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Posted: 5th March 2015 by RealFastMustang in assoholics

FINALLY… completely in the booth…

Oh BTW, Jack Purcell posted this:

“If this starts another thread even HALFWAY decent as the EPIC PAWG THREAD from last year, that would be a plus! :D

I’ve been on a particular binge lately, with the craving specifically being *MILF(Cougar) PAWGs in IR*.
Mmm-m-mmm…! ;) A ripe-aged veteran with a phat ass or a firm bubble in the back, ridin’ dat muddaphukin’ D and makin’ it bounce got ya boi THIRSTY! LOL!
So, going thru my modest collection(s) on various HDDs, I been hittin’ up the folders of those starlets I dig that fit the bill.
I’ll rattle off the ones I have flicks of, and PLEASE help me out if I’ve left off any birds that need mention, and that I need to grab flicks of A-fucking-SAP!
Ah’ight gents, here’s the starlets I have on hand, and in no order:

* Lisa Ann – 42 (The living legend has retired! needs absolutely NO introduction for obvious reasons, so moving right along…)

* Mellanie Monroe – 38 (do I *prefer* the Mel before she hit up the botox-dealer, and amp’d up her already phat ass? Yes… BUT this bish can STILL get it. Takes BBC from all angles like a hungry champ — and that ass, bionic or not, looks delicious)

* Austin Taylor – 31 (No intro needed, really. also, I think she may be a slight older, but I’d need a confirm on this. I think her workout routine is keepin’ this bish younger anywayz! :D Can she really be classified as ‘Cougar’? I’ll let you fellas decide. )

* Karen Fisher – 38 (yeeeah, she quite-as-kept on the BBC tip when it comes to the ‘larger’ internet sites she’s been on — but on her *own* site and other am-sites, she slurpin’ up the Snickers Bar like they about to go outta stock!)

* Mandy Sweet – 36 (Retired all too soon to start nursing school, I believe. My current fave MILF+PAWG+IR to date. Not known/billed for having the *most* trunk neccessarily, but she’s built -real- nice, with a great waist/hip ratio, round bubble, and some of the BEST fake tits in the biz. Nothin’ but love for Mandy. Cute face, bright-eyed, dat’s whus guud. i’m wishing for a comeback)

* Tiffany Minx – 43 (Legend status. Another AVN HoF’er that I feel deserves more praise, but gets overshadowed by the juggernaut catalog of the more widely recognized Lisa Ann)

* Alura Jenson – 37 (dis bish is a gawddamn FREAK, and ain’t modest about it. love this one. she another one with the bionic upgrades, but she carries the shit well, so more power to her. A gym-rat like Austin, so you know she got the stamina for a no-apologies pussy-beatin’)

* Velicity Von – 35 (dat’s dat CLASSIC shit right d’ere — was jackin’ to dis bish b4 ‘PAWG’ was coined)

* Devon Lee – 39 (not the largest IR catalog, but it *does* at least exist. an underrated bird right here)

* Alexis Golden – 45 (w/o the right makeup & lighting, I think Alexis at times can look a lil strong in the face, but there is NO denying that dat body is all on point. Thick, and built for unforgiving pounding. she got dat fitness background which gives her a good base, but NOW she dun got a lil softer and curvier… and she services the BBC like it’s duty!)

* Janet Mason – 47 (ah yes, one of my all-time faves. another one not really billed as having a PAWG physique necessarily, but for a bird her age… damn! looks MUCH better now in recent scenes (IMHO) than in earlier ones. like Austin, Alura and Alexis, she got that fitness/bodybuilding background, and it shows that she still clangin’ & bangin’. she looks better now than she did starting out on her swinger site — got a lil softer, and she isn’t *quite* as cut-up, and doesn’t tan till she’s leathery! LOL! Great shape on the ass and [fake] tits, and is an admitted BBC-holic, so she gets a pass)

* Phoenix Marie – 33 (no intro needed! we all know whussup. I almost don’t wanna list her here cuz I feel she doesn’t fit the role of MILF per se, but if she stays active, she’s about a stone-skip away)

* Zoey Andrews – 42 (Zoey, as last seen on PlumperPass updates, has filled out to BBW status… BUT back when she started out she was a curvy, southern-fried, filthy-mouthed, thick-as-grits-bish with an INSATIABLE appetite. steady dick-slurpin’ and pussy squirtin’, takin’ DPs as easy as if it were just another Wednesday. THAT’S the Zoey i’m listing here. never one of the ‘prettiest’ imo, but she more than makes up for it in REAL orgasmic performances)

Only things I ask is that, above all, she is IR-certified.
Second, she is confirmed (or at least VERY much appears to be) MINIMUM 30yo, preferably mid-thirties, just to at least give the illusion of being ‘MILF’. I *HATE* it when young bishes are unnecessarily given the MILF billing in a scene/feature when they barely 25, and don’t even “look the part” of a convincing MILF.
Also, even if they LEGIT have children (I’ll use Kelly Divine as an example here, she just turned 30, so she just barely gets that pass) that don’t mean she need to be on the cover of NA’s next ‘MILF Legends’ Series.
Third, respect the ‘W’ in the PAWG, so only the str8up vanilla birds in this particular list, peeps. ;)
Fourth, despite my undying love for BBW, we gon’ leave them outta this list; they can get some recognition another day/time. Always exceptions to the rule as to the ‘threshold’ of a curvy chick who is one PB&J away from going full BBW (like the bodies of Julie Cash or Klaudia Kelly), but we can cross that bridge when hit dat mthafka.
I’m sure I overlooked and/or left out some obvious entries.
Peace to you AH ngaz, and thanks for any names dropped on ya boi’s behalf!
I’m-a go open up the new HDD just in case y’all avalanche me ‘n shit LOL!”

  1. nate says:

    i gotta say Julia Ann

  2. DaSilverSurfer says:


    With respect to the ladies you just posted, and with the criteria in mind, I just wanted to drop some off the top of the “head”(No Pun Intended) LOl

    Nina Hartley – 55 I believe she is the definition of PAWG and probably why the term was created in the first place. She’s still putting in work as she works towards 60

    Syren Der Mer – 45 – Freak by nature and the tail is built FORD tough…one of the fav PAWG’s. She is a true I/R main stay

    Ryan Conner – Retired – Age unknown but gotta be in her 40’s and has children. And if there was a fitter, finer, PAWG in her day who did IR then you need to let me know…she is the blueprint after Nina Hartley/

    Gianna Michaels – 33 Although, she’s known for her top floor, her ass game is serious as well and her skills are unquestioned. First ballot HOF…Only thing that can keep her off this list is if you don’t think she has enough ass…that’s it!!! Gianna is a Str8 Beast!!!

    Sara Jay – 37 – Its Simply Sara Jay…nuff said

    Julia Ann – 46 – The second part of the “Ann Sisters” (See Lisa Ann) She might not make the cut because of her ass because Lisa has her beat there, but skills wize there is no one better in IR…see anything with her and Mandingo in it.

    Sophie Dee – Welsh 32 – Just a throw in..her body is type insane, although she has more plastic than American Express.

    I will revisit this once more convo comes in and I have some more time to think. #PAWG

    • DaSilverSurfer says:

      Just a couple more for the list from DaSurfer

      Nikita Denise – 40 How no one mentioned one the sexiest European Milfs is beyond me. She’s one of my all time favorites. Sooooo sensual. Soooo Special.

      Sandra Romain – 36 – Its Simply Sandra Romain Nuff Said – The Romainian Ruff Ryder…she’s some kinda special.

      Caroline Pierce – 40 Forgot her wide bodied ass lol

      Lauren Phoenix – 40 – For some of the old skool cats…check out the work of Lauren ol’ gurl used to get it in on some IR

      Olivia O’ Lovely – 39 – To me arguably one of the best PAWG of them all. She is a Latina but I don’t give a damn…Ohhhh Olivia….Nuff Said

      Druuna – What more is there 2 say…….

      Luscious Lopez 34 – Another Latin Lovely, a little “handsome” in the face but the body was always on point and her skillz were lovely.

      Honorable Mention – Ricki White – couldn’t make the cut because she’s under 30, but will make the HOF squad when she’s eligible.

      That’s it for now…I’m gone like LeBron’s hairline people.
      Brianna Love – 32 – They called her “Thee Ultimate PAWG” I can’t disagree. Loved her in anything with Justin Slayer and off course Brianna is Buttwoman

  3. dee says:

    janet is my fav too and the fact is l loooove tan lines
    janet mason needs to perform an anal oiled scene from brazzers or from mikeadriano
    esperanza gomez is from 1981 and l think she needs to perform the same
    vicky vette was awesome too

  4. Tom says:

    Shannen Wilde is one of my favorites. A true BBC slut, and PAWG. But her content is hard to find.

  5. Phil says:

    How about mylie moore?

  6. miles says:

    Virgo Peridot is around that age

  7. Banglogic says:

    Julie Simone


    • JoJoWhite says:

      Caroline Pierce
      Dee Siren
      Lexxxi Lockhart (before her bbw days)

      • Jack Purcell says:

        @ JoJo:
        *snaps fingers* Caroline?? Oh yeeeeeeh, I totally DO have a bunch of her shit on hand, but I forgot to name her! Good lookin’ out doe fam!

  8. johnnie says:

    Jenna Presley is only 27 but iono… she really seems like a MILF to me.

    Shyla Stylez (32)

    Ava Addams (33)

    Kerry Louise (31)

    Nikki Sex (31)

    Trina Miachels (32)

    Sensual Jane (31)

  9. Son Goku says:

    Wow, wow, wow, dude, you and I must be related cause I’ve been feeling the exact same way lately. In general, I don’t know what it is about IR scenes with my fav white women that is such a damn turn on. Especially if its with what I told you before, which are blondes. Maybe this is just me as far as what I see but to a degree, in the scenes, it even seems to be more passionate than with our own. Like a couple that hasn’t seen each other and had sex in months. Not to get all historical but I really believe it goes back to slavery. In keeping us apart for so long, deep down, it developed that desire, that yearning to have each other. The kissing, the sex, everything, its like, neither side can get enough. As I’ve told you some of my best sexual encounters have been with white, the passion is mind blowing. They embrace you more, like when you’re behind them, coming up with you to put their hand behind your head or arm around your neck, looking you deep in your eyes, saying deeper, harder, make love to me etc etc, man, there are so many things. I would need a page. Very very submissive and maybe thats whats at the route of all this. Anyway, to what you said about Mellanie, you know whats funny, for me, before the botox, with the long hair, she did nothing for me. She was no where as thick than either. Looking at how she used to look, the botox was a big improvement.

    Its like Amy Anderssen, samething. Like with Megan Fox and Kim K, don’t know why but I actually have a thing for the botox, plastic look to a degree. Not the extreme like a Joan Rivers etc but yeah. I’m with you on all the others you mentioned and until I read the other comments, I’m mad it didn’t dawn on me you forgot to list my serious fav Sara Jay. Her body and her looks are starting to fade and I believe part of that is due to how many people she has had sex with but in her prime. Like what they say about my other fav Kerry Louise, her body was built for sex(lol, for us the brothas) Who I would like to add to the list/deserves to be added, is, oh yes, Linda Friday and oh yes, Claudia Marie(before the drastic weight loss). The things, oh the things I would do to them.

    • Jack Purcell says:

      @ Goku:
      Damn, you know what? I acutally used to really dig Claudia Marie back a FEW surgeries ago 😀 but now I feel like she went a tad overboard, bruh.
      During her SouthernCharm days, I thought she was fire. Right now doe — with respect — I feel she dun got a bit haggard 🙁 And dats a shame too, cuz she services a BBC like it’s more than a job, but an adventure!
      She was cool with the first upgrade, but the 2nd one got her titties lookin’ TOO redic!
      I did notice that she slimmed down from a year or two ago tho, so that’s cool.

  10. rell12 says:

    I would have to add Gianna Michael Syren De Mer,and Nina Hartley.And Tiffany Mynx is definitely underrated.

  11. moxxido says:

    I never really cared for Lisa Ann, she looked to me that everything on her war artificially enhanced. But I agree with you on Devon Lee and the rest. Do you remember Kimmie Lee.
    I loved Briella Bounce, Liz del ciera, Sophie Dee, Druna, Stunning summer.

    Devon Lee, I remember seeing clip where she did an interracial anal with 2 BBC. but I can`t find the clip any where.
    Alexis Golden her best ever scene was with a guy named Dredd. Massive BBC up her big bubble arss.

    the best Janet Mason clip is the only anal one that she ever did on camera with Justin Slayer.

    One of the best asses in the xxx industry was Shauna McCullough, Nadia Dream, Mindy Michelle,Gem, Meridian, not the skinny blond on.

  12. moxxido says:

    Sorry meant to say, Not the skinny blonde one.

  13. joukahainen says:

    Melissa Monet and of course Nina Hartley.

  14. Hellcat says:

    Alysha Morgan (Naughty Alysha)

    She’s the only PAWMILF I can think of right now, but damn I’m gonna have to file all these cougars you all are listing

  15. moxxido says:

    I have a very hot Shannon wild anal scene with Brandon Iron, where her ass was at its phatest.

    Sara Jay, I never cared for, she is too ugly, plus if you are famous because of your booty the you owe to your fans few anal scenes.

  16. moxxido says:

    Does anyone remember Trinity (not the Trinity Post) the blond with big natural tits and incredible big booty. She did some scenes with Shawn Michaeles and also with Rodney more.

    Please post her anal scene with Shawn Michaeles if you have it in your archives. the clip is from “SEAN MICHAELS ROCKS THAT ASS”

  17. Bishop says:

    Autumn Moon-retired
    Lisa Sparxxx
    Bree Branning
    Vicky Vixxen
    Slut Oasis
    Selah Rain
    Cici Rome
    Amber Peach
    Caroline Pierce
    Katja Kassin
    Veronica Caine

    That’s all I can think of off tha top of my head.

  18. Tha Don says:

    In no particular order Druuna, valerie luxe, vannah sterling, Lexxxi Lockhart, virgo peridot (looks crazy young for 35 which is unusual for a white bish), vera delight, syren de mer, ava addams (before the weight loss) darla crane (in her prime she had a ridiculous bubble), sandra romain, angel allwood, flower tucci, stunning summer, sarah vandella, joclyn stone, kylie worthy, katja kassin, Friday, kelly leigh, inda summer, kendra lust…

    I think all my entrants meet mr purcell’s requirements lol

    My favourites out of this list tho are

    and I’ll add Sophie Dee from dasilversurfers list

    • Jack Purcell says:

      Kendra in IR?? Musta missed that one. Link or da shit ain’t happen, cap’n!

      Vannah = TROOF!!!

      Flower just turned 34, but wasn’t cast as a MILF during the glorious peek of her epic, squirt-filled career, but she gets the pass. 😉 Can’t perpetrate on Tucci!

      • Booty Brigade says:

        @Jack Kendra Lust has done only one IR scene that I know of: That ArchAngel jawn with Prince last, 4Q 2014. Personally, if a bish only has a sprinkling of IR scenes, I can’t put her on the list. And Kendra is fine is FUCK, but I just can’t put her on this list. List is too strong as it is.

  19. mrwill says:

    Damn no one mentioned Ricky white?

    • Jack Purcell says:

      Ricki White (the tasty cock-socket that she is/was) is barely 28, my good sir. 😉
      Still a Double Threat in this criteria, though…

  20. Big dick bell says:

    Whoever said Shannen Wilde is a genius!!!! Please bro if you have scenes of her with like big Max or Richard mann please post! Her body is top notch!!! Also while she got fat, lisa sparxxx gotta be on the list. She fucked 919 men in one day for crying out loud! Haha

  21. Shola says:

    Vannah Sterling, Sheila Marie, and Stunning Summer

  22. The Almighty says:

    CHEROKEE (The white one). I swear before God I’d wife that broad at a moments notice. She was doing the splits and all that. Rode a mean D too.

  23. JoDoe says:

    Goddamn! All the good ones have been named!

    I’m going to throw out…

    Lovette (waaaay back on this one)
    Alisha Klass

    It’s coming up with true milfs that have done IR scenes and got an ass.

  24. Jack Purcell says:

    Thanks to ALL you cats for tuning in and helpin’ ya boi out with some stunners.
    I need to boost up my catalog in this genre of MILF+PAWG+IR, and y’all comin’ thru, so shot glasses for all y’all! 😀

    I feel dumb for not adding this tidbit in my original post, but I am also *mostly* asking for named starlets that are **currently** active (and most of you have anywayz), ONLY cuz it’s easier to hunt ‘n gather their shit… I hate when I can’t find some classic dope shit of a bird that I’m fiending to get scenes of…. so props again if you already did so.

    @ nate:
    my lawd, how in the WORLD did I manage to neglect Sara Jay?! Definitely fits the criteria on all 3 fronts. The Queen of the Butterfaces (with respect doe! @[email protected] ) has kept a rockin’ bod for-like-ever!

    And Nina Hartley, das the Godmother right there LOL! Das a made woman right there! Das the ‘Don Corleone’ of my requirements, and I failed to mention her only cuz I was typin’ that post at like 2am with my sleepy ass! 😀

    Oh, and Ryan Conner???? Done deal, gents. 😉 Triple Threat of JPs Requirements! I copped the scenes that RFM dropped last year, and I was thankful and pleased with the results.

    And I DEF need to add some Syren to my menu, so thanks for (reminding me) that!! Triple!!

    Surfer summed up how I feel about Julia Ann. SO MUCH ‘spect for dat HoF bish, but when she performs, ‘PAWG’ just don’t scream out at me like ‘WHOA!’, but I still cop ALL her good shit regardless. So she’s a Double Threat.
    Matter of fact, Surfer touched on Gianna (all-natural 6ft. amazon warrior!) and Sophie (beauty constructed by a team of esteemed doctors and scientists! 😛 ) for me as well, and I need to recognize both of ’em for their amazing contributions to the world of IR Pornography … and dem fuq’n BODIES!!!
    … I just don’t feel right putting EITHER of dem birds on the box cover of a MILF promo (like how I feel about Phoenix).
    5 more yrs doe? INSTANT certification!! But for right now… Double!!

    @ dee:
    Props on the Janet Mason love. SOOOO underrated and overlooked by most (but her scene work is released kinda sporadically compared to others, so I understand).
    Esperanza is Latin, so gotta eject that from play!
    If Vicky Vette has done ANY IR whatsoever (and I have looked) please feel free to provide a source… I *WILL* be watchin’…

    @ Banglogic:
    DAYUM! Julie Simone just turned 41?! Are you shittin’ me?! Triple Threat Ranking, acknowledged! 😀

    Thanks again to e’body dropping names. I’m on it!
    My new TB HDD is lookin’ at me with scared eyes, LOL!

  25. Jack Purcell says:

    @ The AH Community hollerin’ *Ava Addams* for MILF-PAWG-IR:

    Barely a PAWG in my book, but I too have given passes to a couple chicks, even on my opening salvo post str8 outta the love. So even *IF* I let that booty get her entry…

    … if she’s dropped a scene I have somehow… SOMEHOW missed doing IR, please show the footage in instant replay! I personally think dis bish has a fatal melanin allergy — like with the EpiPen ready on hand and E’RYTHING!
    But until then, Ima say this in Kat Williams voice…

    “Don’t worry; I’LL WAIT!” 😉
    //J.Purcell folds arms and taps foot patiently//

    • DaSilverSurfer says:

      @Jack Purcell,

      I agree that Ava Addams is not a PAWG, but if it comes to a breast contest, she’s gotta be top 5, even with them being not natural. Her rack is some kinda special. IMO

      • I felt like the original Ava Addams was a PAWG & she was definitely Top3 with the Natural Breast contest… Whe. She 1st dropped, she was the TRUTH! and she has a nice face to go with it…

        • Jack Purcell says:

          Hey mang, I am ALL FOR the Ava Addams love — don’t get me wrong.
          The bubble she packin’ gets much props for me, and I cop a lot o’ her shit when it drops…

          … MY main thing was — the bish don’t do IR.
          So, as far as *this* criteria is concerned, she can go kick rocks, mah nga! 😉

        • JoDoe says:

          Ava has 2 IR scenes that I’m aware of and both are meh for the most part. They’re on her site and can be found on any of the porn hubs.

          • Jack Purcell says:

            Ok. If Ava has INDEED taken some nightstick on her PERSONAL shit… fine.
            And to your cred, since I DON’T follow her on her own shit, that may attribute as to why I’ve never come across any.
            Will research this evening, so thx JoDoe… I’m still hollerin’ “IR-dodger’ on dis bird, but I *may* be sated…

  26. Dom says:

    Everyone has some great names
    It so hard to make a top 10
    All these ladies are mind blowing
    Here are my top three of milfs that I don’t recall being mentioned

    Brittany o’neil
    Tara holiday
    Lisa demarco

  27. thatdudethatlikesazz says:

    No one mentioned heidi mayne and jodi west?

  28. Booty Brigade says:

    WOWWWWWWW!!! Y’all cats been going in. I can’t even get in this right now. Ima need to wait until the weekend, get into the archive, see what’s left on the board.

    Props to Jack Purcell for getting this poppin’

  29. dee says:

    phyllisha anne
    chelsea zin

    a little bit ‘trailer trash milfs’ but damn both know how to fuck properly

  30. ceemmm says:

    cant believe the likes of Kendra Lust
    Flower Tucci
    Gianna Michaels
    Nikita Denise
    Jenny Hendrix
    Ryan Smiles

    aint being mentioned on some of these lists

    • Jack Purcell says:

      With respect ceemmm, if no one mentioned them, it’s because for one reason or another, they don’t fit all *3* molds of MILF+PAWG+IR, whether it be their current age, or maybe some cat’s are on the fence as to if they are a true PAWG-status and only have a nice bubble at best… it’s anyone’s guess. I ain’t speakin’ fo everyone..

      Now *I’m* sayin’ this: Every chick you just spoke on is dope as hell, and easily fit the PAWG doing IR… but are any of those chicks quite MILF status yet? (you do realize that Ryan Smiles is about to hit 22, right? Hendrix is 28.)
      Would you really put any of them on the COVER of a MILF-themed joint, and not feel like you frontin’?
      Dat’s what dis post is about, essentially fam — and dat’s where the challenge lies.

      • Damn… I didn’t even see he said Ryan Smiles??? I mean… she just LOOKS mad young… LOL!

        • nate says:

          I believe some of ya cats missing what the challenge is all about. Has to be IR certified, Milf probably 35 yrs of age or older and Pawg! Im going call myself out too. Julia ann was one of my picks she fits IR and Milf but definitely not Pawg. I see Ava addams, kendra lust on this post, first of all they are not IR certified. Yes, Ava addams had two scenes on her website and Kendra lust did a scene with Prince for the Booty movie dvd but that does not make them IR certified IMO. If @ Jack Purcell came up with the thread, Who would we like to see more in IR scenes, I believe Ava addams and Kendra lust would be 1a and 1b on the thread IMO!!

  31. nate says:

    how bout dee siren?!

  32. glencocoe says:

    you forgot Sadie…you posted a vid of her a bit ago. the one with shortie mac i think was pretty good. her ass is AMAZING….her pussy is PERFECT. Lovellyyy lips. not the best looker imo, but i wouldnt be ashamed to take her out.

  33. joflobob says:

    Darla Crane…old as fuck but id still hit
    Ryan Conner….epic epic epic booty

  34. joflobob says:

    also check out shanna mccullough

  35. prezhall says:

    Carmella Bing?

    i don’t think she is not the same level as some of the milfs y’all listed….but def a contender. pre pumperpass and post.

    • prezhall says:


      i meant to say “on” instead of “not” in the first sentence. lol its mad early man… up for those bigbubblinglatinaass posts!!!

      • Jack Purcell says:

        Hmmm, ok — les’ see.

        PAWG?: see gettin’ a pass
        MILF?: turned 33 in last October… *sigh* ok. Pass given.
        IR?!?!: where?? SHOW me where, and I’ll give her the Triple, just on GP.
        Until I see some mainstream shit of her gobblin’ up da Snickers Bar, she shall remain a Double Threat, and *barely*.

  36. BSD says:

    Fellas –

    I just got in on this thread, so I’m late to this party. You guys have mentioned most of them, but there were a couple of names that I didn’t think I saw that fit the OP’s requirement.

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned:

    Miss Lady

    Joclyn Stone

    Kelly Leigh

    Kylie Ireland (borderline thick)

    And a few who need special discussion.

    Eden38D and Samantha38G.

    When both of these women started, they fit the OP requirement. Both of them straddled the thick\chubby line for awhile, before the both went full BBW like Lisa Sparxxx. But they all belong here and I’ve jacked to all of them a lot. I REALLY loved Eden38D’s look, Her “freak factor” could have been a little bit higher, but I liked her look.

    Kayla Kleevage was another character. She always had the cartoon tits, but beyond that she was a true thick FREAK, and deserves mention here as well.

    Goin’ back through my folders to find more.


    • datdudesince says:

      You mentioned Ms. Lady who I always thought was super under rated. I don’t think she has the many scenes but she was a true gem. I was a huge Lisa Sprarxxx fan but she got too big and sloppy for me. She has always been thick but when she started getting borderline I was like damn. She had a classic joint with Sara Jay tho. Eden38D is another under rated chick. She got bigger too.

  37. BSD says:

    Fellas –

    Just found a couple of more while I’m goin through my shit, and couldn’t wait to mention them.

    One of my all time favorites, with one of the best lower bodies in porn:

    Tatum Reed.

    And I found a MILF named Summer Storm, (NOT to be confused with Stunning Summer who is in my HOF), who did a few movies WCP, Evasive, and Justin Slayer flicks. She could get it.

    Continuing the search…


    • Booty Brigade says:

      Nice call on Tatum Reed. Ass was not ridic, but it was corn-fed healthy. Her legs, thighs and calves were *outstanding* Had a nice spread on her too — could go end-to-end on the couch with it.

  38. Pornman says:

    Sara Jay
    Claire Dames
    Daphne Rosen
    Lisa Ann
    Lisa Sparxxx
    Linda Friday
    Gianna Michaels
    Karen Fisher
    Josyln James
    Kayla Kleevage (legend)
    Claudia Marie
    Phoenix Marie
    Richelle Ryan (not sure of her age)
    Shyla Stylez
    Donita Dunes (legend)
    Vannah Sterling
    Abbey Brooks
    Alanah Rae
    Jewels Jade
    Flower Tucci
    Sophie Dee
    Trina Michaels
    Harley Raine (Legend)
    Samantha 38g

  39. Booty Brigade says:


    Y’all cats is KILLING this list. I ain’t got shit to add to it, really.

  40. Booty Brigade says:

    Wait a minute

    “Back it up — easy, back it up; let The Abstract embellish on the cut”


    In her 40s, bodacious set of ta-tas, nice cakes — which she willingly has served to brothers virtually since her entry into the game — and a member of BOTH the AVN Hall of Fame and XRCO Hall of Fame.

    [Drops mic]

    • Jack Purcell says:

      Ho-lee SHIT, Booty B.!! How DAFUQ did I forget Rayveness??
      I musta skipped over her in my intial hunt/gather on my HDDs, but I do have some of her joints — I need more!

  41. DaSilverSurfer says:

    ALERT!!! Aight I think I might as well go ahead and put this in the game. I think Virgo Peridot might be the “Anthony Davis New Orleans Pelicans” of the this PAWMILF conversation. She doesn’t have enough time in yet to be a vet but in the short time she’s been in the game her numbers are redic and she comes with mad hype from all her pre hardcore vids on the net. All she needs on the resume is like a few Rico/Richard Mann/Prince Yahshua/Sean Michaels scenes and if she gets a Lex shot then official HOF Milf Status I think she’s more than lived up to the hype. What yall think??? Virgo Peridot Future PAWMILF HOF?

    • Booty Brigade says:

      @Silver I always respect your commentary and analysis, but Ima be on some “wait and see” type shit.

      I’m underwhelmed with Virgo’s pro output and performances so far. And as far as her underground, pre-hardcore work, I’d say just because you can sell 5,000 pieces out the trunk of your car don’t mean you ready for Wal-Mart and a headlining a national tour.

      I’d say she needs to learn how to perform — including how to work in front of a camera (when it’s held by a pro camera man, and not stationery on a tripod), how to hide her flaws when she appears before pro lighting and an HD camera (that HD shit is cruel to bishes), and develop a little bit of an on-screen personality.

      Virgo Peridot’s in the big leagues now: all this shit matters. It ain’t enough for her to be a white girl from Atlanta with a phat ass. White girls with phat asses are now the norm in porn (this totally disgusting pre-pubescent/incest era notwithstanding). In fact, there are white girls with *better* phat asses rocking the game better than her: all you need to do is review this list.

      The problem with the Anthony Davis comparo is that AD has added mad shit to his game, even in the short time he has been in the Ligg, as Hubie Brown would call it. He got in the weight room so he couldn’t get pushed off the block. He worked on his speed so he could beat other cats downcourt twice a game. He added the 15-18 foot jumper, so cats can’t lean on him and wear him down. He’s learning to pass out of the post. He’s learning to get the pill, pass it out, reset his block position, and get the rock again so he can get a better shot.

      Can we really say that Virgo has upped her game like *that*?

      • DaSilverSurfer says:

        To your points BB, that’s exactly why I think she’s fit for the comparison. Remember, Virgo is only like 26, just hitting the pro game and a little young for the Milf Status as off yet. The AD we know didn’t come ready made he had to get stronger, more adjusted to the speed of the game, playing against grown men who make a living at this thing, and get in the weight room.

        Virgo has to get used to the cameras, lighting etc all those things you alluded to…True!!!…She’s in the AD rookie year “welcome to the league deer in a headlight phase.” As I said earlier she has to get in with the big boys ( major companies, tighten up her body, up the sex skills, get in with the Rico’s/Prince’s/L.T’s and Lex’s of the game I call that the Porn Olympic Offseason. Let’s not forget that AD became a beast after the stint with the qualifying Olympic team and the Olympic team.

        The real question is this….Will she stay around long enough to do all those things we are discussing or is she just here to up her exposure and go to escorting or just to stack some chips…..remains to be seen. I still think she has AD potential tho’. Respect your input as always Booty B.

        • Booty Brigade says:

          “Let’s not forget that AD became a beast after the stint with the qualifying Olympic team and the Olympic team.”

          @Silver *Great* comparison, and ALL true.

          “The real question is this….Will she stay around long enough to do all those things we are discussing or is she just here to up her exposure and go to escorting or just to stack some chips”

          Well, that really is the question isn’t it?

          Pro projections are always real difficult. But with that, Ima say she doesn’t elevate to the next level. Just a sense I have.

          Look, it takes a unique personality for anyone — man, woman, child — to want to elevate to the point that they reach the top, then look down the mountain while on top and literally relish the thought of slaying all contenders to the throne.

          Just take one of the many cogent points you made in your response: “tighten up her body.” You gotta be in the gym 6 days a week. You gotta get that rest, especially because Cali shoots start *real* early. You gotta eat right ALL the fucking time, because ALL those dimples and pimples look really effed up in HD. You gotta stay hydrated because you’ll be in the sun all the time on those early morning suits, and your skin will look wack otherwise.

          What do we know about Virgo? She has ghetto success being an anomaly in the ATL, one of the strip club capitals of the world, and she got some rep for being a white chick with mad cakes in a predominantly black city where cakes grow like weeds.

          Now if Virgo is really smart, she’d do what Janet Mason has done: tone that frame up, be bicoastal for about 5 years, rock the porn game and the online game at the same time, add the ATL strip game to it, be real prudent with the paper and cash out when she has about $3-4 million cash in the bank. If she got real tight management, she’ll do those first killer scenes with Prince, Lex, Rico, et al. for major studios only (i.e. Evil, Elegant, or Jules) and then do a sharing arrangement. If they don’t cop for the sharing arrangement, then she cuts home-and-home deals with all those cats because at least 2 have their own websites that need content.

          But is she hungry enough?

          • Booty Brigade says:

            @Silver By the way, if Virgo Peridot’s a competitor, she should be REAL worried about chicks like Skyler Luv, who’s in Josh Stone’s “Ass 4 Days 2” alongside her.

            • DaSilverSurfer says:

              Something about Skyler Luv reeks of “I’ll take short stay for 200 Alex” Be very surprised if she’s in the game this time next year.

          • DaSilverSurfer says:

            @BB all very great points and insight, especially regarding the gym regimen, Cali shoots, the health lifestyle discipline, and the drawbacks of being in a tropical like climate like Cali.

            Now, in respect to your Janet Mason point, which is a great one btw, not a lot of girls ever have had the longevity and business acumen that Janet has and that has gone virtually un-noticed in the game. What Janet has done is have ‘brand recognition’ she also has the support and brand building of her husband who does most of the shooting for her site “JanetExposed” and seems to have great networking and connections in the business. It also helps that Janet is a fitness fanatic alongside the porn biz which helps her to keep fit at such an advanced age and keep up with a rigorous schedule and porn life (Not too many girls of any age that keep the kind of fitness and shape that Janet does)

            Janet is an anomaly in the biz as well for as long as she’s built it and the success she’s acquired, reminds me a bit of Kelly and Ryan Madison and their empire. In closing, I don’t think Virgo has that type of vision, I think she’s just trying to catch lightning in a bottle and turn her 15 min of fame into 20 min like most of the girls are trying to do. Great info BB.

            • Booty Brigade says:

              @Silver “I’ll take short stay for 200 Alex”

              LMFAO!!!!!! Man, you buck wild.

              Good info from you as well, Silver.

  42. KoffeeFoDatKream says:

    Carmen Kinsley – The mold they cast Briella Bounce from…

  43. Bootyboootybooty says:

    How about Brianna beach?

    • Booty Brigade says:


      I’d say Brianna Beach had a *great* ass — one of my all-time faves. And she definitely loved the brothers. (Her scenes with Sean Mike and Rich Mann are on point, among many others.)

      Freeones has her at 38 years old. Assuming that’s true, she *definitely* needs to be on this list.

      BTW, I see from her Twitter account she’s doing dominatrix work (?!?!?) as Goddess Brianna. Whatever. I guess it works for this set of new, “sexually aware” dudes who are willing to grab their ankles and allow a bish to ass fuck them with a plastic dick.

  44. Booty Brigade says:

    So, I’d accept arguments from the gallery that the “P” is not sufficient for this list. But since I prioritize performance almost equally with my phatness, Ima throw out Veronica Avluv for consideration.

    • DaSilverSurfer says:

      Veronica Avluv is in a class all by herself. The “Freak by Nature” class. Since you brought here up then I give to you Annette Schwarz…I think her ass was adequate enough…loved the brothers and her skills was redic. Another Freak by Nature…what says you to that lol.

      • DaSilverSurfer says:

        just for the record…Annette Schwarz is 31 going to be 32….Active in Germany right now. There is a ton of her vids online tho’

        • Booty Brigade says:

          I’m actually a little surprised Annette Schwarz is only in her early thirties. The ass is not “phat” per se, but I’d hit it.

          I guess the question is: is Annette more performance or phatness? I’d say she’s a little but more performance and not enough phatness, but I could be swayed.

  45. Booty Brigade says:


    So of course I have a rules interpretation question

    @Jack says: “Second, she is confirmed (or at least VERY much appears to be) MINIMUM 30yo, preferably mid-thirties, just to at least give the illusion of being ‘MILF’.”

    Does that mean the chick is minimum 30 *now* or for much of her career in the game? You can really go a few ways with this.

    For example, a bish like Lisa Ann is *known* for MILF antics now because she has spent at least the last 5 years (in her late 30s, and early 40s) actively exploiting and promoting herself in that niche. But when Lisa Ann came into the game (early to mid 20s), she literally was taking NO dick at all unless it was plastic and she was handling it herself. She had died her hair blonde, had a curly perm, and was on some “untouchable,” Playboy type shit.

    So do we ignore all that early shit and default to the last memory we have of her — e.g. The Ultimate Milf — or do we need to figure in all that time when not only was she not taking black dick, she wasn’t taking ANY dick?

    If you do the math, that part of her career may be almost as long as her current MILF phase, but because she’s a master marketer and dudes don’t do no research, we just assume she has always been in that MILF category (like, say, Syren De Mer).

    This is not an idle question, because of Phoenix Marie.

    Freeones has Phoenix Marie at 33 years old, but ole girl been up in the game a VERY long time. Freeones also has her active since 2007, which means she got in the game at about 25 — when she would NOT have qualified under Jack’s “minimum 30” rule. See what I’m saying? Phoenix may not be the best example, because she never had that “young” look anyway. (Or sound either: bish got a deep voice that sometimes makes me look twice at that Adam’s apple.)

    Also, until the last 7 to 10 years, it was unusual for 1) chicks to get in the porn game beyond 30 years — mostly because historically there has been no demand for them; and 2) a porn chick usually will get in the game early (too early IMHO: ain’t no reason for a bish to be getting into porn at 18 or 19 because they don’t even know how to fuck at that age) and then hop out before she even smells the hint of 30 — which means most of her career is pre-30.

    Even in them classic days a lot of chicks not named Tracy Lords weren’t getting into the game during their teens: they tended to be getting in in their early 20s or so, and would be retired by their 30s.

    So, as you can see, the interpretation of the age question can have a big impact on this jawn.

    And … your thoughts?

    • Jack Purcell says:

      @ RFM:
      Mah Uncle, mah uncle… I just got back from a weekend away, so I’m late to the response!
      If you gotta do some diligent editing, a nga understands!
      If the shit too long, do whatcha do best. Hope you can keep it mostly intact doe, or separate it.
      Much props!

      @ Booty Brigade, a.k.a. The Ass-assinator a.k.a. Professor Briggs a.k.a The Booty Warrior a.k.a. Mah Nga!!

      Whussup, pimpin! 😀
      Mang, there ain’t no way I can track ‘n catch all the AH fam’s entries and respond in due time accordingly! Way too busy, but the love is obv. there, so props to you ngaz!
      So, this response is to Booty B. and anyone else in on this dope thread.
      … I’ll just re-state my MAIN MISSION and goal of this thread to the AH Community:

      Ya boi JP REALLY just wanted some names thrown at him — any potential starlets — to satiate my *current* flavor and addiction (and I must emphasis CURRENT, cuz my tastes change up on the fly) which are MILF/Cougar snowbunnies with *nice* sized dunks gettin’ smashed in IR productions. I only have so much atm, so I reached out to those I KNOW would be on the shit like hot-on-fire to help ‘inflate my stock’, if you will. 😉


      I’m takin’ names and makin’ searches on virtually ALL the chicks that you trusted colleagues have thrown at me, even if they don’t necessarily 100% fit the description I’m looking for ‘to-a-tee’…
      Because after this current ‘niche’ hunt and gather I’m doing subsides (if it ever does!) I have other birds to view and fall back on that are ALSO dope regardless.
      So it’s a win-win for Jack!!
      But hey — I don’t wanna cop out n say some shit like, ‘Aw homie! It really don’t even matter — just throw some names out that’s close to this niche and I’m good blah-blah-blah-blah cuz that discredits all the cats that rolled in and gave off good, dedicated responses!
      It would be a discredit to PAWGS!!
      A discredit to MILFS!!
      A discredit to us TRUE ASSOHOLICS!!! LMAO!! 😀 (i’m clowin’ rite now, but y’all know whus good)
      If ya lookin’ for better margins or stipulations, I can do my best, but just remember — I’m pleased either way, so I still got shot glasses ready for all the cats dats givin’ a damn about this PAWMILF+IR Thread!

      So, I’ll try n iron some things out:
      Now, my initial salvo was the list of older starlets fitting the bill that I had *on hand* (and as you can see in some of my responses, come to find out, I actually did have a bit more than just the birds I opened up with, like Caroline Pierce) and was sort of a guideline of what I’m looking for as far as the “Triple Threat Crown”.
      I’m currently looking for *active* (or those that may be recently retired, but with EASY TO FIND material) MILF starlets that are early thirties (higher up, the BETTER — cuz at barely 30, I’m not feeling that that’s TRUE MILF status, but I let some shit go if the bish is FIRE) and are rockin phat trunks, and have done IR scenes.
      I state *current* because, as I stated — I HATE it when I can’t easily find some dope shit on chick with a scene so old, it’s not in easy circulation.

      ** Light-weight debate: The “PA” in PAWMILF**
      The size of a starlet’s ass — or — whether or not dat ass places her in PAWG status changes from opinion to opinion, so that’s NEVER easy to hash out. You have those, such as Caroline Pierce or Kelli Staxxx, which are HARDLY debated over having a big ol phat white ass.
      But then you have those that some feel should be given recognition over their bubble, and given full pass.
      Even *I* gave 2 of my favorite birds a pass (Janet Mason and Mandy Sweet) even though they haven’t necessarily been CAST in a feature full of PAWGs.
      So, of the 3 requirements for TRIPLE, this is definitely the most lenient I’m lookin’ at. As long as she has at LEAST a decent, recognizable bubble, hips you can actually SEE, and has mad jiggle when she ridin’ dat D, we can be copacetic! Simone Peach(Style) just turned 31 — I TOTALLY just thought of her when I typed this part out…. damn, she needs a spot here!

      ** Mid-weight Debate: Is this bitch REALLY IR-Certified??**
      There is much debate over whether or not certain PAWMILFs should be classified as IR-Certified if the bish only did 1 or 2 IR scenes (Addams and Kendra are the most debated currently)
      *sigh* Well… I have to side with those that feel like that is NOT enough on a starlet’s resume to give her full-on pass certification (so, no Triple. the Double Crown will have to suffice), but that does NOT MEAN that I won’t cop the scene if it’s readily available!
      So — again — JP is winning like Charlie Sheen did that ONE time!

      ** Heavy-weight Final Debate: Can we card this bish to see dat DOB?!?!**
      As Prof. Briggs brought to attention (and this is a just a very short summary):
      “Does that mean the chick is minimum 30 *now* or for much of her career in the game? You can really go a few ways with this.”

      I understand that this is crucial, so I’m more so going with her age AT THE TIME OF SCENE that she is in, just to help eliminate the debate of “Oh, but the bish was 29yo. in ‘White Butt Anal Ass Gaping Destroyers #3′, but that was 5 years ago, so she 34 and a MILF now!”
      Ok then, cool… for THAT scene, she was under the minimum requirement for this current hunt-n-gather of Triple Threat… so does she have scenes CURRENTLY at age 34? Cuz that’s what JP wants to d/l. at the *moment*!
      I can get the WBAAGD#3 for a later jackin’ date f’sho!
      But right now… I want scenes …
      I want scenes starring a TRUE SNOWBUNNY MILF!!!

      … one that’s giving off the vibe and energy of an OLDER, EXPERIENCED, stable-in-life soccer/hockey mom, pearl-necklace-over-turtleneck-sweater-wearin’, honest on her taxes, Styrofoam/plastic recyclin’, high-heels in tight jeans that she SHOULDN’T be WEARIN’ together (don’t act like y’all don’t know what I’m talkin about!) alimony-devouring divorcee with 1-3 kids dat’s finally ready to TRULY FUCK for the first time and in her sexual PRIME (or, married is fine TOO! fuck it!!) booth-tanning gym-rat, neighborhood watch member, book-club organizin’, quiche recipe sharin’, yoga/Pilates addict, SEXY WHITE BISH WITH A PHAT BOOTY…

      … that … also… y’know… just so happens to pogo bounce on some dark-stick in her free time! 😀
      Nothin’ too specific! 😀 LMMFAO!!!!
      I’m talkin’ MILF, gents! Let’s not be COY on the representation!!!!
      If you have to ponder any longer than 3 SECONDS in self-debate whether or not a bish is a MILF/Cougar, she pro’ly AIN’T. I hope you ngaz is feelin’ the lightning I’m spittin in digital format, cuz peep it — I’m serious like cancer for my IR PAWMILFs right now! The fingers is flowin’ on auto! FUCK spellcheck!!
      CAN YOU DIG IT?!?!?!

      I feel like dis:
      Puttin’ a bish on screen in a so-called ‘MILF’ scene/scenario, and she ain’t even 35 yet is a disservice to the REAL aged-and-experienced cougar hoes in the industry that *could* be holdin’ it down in that particular joint!
      Now, les keep it real — is it the young(er) bitch fault for being cast that way and takin’ the spot?
      Of course not! She gotta grab da paper from e’ry direction it’s flowin’! Dats just game.
      But I’ll be gyot-DAMN if I see Blake Rose or Madison Ivy in a Naughty America scene for ‘Mommy Got Boobs’ or some shit like that (made-up examples, gents!), and she JUST hittin’ 28 one week prior… I smdh over that shit like that, but it ain’t completely uncommon.

      Anyways, Ima wrap it up like dat, cuz ya nga is runnin’ on ‘E’ and crashin’.
      I think mostly e’rybody gets the gist of the criteria (as most have from jump, tbh!) and ‘thanks’ for giving me a SHIT-TON of leads to fill up the new HDD!


  46. dj says:

    Surprised no one mentioned Kelly Staxxx (32)true true MILF PAWG. I know she had a moment on bang bros, Savana Sky

    Holly West (34)
    Alena Croft (33)
    Angel Allwood
    Diamond Foxx(42)
    Zoey Holiday (43)

  47. Dspikable says:

    Don’t beat me up on this not sure of age:

    Nena Linda
    Ava Rose

  48. SaintOrleans says:

    Kendra Lust might have been a recent stamp on the IR passport, but it was Yahshua, Flash Brown, & then Sean Michaels/Yahshua hit her with the DoomsDay Device. So she’s certainly qualified on my end.

    Phoenix Marie is still a epic poundable Milf. Her bestie Jayden Jaymes qualifies too.

    Velicity Von gets votes just for being herself. That girl is something amazing.

    Ava Rose might not have the library of work, but she takes a beasting.

    Lexxie Lockhart

    Vannah Sterling

    Angelica Heart

    The latest addition is Angela White. She hits every notch on that list and is something special on film.

  49. MrRalph says:

    Somebody mentioned Germany earlier, gotta a name ya’ll gotta check out:

    Mandy Blue

    If you like em T.H.I.C.K…(warning: she a paper sack girl, but dat ass….)