh at all the racist blacks in this thread saying the black girls aren’t “black” enough…what a sad state of affairs

    • honeybee says:

      It’s just that there needs to be a dark skinned girl, light skinned girl and mixed girl to have all types of black girls up there. And not let me forget “1 fat girl” lol