Right now, Drake is up 2-0… & IF Drake finds away to drop a round 3 response in 24-48 hours ( That is on a “back to back” level) … Flawless victory, Fatality…

How are y’all feeling about this Meek diss???





  1. TxPimp says:

    Damn RFM with the quickness. Who you got on the Drake/Meek beef? I normally don’t care about hip hop beef but Drake dropped a hot track with back to back. Meek just dropped one of the worse disses in Hip Hop history. Who the fuck gave him the green light for that.

    Calling it now, Nicki/Meek backup a few weeks from now and she will be cuffed up with Drake. Meek will disappear from rap, that is how bad his diss track was.

    • I’m glad you asked me that question fam… I just changed the headline to the post… I actually liked “Charged Up”…. because, I could tell it was just the “larger” person in the beef saying to the smaller person… I’m ready for war & I DON’T feel like I’m too big to respond to your dumb shit… Here’s a couple 9mm rounds just to let you know I ain’t playing with you…

      Before Meek even loaded up, Drake spun around at the end of the block, came back and let off a whole AK mag at him (with “Back to Back”)… and just parked at the end of the block… Patiently loading the .50 up for the final head shot….

      Meek peeks his head out the window and shoots the .25 acp in the air & ducks (with “wanna know”) .

  2. jomalss says:

    chocolatemodels reup please bro jada gemz

  3. michaelthemac says:

    I somewhat liked Meek Mill’s diss. It had a lot of facts in it and wasn’t him just shouting and all. I just hope Meek ain’t done but I can’t take no sides in this beef. I like both Drake and Meek. I hope Drake fires back tho but he did say he was “done” with this on Back to Back. Man I’m really waiting on that Kanye & Travi$ Scott album. Oh and I’m pretty sure Drake gon address this on his upcoming album VFT6.

    • I like both of em too… I actually liked Meek BEFORE, I started fuckin’ wit Drake… However … when I’m judging a rap battle/beef… I’m just listening to the tracks and being as objective as possible…

      Meek didn’t say ANYTHING that tops “Trigger fingers, turned twitter fingers” … or, even… “SHOUT TO ALL MY BOSS BITCHES Out here, Wife-ing Niggas!!!” Or, even how Drake rap’d about the obvious motive to try to make a move on “MY” spot that is MUCH higher than your… Or, even… treating Meek like a charity case. Drake is CHEWING dude… period

      The only thing I actually REALLY liked about Meeks diss is when he used that “Ghostface Interlude” … that was my shit! πŸ™‚

  4. camron301 says:

    Honestly, i could care less about both of them. Tired of the bullshit on my TL actually. I’m just waiting on that new Cubana Lust scene & some new Madisin Lee scenes as well.

  5. Tmac says:

    Meek’s Diss wasn’t wack tho

    • For a 5-7 day wait?? When you are the underdog??… Being given an opportunity to take a shot at the kings head??

      “When you come at the King, you Best not Miss”

      Meek Missed.

  6. Son Goku says:

    Thanks for that Anastasia Luv where she is on the white couch. I haven’t seen that before. Yeah, baby truly is one of my new favs. As far as the beef, from a general stand point, I’m not even going to go into how for the fact I grew up on the Biggie, Pac, Jay, Nas era etc, so these songs by both is soft/weak compared to their level but in comparison between the two. Now I’m not the biggest Drake fan(like a song by him from time to time) for the same reasons like most, where he has a lot of bitch moments but he is winning. I really like Meek(style really reminds me of my man Memphis Bleek) and I have to say I was disappointed. I’m going to post what I said on youtube.

    Where Meek went wrong was the choice of song/beat. He had the facts but he didn’t get the right beat to represent what he was saying, it was to dark(though I get why he chose it). So by going off the vibe of it gave him a slurred speech.. Its like momentum, you see once he switched the beat to something with more of an uptempo, its like he woke up, spoke a lot clearer etc. Meek should have started or used the second beat. His flow was soooo much better too, I believe he would have destroyed Drake if that second beat was the actual song.

    • Yeah, I always liked Meek… & I definitely feel you on the Memphis Bleek comparison … He did have a FEW things that he said that landed… He just didn’t deliver them the way he should have, so most of it fell on deaf ears, unfortunately…

      If he had came with this response 24hrs after Charged Up… I’d say COOL… “this is NOW the START of round 1… Current score 0-0 … Let’s see where it goes from here…” Then, IF Drake came back with “Back to Back”… I’d be like, LET’s GET IT MEEK!!! If he THEN came back with some DOPE shit within 48hours, I’d say Meek is winning.

  7. Jullio says:

    Meek clearly didn’t expect Drake to clap back. I have to give props to Drake for that, his first diss track was meh but “Back to Back” was hard af. Meek Lost this one. But Why are people acting like they don’t see proof that Drake isn’t this hit making machine. Ok he murdered Meek but come on, people giving him tracks is really weak.

  8. Tmef5 says:

    Standing 8 count for Meek..if he gets hit like this again he better “bend the knee”

  9. Michael says:

    If Wanna Know had been after Charged Up, it would be better regarded. But when Drizzy hit em with the burner SEVERAL TIMES in Back to Back he had to come with the Ether. He didn’t. It ain’t over yet though.

    Funniest comment I read on Yuutube was in the comments for Wanna Know, “Nigga sounding like Sylvester the cat. Sufferin Succotash ass nigga”


  10. DaSilverSurfer says:

    What has me is this…When you call a top flight MC out you better have your ammo ready cause’ you know he’s going to respond. There is no way that Meek thought Drake was going to let the initial diss walk…NO WAY!!! Meek has a career as a battle rapper that’s where he made his name early in the career so this is supposed to be his lane. This is what he’s supposed to live for. Its like a rapper throwing some shade @ Eminem, you would have just signed your death certificate because battle rhyming is what Eminem is built for so he would salivate at that. I thought Meek Mills would have done the same and go into beastmode.

    It looks like he got blindsided by Drakes quick responses and he had no plan in place to respond. That’s not a true battle rapper to me, I think the money and Nikki is starting to soften up Meek. I can say not more about Wanna Know than I Wanna Know, where’s the diss at in that. Can’t understand most of what he’s saying cause he sounds like he’s “Charged Up” (Drake Pun Intended)

    The Meek Mill Body Files
    Is it a World Tour??? Or, ya Girls Tour?? (2 piece Body and Head Shot) Yeah, trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers Yeah, you gettin’ bodied by a singin’ nigga I’m not the type of nigga that’ll type to niggas (Uppercut, combination, body and hook…Meek is wobbled) “And shout-out to all my boss bitches wife-in niggas, Make sure you hit him with the prenup. Then tell that man to ease up (2 Shots to the temple 2 @ the chin)…Meek falls face first PacMan/Marquez style and Ref start counting Meek out.

    The Funeral
    I got the fest in five days and it’s my shit, Soon as a nigga hit the stage, they gon’
    They gon’ ask if I can play this shit back to back. Yeah, they want it back to back
    They gon’ ask if I can play this shit back to back, I took a break from Views, now it’s back to that, nigga.

    Go Fund campaign starts to pay for the funeral and psychologist follow up visits for Nikki and Meeks family and the whole of Philly effected #MajorBody #MajorBars #MeekMajorFail

    ***Excuse the profanity but I had to be authentically Drake with it….****

  11. 4milli says:

    Drake simply outclassed Meek he also took a page out of Makaveli’s book and “Bombed First”. That’s what took us all by surprise.

  12. DaSilverSurfer says:

    There is no way a cat of Drake’s caliber is going to let anyone question your pen game and get away with it. Having a ghost writer is grounds for dismissal and ultimate disrespect in the game. You got 2 handle that quick, and with Flex adding fuel to the fire, you betta go underground and get LL Cool J ( Mama Said Knock you Out…diss @ Kool Moe Dee) and Nas Ether ( Jay diss) and bomb em’

    Nas had the same issue when Jay dropped Takeover, everybody was like when is Nas going to respond but when he did…he created arguably one of the best diss records in rap history. I guess Meek ain’t built like that.

    I will tell you this tho’ I head Drake got a 3rd one locked and loaded ready to go anytime now. If he drops it and it’s anything like Back 2 Back…Meeks career might be in jeopardy, not just his credibility. I think Meek is cool but if I’m Drake its no mercy time, I finish him for even coming out his mouth sideways and put all those battle rappers who been wanting to battle him for chips on notice. This is the perfect opportunity for Drake to show he’s nothing to play with cause the consensus has always been he soft. Show and prove time Drake, Meek’s given you the platform.

  13. DaSilverSurfer says:

    I just want to say one last thing on this subject and I’m done. It’s amazing that we don’t get cats like Jadakiss, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden and that caliber of MC calling Drake out. I would of loved to see the bars at work if someone like those cats would of had to answer Charged Up…it would of been lyrical Armageddon out here lol. Cause’ I’m sure we would of never gotten a track like “Wanna Know” from those cats.

    But we end up with the likes of Weak Mill…Ho Hum. Guess the days of Biggie/Pac’ Nas/Jay Cube/Common are over huh….#WishfulThinking

  14. Radric Davis says:

    drake fucked nicki but he wont show any proof until hes off the label you know ol birdman is trying to avoid any tension between them since it could fuck up his commas (Future voice*)

  15. Jack Purcell says:

    That Score scene you got up top Uncle Stang is the first HC scene I saw her in… and I been hooked on dat thickness ever since! πŸ˜€

    Can’t wait to checkout that B.Bros scene she’s in, cuz I’m hoping she gets handled a lil more beastly than in the Score joint.

    Thx for this Lux collection, fam!!

    • I got you fam! πŸ˜‰

    • Son Goku says:

      HOMIEEEEEEE, you have to check out that scene with her on the white couch. That is her best scene out of all of them. Dude tore her azz up/came twice on her I don’t know how I sensed it but somehow I knew it was going to be good. I feel ya on wanting to see her get it hard. Some of these dudes in the game make you wonder if they are really into women cause you be like, dude, you got all that and you hitting it like its ya first time. Grab her hair, hips or neck etc and tear her azz up.

      Like that dude Christian, he has to have the weakest sex game in the biz but yet Alura Jenson, Karen Fisher, Jeff Models etc continue to use him. Lol yeah, I would assume women don’t always want to get slammed even in porn.

      • Son Goku says:

        Like that new Paige Turnah scene he RFM posted, that is how you do it. I love that Paige, like Lisa Ann, Alura Jenson, Ava Devin(my #1 pornstar) loves it hard from us/the brothers. That is a huge turn on in IR scenes.

      • Jack Purcell says:

        @ Goku:

        DAY-um, bro!! You wuddn’t bullshittin’!
        That Pascals scene is DOPE AS FUQ, son! πŸ˜€ Best Lux scene yet, by far!

        • When I was pulling the screens for it, I thought it was lookin’ official… didn’t have time to watch, but now that I’m ready ya message… Ima have to circle back to it πŸ˜‰

  16. Ruck says:

    This vid sums it up lmao

    Meek did probly one of if the weakest diss I ever heard, funny from someone who called drake’s first diss baby lotion soft. Never been a fan of Drake but he gained my respect with this one. Really wish he comes whit a finishing blow.

  17. Ruck says:

    Oh and that Anastasia Lux hot as fuck another good discovery mane





  19. Kamper says:

    Can’t see the pics but its anastasia bro so please ReRelease if possible. cheers and thanks